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Which BCAA Are Best to Take for Bodybuilding in Pre, During and Post Workout?

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Are the amino acid complexes you use really bona fide? We’d take a punt that depends on your goals. Indubitable BCAA amino acids are useful for bodybuilders, power athletes, those gunning for fat loss, and those who want to revamp recovery times after training. Don’t do a Devon Loch and fail at the penultimate stage, revitalize your workouts and progress with BCAAs — just pick wisely.

Scientists have proven that a diet with an inflated amount of L-leucine increases the oxidation of fatty acids and reduces catabolism, which leads to the preservation of lean muscles, and induces fat burning processes. It should be noted that BCAA is an impervious fat-burning solution, unlike risky Clenbuterol or steroids for weight loss. Finally, during training periods, BCAA is burned by the body providing an alternate energy production supply.

Below we will provide some interesting data on these supplements. We’ll also provide a roundup of the finest BCAA supplements for before, during, and after your workout.

The Use of BCAA in Bodybuilding

Amino acids with branch chains (BCAAs) are a triad of essential amino acids — L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine. They’re called essential because our bodies cannot enkindle them without consuming foodstuffs. For that reason, they should be consumed with food. The primacy of essential amino acids has been described for donkey’s years in both scientific literature and pop science.

You can get BCAAs with the usual protein products (chicken and beef meat, eggs, oily fishes, plates of seafood, whey, soy). However, BCAA bodybuilding supplements have their advantages as pure amino acids are not tempered by processing in the liver, hitting the bloodstream directly instead.

BCAAs play a key role in building musculature. BCAA products carry the following meritorious properties:

  • Serves as an energy font for muscles during recovery and during intensive training, offers protection from catabolism (musculature destruction)
  • Participates in the secretion of certain hormones
  • Activates the mTOR protein receptor, enhancing skeletal musculature processes
  • Acts as a forging material for muscles.

BCAA Pre Workout Supplements – Best Products

Here are some examples of best BCAA pre workout supplements to take before training:

  • MusclePharm BCAA caps. The uniqueness of this product is that it contains the utopian ratio of leucine, valine, and isoleucine (3: 2: 1). The product is great for a qualitative increment in muscle mass and fat burning thanks to a finely honed combo of amino acids.

How to take it? To achieve the best effects, take the capsule in a single dose (8 capsules) thirty to forty minutes before the start of the workout and immediately after its completion. You can take 1 to 3 servings a day.

  • QNT BCAAS. This is a complex of essential amino acids by the respected Belgian company, QNT. For optimal results, these BCAAs are enriched with vit B6. High digestibility of the product is ensured by the micronized form of the aminos. Like all of QNT’s offerings, BCAAS meet the ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP and EFSIS standards.

How to take this product? The manufacturer provides the following recommendations: consume three capsules of the product a day during suppertimes. For the most efficacious results, take an additional portion of BCAA before and after your workout.

BCAA During Workouts – Best Intra-Workout Supplements

To perform movements, the body needs energy. Each bodily cell is provided with the amount of energy it needs because of the biological mechanism of energy homeostasis. Sources of energy are glucose and fatty acids. To stimulate the process of energy release, human growth hormone is included in the mechanism of homeostasis. This hormone induces fat stores to release stored energy. This hormone is important for the absorption of glucose, which, in turn, enters the bloodstream and stimulates the production of insulin.

If the blood glucose levels decrease, the body tries to restore the level. To accomplish this, it releases energy from reserves (muscle glycogen). Besides glycogen losses, the rate of stocked essential amino acids in the muscles (first of all, leucine, isoleucine and valine) also declines. As a result, the catabolism process begins and muscle tissue may begin to degenerate.

The body can use alternatives source of energy during exercise, and in this case, catabolism will slow down. For example, when taking BCAA during workouts, a sports person’s body actively oxidizes the amino acid leucine entering the complex, gaining additional energy, resultingly, the catabolism processes slow down.

It’s believed that during training it’s best to use BCAA in powder (or at least capsules). This is because the powder is the most rapidly absorbed form of the essential amino acids BCAA confers. The recommended dosage is 5 to 6 grams of BCAA during the workout.

Here are some examples of best BCAA supplements for during workouts:

  • Myprotein BCAA 4:1:1. The product contains high-quality BCAA amino acids. It has an excellent taste — you can choose “berry explosion” or “tropical” (there is an option without flavor too). In contrast to other amino acids, BCAA is not metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract, they are delivered directly to the muscle tissues. Thanks to this unique property, they are able to build muscle and quickly prevent catabolism. Leucine is of particular importance among BCAA amino acids. Like glucose, to body utilizes it during the production of ATP (energy substructure in the body), which allows increased performance and stored glycogen reserves during training. That is why amino acids are present in the product in a 4:1:1 ratio. The product is wonderful for men and women in various sports who want to enrich their diet with an additional amount of BCAA.

How to take this supplement? Mix five grams of the product (2 scoops) with water or juice. Use this drink immediately after your workout.

  • SAN BCAA-Pro Reloaded. This supplement contains BCAA in a 12:1:1 ratio! It turns out that this product contains three times more leucine than similar sports supplements. Therefore, during training with any intensity, thanks to the use of this dynamic product, the sportsman’s body will not lose muscle protein. Also, the company claims that this supplement can activate testosterone production.

How to take this product? To make a portion of amino acid beverage, mix a measuring spoon of the powder with 300 ml of water. The recommended dosage is one portion once or twice a day during and after your workout.

  • USPlabs AminoLift +. A powerful sports supplement that really packs a punch. It provides the body with clean energy and various amino acids. The basis of the product is a special mixture of AminoEssentials and Focused matrixes, as well as a vitamin complex (B group vitamins B1, B6 & B12). AminoLift+ does not contain sugar, artificial colors, or gluten (great for people with ataxia). Beet powder (a natural component) is the colorant in it. The product is produced in three appetizing tastes: watermelon, fruit punch, and a delectable Mango Margarita (even without the tequila). The blend contains BCAAs of pharmaceutical quality, which kindles muscle growth and has a pronounced anti-catabolic effect. It also includes a colossal 11 non-essential amino acids. The blend consists of choline bitartrate, caffeine from green coffee beans and grape seed extract. These components enhance energy, increase focus, and promote fat burning. AminoLift+ contains B vitamins in large dosages, which is approximately 10 times higher than those meant for a person who does not exercise. But athletes experience an increased need for these substances because of their involvement in metabolic processes.

How to take the product? Mix 1 to 3 scoops (from 8.6 grams to 25.8 grams of the product) with 150 to 450 milliliters of cold water. Use BCAA during a workout or after it.

BCAA Post Workout – Best Supplements

Taking BCAA post workout, you will enhance muscle growth and recovery after training. Here are some examples of best BCAA supplements for after your arduous workout:

  • Ultimate Nutrition BCAA 12000 Powder. This drug is developed by US manufacturers specifically for high-quality rapid muscle recovery after intensive workloads and for melting away fat masses. Each portion of the product contains an astonishing 6000 mg of BCAA amino acid complex with an ideal ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine (2:1:1).

How to use it? Mix 6 grams of the powder with 250 to 300ml of water or another beverage. Take between meals and immediately after workouts. For professional athletes, they recommend imbibing a full 12 grams of the dry product.

  • Biotech USA Liquid BCAA. This is an amino acid BCAA complex in a rapidly digestible liquid form. The manufacturer of the product is a reliable American company. The complex contains amino acids in the classic 2:1:1 ratio. Like the rest of the manufacturer’s products, Liquid BCAA supplement contains only safe and thoroughly selected components. In addition to BCAA, it contains ornithine, which improves sleep, boosts immunity, and has an anabolic activity. L-lysine is a vital amino. It’s a cardinal protein in the body, especially abundant in collagen, which provides fundamental support to ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. In addition, lysine is necessary for the standard functioning of the immune system. AAGG (a form of arginine) promotes the synthesis of NO. Vitamins B6 and B12 provide a normal energy exchange and reduce fatigue.

How to take the supplement? Mix 30 milliliters of the product with water or juice. Eat one serving three times a day: in the morning after you’re awake, and before and after your gym sessions.

Don’t let poor supplements that all talk no trousers knock your training regime off its track. Elect for the handpicked supplements we’ve elaborated on here. Your body will praise you for it.

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