TOP legal & illegal variations of steroids for sale in drug stores!

People very often look for steroids for sale online on the Internet. Note that among these steroids, there are legal drugs, while there are many illegal ones. In this article, we will describe the types of steroids, including anabolic, that you can buy at online pharmacies and online stores.

Legal steroids for sale – some examples

First, we will present you the descriptions of two steroids that you can buy legally online in USA and other countries if you have a prescription issued by a licensed doctor.

Legal steroids for saleEstradiol is one of estrogen forms, which is the main women sex hormone female ovaries naturally produce. Estradiol is a good remedy, used for treating various unpleasant menopause symptoms, including hot flashes, burning, irritation and vaginal dryness. It is also very effective for preventing and treating osteoporosis, which occurs in women, after menopause. In addition, it acts as a substitution for estrogen in the case of women ovarian inability to produce them by themselves or other situations leading to natural estrogen lack. Furthermore, estradiol is prescribed for both men and women cancer curing.

A legal product available without a prescription is Hydrocortisone – a drug from the group of glucocorticosteroids. This steroid has an anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effect. In addition, it has anti-shock and antitoxic effect, as well as inhibits the formation of lymphoid tissue.

Along with the described properties, Hydrocortisone has immunosuppressive activity; it is also able to reduce the permeability of capillaries, to suppress the development of connective tissue. Hydrocortisone is prescribed for acute adrenal insufficiency, for asthmatic status, for acute allergies, for shock treatment, for psoriasis and other skin diseases.
Other legal steroids for sale include testosterone prescription drugs, hormonal contraceptives, and others.

Illegal steroids for sale on the Internet

Illegal steroids for saleAll the steroidal drugs that are sold on the Internet without a prescription are illegal steroids for sale, since they all require a prescription for the purchase (except for hydrocortisone ointment, an OTC product we have mentioned above). One aspect of the illegal use of steroids corticosteroids is their inclusion in cosmetic products. Because of numerous side effects of steroids, it is not allowed to include glucocorticoids in cosmetic products. However, some of the cosmetic drugs, used for seborrhea and psoriasis curing are famous for their ability to improve the conditions without obvious illustration of glucocorticoids in their content. It should be noted that cosmetic products, lacking therapeutic effect, are not able to act as a therapeutic drug. Continuous use, the excess dosage of these steroids and absence of doctor’s monitoring can lead to side effects. So do not buy steroids containing cosmetics that have “magical” effects according to their producers’ advertisements.

The most popular anabolic steroids for sale

1. Testosterone. Synthesized testosterones, which can be taken as an injection, have the most powerful androgenic effect. That is why they are characterized by serious side events. Acne appearing on neck or shoulder zone, rapid hair losing, reducing of testicles, unpredictable changes of mood and prostate growth are those negative effects, you can suffer from in case of continuous use of these steroids.

Original names of synthesized testosterone injectable steroids are either Testovit or Virormone. Testosterone is not a part of oral steroids group. Almost all the usual forms of testosterone presented on the pharmaceutical market are available in the form of an oily solution for injection. The fact is that the unchanged molecule of this hormone, when absorbed from the digestive tract, inevitably collapses in the liver with special enzymes. However, at the beginning of the 1980s, another tablet medicine (or, more precisely, encapsulated one) was developed – Testosterone undecanoate, which is also available in the form of injections under the name Nebido. It would seem that the tablet version of the hormone does not have significant deficiencies and pretends to be the best anabolic agent; however, in practice, testosterone undecanoate proves to be a rather weak androgenic drug. Athletes who have used it in their training practice note only a slight muscle mass increase, even when using large doses of the drug.

2. Human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone, which naturally exists in the human body, is aimed at fasting recuperation and encouraging the growth of muscle mass. People have used it for a long time, because of its anti-ageing effect. However, researchers claim that taking this hormone is dangerous because of diabetes risk raising, joint degradation, and even lymphatic cells cancer. It should be noted that this hormone is not steroid (as many people mistakenly believe), as it belongs to the group of peptide hormones, not real steroids.

3. Stanozolol. This steroid (its original name comprises Winstrol) is generally orally taken, except the non-EU countries and the USA, where injectable versions also exist. It has gained enormous popularity with athletes due to its super-ability to raise stamina and increase the mass of muscles significantly. Besides, it is given to racehorses in order to make them go faster. The benefits of using Stanozolol which is considered one of the most popular steroids in sports are obvious. However, taking it can lead to acne appearing, dry joint, problems with liver, including abdominal pain, urine of dark color, nausea, unusual fatigue and eyes and skin yellowing.

4. Oxandrolone. This kind of anabolic orally taken steroids has the wide use among patients, who suffer from AIDS, leading to rapid waste of muscles. If you want to get fast results, be ready to face acne problem and getting bald. Unlike Stanozolol, it is less toxic for your liver, but provokes increasing of blood pressure. Among its brand names are Oxandrin and Anavar.

5. Trenbolone. These steroids pills (the simpler name is “tren” pills) enjoy the fame of the best and, obviously, the most popular anabolic steroids of all, offered on the market. Unfortunately, this drug is also characterized by the most damaging and unpleasant steroids side effects. With the help of “tren”, athletes can gain huge muscle mass in a very short period of time and lose extra fat without strictly following the diet. This is how steroids work. Simultaneously, this drug application can cause serious damage to your liver and heart. The harmful effect depends on the dosage consumed.

6. Anadrol. It belongs to the series of the so-called old-school steroids. It was at the peak of popularity with athletes, especially bodybuilders in the 1980s and 90s, in particular, due to its cheap price. By the beginning of the current century, many researches in the sphere of Anadrol activity had illustrated a very harmful impact of this drug. Like many other steroids, this one damages the liver of a bodybuilder.

7. Turinabol. It belongs to delayed-acting steroids pills. During the cycle with this drug, weight, strength, and muscle definition progress very slowly, but according to the athletes’ reviews, these results are more qualitative. However, it creates a toxic effect on the liver.

8. Another drug, Cytomel, doesn’t belong to anabolic steroids for sale, because it is a non-steroidal hormone. But it can be used for fat loss during anabolic steroid cycles. In medicine, Cytomel generic (also called liothyronine) is aimed at:

  • poor thyroid function treating;
  • preventing and treating various kinds of goiters;
  • curing patients with allergic reaction to thyroid drugs of other nature.

Legal anabolic steroids for sale – choose your best

The question that confuses athletes the most is in what way it is possible to get an appropriate prescription from a doctor, which allows them to consume steroids freely and legally. You may be shocked, but nowadays the process of obtaining required a prescription for legal anabolic steroids for sale is easier than it seems to be. It is obvious, that a doctor will prescribe you steroid only in case of an appropriate medical condition.

Legal anabolic steroidsSeveral options for getting the required prescription are available. A lot of people will simply arrange a meeting with their therapist or endocrinology expert. But some people prefer going to the clinic, specializing in hormone replacement therapy, which is sometimes called a wellness clinic or center.

The process tends to be not that difficult. After taking the blood test and checking the hormonal level, in particular, testosterone level, you have to give the results to your doctor. According to them, the specialist will decide whether to prescribe you steroids, or not.

Your age must be over thirty to expect an anabolic steroids prescription to be filled. It can be explained by the fact, that when we grow older, especially after thirty, the rapid decline of testosterone level in our organism occurs. You can get the prescription in case of the following conditions: lethargy, reduce of libido, quick muscle mass decrease, excess fat on different body zones even if you follow a strict diet. If you are less than thirty you can also get the necessary prescription, but the conditions above have to be very serious and compelling.

The extensive development of bodybuilding industry leads to increasing of anabolic steroids doses, which athletes who are willing to win consume. If you get the prescription, allowing you to take steroids, you should take into consideration the fact, that the drug dosage will never be more than the “standard”, usually used on the level of performance enhancing.
There is an endless list of various anabolic steroids, which can satisfy all your requirements. The most widespread ones are Testosterone, Nandrolone decanoate etc.

Designer steroids for sale online

Designer steroids for saleThe designer steroid is one of the anabolic steroids, which has slight molecular differences which distinguish them from other common steroids. Besides, such molecular manipulations prevent designer steroids from fast detecting by general doping tests. Moreover, these steroids are legal in many western countries. A study by the Australian scientist Kazlauskas R, conducted in 2010, indicated that designer meds are acceptable for sale There is still no way of checking efficiency and safety of steroids described, which make it difficult for consumers to decide whether to use these substances or not. Now many designer steroids tend to be illegally manufactured with their further testing by athletes for the sake of evaluating their potential and efficiency. Up-to-date emerging techniques, in particular, gas chromatography, as well as liquid chromatography, are being widely used in the sphere of designer steroids detection methods.

WADA activity against anabolic steroids for sale

WADA against anabolic steroidsWorld Anti-Doping Code (WADA) has released an early annual List of Prohibited Substances and Methods (List). This List reflects International Standard, which comprises forbidden substances as well as the methods used in competitions of all times. The List illustrates detailed classification of drugs and methods under various criteria (for instance, steroids, gene doping, different stimulants and so on). Such steroid as Oxandrolone for sale is prohibited by this List. Athletes who wish to participate in international competitions are required to take samples for doping. Sampling is carried out by international doping officers, and analysis – accredited doping laboratories. For consuming steroids, WADA can disqualify athletes for a certain period or recommend to national anti-doping agencies to disqualify them for life.