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Nelson Cruz and Steroids – the Detailed Look into Biogenesis Case

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On August 5, 2013, Major League Baseball suspended Nelson Cruz for 50 games, because the player had violated the conditions of Basic Agreement and Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment program, which are the part of the Agreement. The Rangers lost one of their costliest and flagship players.

The Result of Suspension

Cruz has not tried to appeal against the suspension, so it has come into force immediately after issuing. Cruz had a chance to perform in postseason in case the Rangers made the playoffs. Jon Daniels, who is the general manager deviate to clarify this possibility.

After Cruz was included into the list of postseason player, Daniels said this is a great opportunity. If he can work, why not give he a try? What bothered the player most is how the team would react on his returning. Would they be opened or not? Some people had no illusive expectations to the possibility of such outcome. They would like to see whether his teammates would approve Nelson. If they would, Cruz have a chance.

Update: the baseballer did not return to the team.

Rodriguez Case & Other Suspensions

Biogenesis investigation of the league resulted in suspension of 13 players in 2013. Alex Rodriguez – third baseman of Yankees – was punished the stiffest way. He was banned to performance in 211-game as well as deprived of payment for 2014 season.

Rodriguez has decided to appeal the suspension. Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz heard his case. However, the decision was left unaltered.

As A-Rod claim, MLB’s suspensions result from bringing to light the use of several forbidden performance-enhancing drugs, in particular testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) as a part of durable steroid cycle. Rodriguez attempted to conceal the fact of taking illegal steroids. This is a severe violence of the Agreement and serious hindrance of the equitable clear investigation.

There are numerous players, who were suspended 50-game off, including Cruz, Mariners catcher Jesus Montero, Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta, Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera, Phillies reliever Antonio Bastardo, and others.

The Issue of Replacing Cruz

For helping to replace Cruz the Rangers even called up the team’s outfielders from Triple-A Round Rock, who were Joey Butler and Engel Beltre. There was an expectation that the Rangers would make some more team replacement. However, they did not consider Manny Ramirez to be appropriate candidate. They stayed at Round Rock.

Daniels reported that the team is not ready to swap Nelson and his great performance and success for someone other. He said the team is willing to become more creative and cooperate with Washington for increasing the power of defense and improving general team’s marks.

He admitted that there would be a wearisome period, connected with the Nelson’s case. But they are not afraid to have any challenges. All they had to do was to believe in the power of all team’s members. Besides, they were always on one-step ahead because of their leadership and unity at the same time. They believed they had all chances to win without intermission and get their place in the playoffs.

Some Facts About Cruz

Being bought in the Brewers in 2006, July 28, Cruz demonstrates incredible results. He hits .269, due to which the Rangers won, having 27 home runs as well as 76 RBIs.

Obviously, they were disappointed by the fact that one of their players was charged by the Drug Policy with steroid taking. Nolan Ryan – Rangers CEO – said that there was more than difficult to make a decision to replace the player like Nelson on someone else, not knowing his abilities and skills.

Cruz find perfect explanation of why did he used steroids. His attorney said that Cruz had got poisoned and his health care professional prescribed him some forbidden drugs. Cruz, personally, was not going to cheat anyone.

According to Cruz, there was difficult period from November 2011 to January 2012, when he suffered from gastrointestinal infection. He even lost 40 pounds and was completely weakened. The week before it happened he had received a proposal to participate Spring Training in 2012. He had no idea whether he would recover and perform great or not.

Cruz said that, on his opinion, he took mistakable position while being judged. Instead of saying that he admits to taking banned substance and regrets, he would better argue and explain the entire situation. All he had to do after the incident was to wait till the Rangers organization, his teammate and fans would respect him again. He was sure that his playoffs team rejoin would help him to make himself respected again.

Details of Nelson’s Violation

Cruz was suspended from the games a half a year after his name appeared in the Miami New Times newspaper (in a report that linked him to the Biogenesis clinic). This clinic distributed illegal doping medicines to various athletes. In the Miami New Times report, it was stated that Nelson had bought illegal medicines worth about $ 4,000. It also turned out that in the private diary of Anthony Bosch (the owner of the clinic) there was a record about Nelson. Incidentally, Ryan Braun was also involved in Biogenesis scandal.

Steroid users recourse to some small tricks to cheat steroid test. They consume certain lozenges (troches), with the help of which synthetic testosterone appear in the player’s body. They leave the body as quickly as possible after providing the desirable effect. That is why it is almost impossible to detect them if only the test is not held immediately after administration.

Nelson Cruz after Doping Scandal

According to Daniels he had several conversations with Cruz concerning his suspension appealing. He just wanted to know what Cruz had decided. Disqualification spoiled the reputation of Cruz. Rangers actually drove him to the market of free agents. At the same time, almost all the off-season teams did not meet him in concluding a new agreement. As result, the sportsman became a free agent following the 2013 season. Nevertheless, in early 2014, he signed a contract with the Baltimore Orioles. In 2019, the baseballer signed $14.3 million agreement with the Minnesota Twins.

During the offseason, the Cruzes (Nelson, his wife Solani Genao, children Giada and Nelson Jr.) reside in NYC.