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Miguel Cabrera and Steroids: Are There Speculations on Anabolics Use?

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Miguel “Miggy” Cabrera is the most stable and dangerous hitter of the last four seasons. His OPS (saber metric statistic indicator calculated as the sum of an athlete’s on-base percentage [OBP] and slugging average) was .843 as of 2018 in the DET (Detroit Tigers) team.

In 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, Cabrera’s OPSs were .895, .974, .956, and .728 respectively. For an average player, the figure is much lower. Because of Miguel’s popularity and success, some people suspect that this athlete takes steroid pills.

Miguel Cabrera’s Short Bio and Career

José Miguel Cabrera Torres was born to Miguel and Gregoria in 1983 in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The boy showed his talent for sports from an early age.

The young baseballer was in the MLB pretty early—at that time, the player was barely 20, and he became one of the top players for the Florida Marlins. Miguel showed himself well, he managed to promote the team to the World Championship. In addition, he appeared on the cover of the well-known sports periodical “ESPN The Magazine.”

The superjock continued playing successful games for the Florida Marlins. He received a reputation of being a promising and dedicated guy. His high results increasingly attracted the attention of experts and owners of other baseball teams.

In 2007, the mettlesome baseballer received the title of NL Player of the Week. In the same year, he was offered an agreement with DET, the player accepted this proposition, and he entered into it in March 2008. This agreement became one of the most important in the history of DET.

On March 31, 2008, he made his debut as a member of the Tigers in a game against the Kansas City Royals. He finished the season resplendently. Then he became the youngest AL home run title holder for that time. Miguel is considered one of the best players in baseball, striking the ball with a great percentage and batting off in all directions of the field. He swung more than 30 home runs, and his batting average throughout his career is 32.1%.

In 2012, the athlete became the owner of Triple Crown. This first baseman finished the championship with the best performance in the American League by batting average (which was 0.330), by home runs (44) and by RBI (which was 139).

This achievement has not yielded to anyone for 45 years. In 1967, Boston player Carl Michael Yastrzemski became the last holder of the Triple Crown. It’s also worth noting that Cabrera took the title of the best slugger for the second consecutive year. He finished the 2011 season with a percentage of 0.344. In the National League, the best batting average athlete is the San Francisco player Buster Posey. With the result of 0.336, he became the first catcher since 1942, to which this achievement was subdued.

Then another player of San Francisco, outfielder Melky Cabrera, was to win. He got the result of 0.346. However, due to a doping suspension, he refused to claim the title.

In 2013, Miguel Cabrera failed to repeat his success, although he repeated last year’s results: 44 home runs, 137 runs batted in, and a 34.8% average, and was named most valuable AL player for the second year in a row.

For a while, Miguel, or Miggy, had problems with his left hamstring. In June 2014, he returned to the team in a battle against the Chicago White Sox (5:6). In this game, Miguel was able to perform 2 runs and 1 home run.

Recently, in the career of this baseball player, there were some incidents. MLB punished Cabrera, Wilson, and Ausmus for participating in a conflict (in a fight against New York Yankees on August 24, 2017) for seven, four, and one game respectively, after which Cabrera and Wilson appealed that decision. However, soon this suspension was reduced.

As a result, in September 2017, Miguel was suspended from six games. His teammate Alex Wilson was disqualified for three coming matches, while the manager of the Tigers, Brad Ausmus, was debarred from one game.

Financial Achievements of the Baseball Player

The 31-year-old Venezuelan is considered one of the top hitters (batters) and one of the highest-paid players in baseball. Since 2003, Cabrera performed in the MLB for the Florida Marlins. After four seasons, Miguel moved to the Detroit Tigers. During nine seasons, he hit over 30 home runs, and his salary matched these sky-high numbers. In March 2014, he signed a new contract with Detroit, according to which he should receive $292 million in 10 seasons.

The new contract of Cabrera has set several records. For example, now the average cost of Cabrera for the season is 31 million, which exceeds the previous record, which belonged to the contract of Clayton Edward Kershaw (30.7 million). The total value of the new agreement of the sportsman from Venezuela became the third largest in MLB history. In this case, two club options are not taken into account. They guarantee the player another 30 million each.

Personal Life of Miguel Cabrera

Miggy’s personal life includes first and foremost a beloved wife, a son, and two daughters. The missus and one daughter are namesakes (Rosangel and Rosangel), other kids are named Alexander and Isabella. Their significance in the life of the athlete is difficult to emphasize.

Currently, the family lives in Birmingham, Michigan. Spouses are engaged in the education of their little girl and consider themselves to be a happy couple.Miguel prefers to spend his free time in a circle of friends and relatives. He also plays other sports and practices outdoor activities.

However, the carefree life of the couple was inexcusably clouded by unpleasant events. In 2017, the athlete got whacked with two problems—his wife, Rosangel Fatima Cabrera, filed for divorce, and his ex-mistress, Belkis Mariela Rodriguez, hit him with a paternity lawsuit. In 2019, the court ordered Miguel to pay $20,000 a month as alimony and pay off Rosangel’s costly villa. Happily enough, she changed her landmark decision.

Miguel Cabrera and Steroid Speculations

Miguel Cabrera was not caught in doping according to periodic anti-doping tests. However, on some anabolic steroid forums on the Internet, you can find topics with guesstimates where users are discussing whether Miguel Cabrera took steroids. For example, one user of the SportsBookReview site was interested in whether Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera use anabolic steroids. Other users responded to him that they think that these baseball players were taking steroids, as all power hitters used dope.

One user wrote that he thinks Miguel is clean and “only thing he does is drink Cognac”.

Despite steroid speculation and strifes, now the sportsman continues frisky sports activity. Specialists are convinced that he will demonstrate his own talent, skills and abilities more than once. Today, the player’s professionalism is obvious. Miguel Cabrera is rightfully considered one of the best hitters in modern baseball.