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Best Full Back Muscles Workout: Lower, Upper & Middle Back Exercises

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Lower back is a very important part of the back. If your lower back is untrained, you cannot perform hard back exercises for a killer back workout. The same goes for your upper and middle back. Therefore, you need to use some special exercises with weights for all parts of your back.

Lower Back Workouts & Exercises

Lumbar (lower back) muscles are spinal rectifiers. Visually, they give the torso a powerful rear view, and functionally, when lifting heavy loads with the help of legs and back, reduce the risk of injury. A muscular lower back, as well as properly selected exercises on the lower back, prevents the appearance of conditions / injuries associated with the displacement of vertebral discs and deteriorated functions of the roots of the spinal nerves. A powerful loin for an athlete is always a strong muscular frame that holds the spine in the right position.

To strengthen the loin, it is necessary to perform such exercises on the lower back, like frontal tilts with a barbell on the shoulders (the so-called good morning exercise) and hyperextensions. If you want to get a powerful and massive back, include deadlifts in your training program. Below you’ll see top exercises for your lower back workouts.

I. Hyperextension. This exercise is recommended for beginning athletes and people with weak or previously injured lower back. It loads the lumbar, gluteal and hip flexors. It is performed on a special piece of exercise equipment called the Roman chair. In the absence of this sports chair, you can use the bench for bench press and the help of a partner who will hold you by the legs in the area of the hips or shins. You can also perform this exercise using a fitness ball. Technical nuances of the exercise performed on the Roman chair:

  • Lay down on the Roman chair with the belly down, place the feet under the special cushion.
  • With your body straight, cross your arms in front of you (or behind your head. This will be your initial position. The edge of the bench of the simulator should be 5/10 cm below the level of the groin.
  • Go as far as your body allows you to without rounding your back.
  • Return the torso to its original position. Stay in it for 1 or 1.5 seconds. Do not overperform the raise of your body.

Tips: Eliminate the forces of inertia in the movements. Perform fully amplitude slow controlled bends and extensions. Do not round your back, because in such a case load goes to the buttocks. Do not forget about proper breathing.

II. Stiff Leg Barbell Good Morning. This kind of exercises well develops the lumbar rectifiers of the back. When it is performed, you also get an excellent load on the leg muscles (the calf muscle and buttocks). This exercise can be done sitting on a bench or in standing position.

III. Deadlift. Tilting forward with the subsequent straightening of the core, holding a heavy barbell in your hands is truly a basic exercise. It affects the maximum number of muscles in the human body. In a complex with squats and a weightlifting bench press, the deadlift helps to gain a good muscle mass.

Exercise is done with the help of lumbar rectifiers, as well as the muscles of the thigh, buttocks, back, trapezium and forearms. It is performed with the largest weights.

Recommended number of repetitions in each set:

  • for the accentuated elaboration of the lower back – 10-12 reps;
  • for best muscle gains – 6-8 reps;
  • for the development of strength in lifting exercises – 3-5 reps.

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Middle Back Workouts

It is not possible to pump the muscles of the middle of the back in isolation – there are simply no such exercises that accentuate the load on these muscles. But there are a lot of subtleties with which you can maximally engage the bottom of the trapezoid and the muscles under it. Important for the development of the mid-back are the following factors: grip, the amplitude of exercise and the working weight. The main factor of these ones is the amplitude of the exercises, which in all targeted exercises should be maximum. In this case the shoulders should be kept together, and the shoulder blades should be practically in contact. Only by observing these techniques can you get to work all the necessary muscles in the middle of the back. This technique is feasible only when using a narrow grip.

As for the working weight, it should not be excessive. Moreover, it should be somewhat less than usual. This is because with a large working weight the athlete simply can not take his shoulders back as far as possible. In addition, most of the load will go into the bicep. Such an exercise will not bring any effect.

What exercises are needed for back muscle building? It is virtually impossible to train the middle of the back with exercises alone with free weights. The use of simulators here is a must. However, despite this, we will begin training with free weights. Below are exercises for middle back workouts.

I. T-Bar Row. T-bar row is considered one of the best exercises for strengthening the muscles of the middle of the back (the bottom of the trapezium and the rhomboid muscles). The emphasis in this exercise is on prolonging the peak muscle contraction by using an isometric pause. The working weight is selected in such a way as to perform 8-10 clean repetitions without cheating. In some gyms, there are no special bar and machines for T-rows. Therefore, you can use an ordinary bar, namely one of its ends.

II. Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row. It is this performance of a dumbbell row exercise provides the aiming load of the muscles of the middle back, in contrast to the traditional one-arm dumbbell rows. Pick up dumbbells having the weight, which will be slightly less than your usual working weight. Lean forward, keeping the top of the body parallel to the floor, take dumbbells and lower them down on outstretched arms. Without spreading your elbows to the sides, pull the dumbbells up, pulling your shoulders back and keeping the blades together as much as possible. At the top of the movement, hold a 1-2 second pause. The number of repetitions is the same as when performing T-bar rows.

III. Seated Cable Row. This exercise is considered one of the best for the middle of the back core. However, many of athletes perform it incorrectly, negating all of its benefits. At the lowest point of the amplitude, try to let go of the weight as much as possible, leaning forward and stretching your back muscles. The legs are slightly bend while the back is slightly rounded. During movements, take your shoulders back as far as you can, caving in the lower back. Perform 10-12 repetitions per set (the number of sets is to be 3 to 4).

Exercises for Upper Back Workouts

Here are top exercises for your upper back workouts:

  • Barbell Shrug. Throw aside the light dumbbells. Nothing will develop your trapezium as powerfully as a heavy shrug with a barbell. Take the bar, load it to the maximum and do not be afraid to use the cheating. After a while your trapezes will look like mountain tops. And do not rotate the shoulder joint, just lift the bar up and down.
  • Pull-Ups. Pulling up is the best exercise for the upper body, but it is quite difficult for beginners. If you have not yet learned to pull yourself up, you can replace it with a machine-assisted pull-up. And if you can perform more than 10-12 assisted pull-ups per set, then it’s time to start practicing ordinary pull-ups.
  • Seated Cable Row. Many underestimate a cable row, but it is precisely this exercise that will help you create a harmonious physique. It is also used for definition. Ideally, you should be able to pull the same weight that you press on the bench, so do not be shy to load yourself harder.

Full Back Workout – Example for Beginners

Here is an example of full back workout for beginners:

  • Bent Over Barbell Row, 3 sets, 6-8 reps;
  • Seated Cable Rows, 3 sets, 8-12 reps;
  • V-Bar Pulldown, 3 sets, 12 reps;
  • Barbell Shrug, 3 sets, 6-8 reps;
  • Hyperextensions, 3 sets, 12 reps.

Best Back Workouts – Useful Tips

Here are some tips for proper training and experiencing best back workouts from Dorian Yates:

  • Priorities. Train the back apart from other muscle groups, or at least only with the back heads of delts. This is too large field, and intensive training is required to fully work it out. “As a beginner or more experienced bodybuilder, I combined back, chest and shoulders in one workout and achieved good results, but with time, when my back got stronger, I began to lift much larger weights in exercises for her and, therefore, there was a need to do back training on a single day.
  • Intensity. “In the first years of the training, I increased the number of sets and exercises and achieved good muscle growth, but my fastest growth rate came when I learned how to create maximum intensity, which provided the best effect even in short training sessions with fewer sets and exercises.” The intensity in the exercises is created primarily by the maximum psychological concentration in each set, when not only the body but your mind is trained. This allows you to generate the most powerful energy production and powerfully complete back workout.
  • The right technique. Excellent back is a rarity, as this is the most difficult part of the body for full results in the training. You need to concentrate on working out exactly the part of the back for which the exercises are intended. “While pulling up to the level of the chin, feel a burning sensation in the broadest, diamond-shaped and upper back. When doing a barbell row, you should feel a burning sensation in the widest and middle part of the back. Performing a deadlift, mentally focus on the work of the extensors of the back, the broadest muscle of the back, and the trapezium. First of all, love this feeling.”

Back Muscles Workout – The Bottom Line

The back is that muscular group, the emphasis on which is definitely worth doing. The back gives our figure an impressive look. Applying our back muscles workout recommendations in practice, you will definitely get ripped back muscles. Also you can use anabolic steroids such as Sustanon, Deca Durabolin, testosterone propionate, and Masteron to develop your muscles rapidly. They also minimize pain after workout, improve strength and athletic performance.