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Full Body Beginners Workout for Women and Men: at Home and at the Gym

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Are you looking for full body workout at home for beginners? Then you’re at the right place. Workout routines presented below may be performed without equipment (with your own bodyweight) or just with dumbbells. Performing that workouts will allow you to achieve an excellent physique. Of course, you can also practice them at the gym.

Introduction to Full Body Workout at Home

A beautiful and fit body always attracts attention. But many people find it hard to force themselves to perform workouts in order to get a good result. But in order to quickly bring yourself in shape, you do not need to sweat daily in the gym or buy expensive equipment. All you need is to do a complex of exercises for the whole body for 10 minutes a day at home. Such a training will be an excellent step towards a healthy lifestyle and love of sport. In addition to proper workouts, you should also:

  • Eat properly;
  • Use sports nutrition and dietary supplements, such as BCAA and Korean ginseng;
  • Get enough sleep;
  • Avoid psychometrical stresses.

Best Full Body Workout for Beginners

A full body workout for beginners presented below includes basic exercises intended for development of the most important muscle groups in the body. Almost all of them may be performed without sports equipment and specialized machines. If you are interested in machine workouts you can read our article on gym machines leg workout. Also we have articles about resistance band workouts (for instance, resistance band butt workout).

  • Standing Dumbbell Chest Fly & Bent Over Dumbbell Reverse Fly. This is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the muscles of the shoulders and back. Also, it helps to develop a correct posture. The exercise can be performed both at the gym and at home. In order to learn the correct technique of doing the exercise, it is worth trying first to perform it with bottles filled with water. If the exercise seems too easy for you, do it more slowly and do not drop your hands to the end. Do not take more heavy dumbbells in your first workouts, do not chase for heavier weights. It should be noted that these exercises for some reason are often not taken into account when composing routines for home workouts. Although, almost everyone has old dumbbells. Otherwise, today it is not a problem to buy them.
  • Lunges. This is also a very good exercise, which strengthens and tones the muscles of the legs. It evenly and qualitatively works out the back and front surfaces of the thigh. But the muscles of the buttocks receive the strongest load in this case. It is worth doing lunges to the right angle between the shin of the leg, which is located behind, and the thigh. In addition to the obvious benefits for the muscles of the legs, lunges also develop coordination. During the exercise, various muscles stabilizers work. You should perform lunges with dumbbells holding them in your hands.
  • Push-Ups. Push-ups are a universal exercise. With a different setting of the hands during this exercise, you can work out different muscles. For example, putting your hands at the level of the shoulders, you will load the triceps more. And, on the contrary, putting arms wider than shoulders, emphasis will be placed on the muscles of the chest. For beginners, it will be enough to perform the exercises in the standard position to load all the muscles that work during the exercise equally. You can use the extra load and make push-ups with weights when you achieve some success in doing this exercise. Push-ups are deservedly considered one of the main exercises that work out and keep the core in tone.
  • Pull-Ups. In comparison with push-ups, pull-ups are a much more difficult exercise. The fact is that there is initially an extra load (the weight of your own body). The load in this exercise falls on the muscles of the back. The widest muscles of the back develop best when pulling-up. Here, too, there is a difference in the width of the grip. Also, you can do chin-ups (with reverse grip) to work out your bicep (read more on bicep workouts here). In addition, pull-ups have a good effect on the back, as they stretch it while performing.
  • Squats. The largest muscles of the body, the thighs and buttocks, work in this exercise. Squats are accompanied by a large expenditure of calories, which is important, if your goal is to lose weight. In addition, squats are a good prevention of varicose occurrence. This exercise is the main one in the training programs not only for beginners, but also for experienced athletes.

Full Body Workout for Women – Exercises, Pros and Cons

Often girls are wondering whether it is worthwhile for a newcomer to train at home, whether this will help? To answer this question, it is necessary to compare the advantages and disadvantages of home training for women. The advantages of training at home are:

  • Free schedule, because you do not need to adjust to the schedule of the gym.
  • Saving time and money.
  • The absence of other athletes, which is important for those who have not yet achieved results and are embarrassed to deal with professionals.
  • High level of comfort, the possibility of performing hygienic procedures directly at home.
  • At home, you can practice different directions and techniques, train under your favorite music, etc.

At the same time, training the whole body at home has some disadvantages. Their list is small, but they should be taken into account if you are thinking about how to create a day-to-day routine going to the gym.

A proper course of training will never be designed for a month, to achieve the desired result, you should do it all the time. In an intensive pace, you have to train for 3-4 months, then you can revise the program. If you have achieved the desired forms, you need to work to maintain the result. You can diversify the training by choosing an active hobby. It can be swimming, running, cycling, kickboxing, etc.

Must-have elements of the full body workout for women are as follows: bench press (or push-ups), pull-ups, curls and extensions. Below we offer an approximate workout routine for a week.


  • Lunges;
  • The Bridge;
  • Calf Raises;
  • Crunches;
  • Tricep Push-Ups.


  • Ordinary Push-Ups;
  • Crunches;
  • Lunges;
  • Leg Extensions;
  • Sit-Ups.


  • Plyo Sit-Ups;
  • Reverse Lunges;
  • Calf Raises;
  • Push-Ups;
  • Crunches.

It is recommended to perform every movement for the arms, buttocks, abs or other muscle group in three sets of 10-20 times. Begin with minimal loads, gradually increasing it as the body adapts. You might be interested in the best butt workout.

Full Body Workout for Men – Optimal Routine

Many men are interested in whether proper workouts at home without special equipment can adequately replace training in the gym. For those who have never worked before, they can. For those who have experience in resistance training, home workouts will help restore stamina and prepare for more powerful loads in the gym.

The main reasons that motivate men to start doing sports are:

  • A desire to fight excess weight. A particular difficulty for men is considered to be the excess weight of the abdomen, back, chest. Fat mass in these areas is a very common problem.
  • A desire to gain muscle mass, improve muscle definition.
  • A desire to tone the skin. As a result of weight loss with the help of diets, many men are faced with the problem of loss of skin elasticity, flabbiness of the skin. They can “clean up” the skin by systematically doing workouts at home.

Also, regular exercise, requires men to review their home diet. Their diet should be diverse. They should avoid sweets, carbonated drinks, trans fats, excessive alcohol consumption, etc. All this can be called the main rule of success when burning fat. The training program for men should be developed individually. It depends on what a man wants to focus on.

We can propose you the optimal routine for full body workout for men. All exercises should be executed at least 15 times (3 sets for each).

Monday – Cardio Training Routine (for Weight Loss);

  • Jumping Sit-Ups;
  • Mountain Climber;
  • Burpee;
  • Jump Rope Workout (at least 50 reps, 3 sets).

Tuesday – Upper Body (Back and Arms).

  • Deadlift;
  • Dumbbell Row;
  • Bicep Curl;
  • Tricep Kickbacks (or Close-Grip Push-Ups);
  • Dumbbell Press (or Ordinary-Grip Push-Ups).

Wednesday – Rest.

Thursday — Cardio Workout.

  • Explosive Push-Ups;
  • Sumo Squats;
  • Jump Rope Workout.

Friday – Leg Strength Workout.

  • Squats;
  • Lunges;
  • Side Lunges;
  • Exercises for Calf Muscles.

Saturday – Rest.

Sunday – Ab Workout.

  • Plank (1 to 5 minutes);
  • Crunches;
  • Scissors;
  • Airbike.

For doing cardio, you can run, make jumping rope exercises, and ride a bicycle.

Apps for Full Body Gym Workout

In the age of technology and healthy lifestyle, notebooks and pens for drawing up plans for workouts and counting somehow faded into the background. With various gadgets, smartphones and applications, there is no need to fix everything on paper. After all, mobile applications have appeared for this purpose, which will help to work out the muscles without leaving home, as well as trace your results. There are many apps for full body gym workout in bodybuilding. You can read about those apps here.