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Steroids before and after – stunning cases of using these medicaments!

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Steroids are different (anabolic, female, corticosteroids, etc.) It is clear that drugs based on steroids have a very powerful effect. In this article, we’ll look at how steroids can affect the body.

Before and after steroids – what to expect

Patients who used corticosteroids noted a significant improvement in their condition when they treated asthma, psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases. Many women who used hormonal steroid drugs managed to get pregnant. Some hormonal medicaments have the opposite effect: they are used to prevent pregnancy. There are no known before and after steroids examples in this respect.

Anabolic types of steroids before and after (on men)

Professional sport and steroids are often inseparable concepts. Anabolic steroids neutralize the catabolic effect and trigger anabolic one, which leads to a positive nitrogen balance and faster muscle growth. After 1 cycle and subsequent cycles, athletes use post cycle therapy (taking anti-estrogen drugs, such as Nolvadex, and some other meds). Anti-estrogens are needed after anabolic cycle because excess testosterone coming with drugs can convert into estrogens in the body. If we are talking about well-known examples of steroids before and after on men, we must state the fact that all the champions of bodybuilding in heavy weight used steroids. These are, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath and others. Also, these drugs are used by many actors.

It should be noted that a significant positive effect of taking anabolic steroids may occur after 1 month of use of these drugs. The body tries to maintain homeostasis (biological balance). An example of a homeostatic mechanism is the elevation of cortisol rates in the blood with the use of steroids. This can counteract the anabolic effect and maintain the catabolic effect. To maintain a positive nitrogen balance, the athlete increases and increases the doses of anabolics buying additional dosages of Nandrolone for sale, etc., and this increases the risk of side effects.

Anabolic steroids before and after (on women)

Women who use anabolic steroids, such as Oxymetholone and Anadrol, can change beyond recognition. Here are the famous examples of anabolic steroids before and after when using by females.

1. Andreas Krieger is a man who was a woman. He got famous as Heidi Krieger. She was a member of the track and field athletics team of the GDR. Like many other GDR athletes, Krieger took anabolic steroids and some other male hormones as instructed by the coach already in her teens. Because of this, her appearance changed significantly. In 1986, at the European Championships in Stuttgart, the athlete won a golden medal in the shot put. Gradually, she realized her transsexuality. In 1997, Heidi Krieger underwent the surgery for the correction of sex, and then changed the documents, becoming Andreas Krieger.

2. Alina Popa is a famous Romanian woman bodybuilder. Alina grew up as a sporty, mobile and strong girl. None of the classmates could defeat her in arm-wrestling. At the age of 12, Alina began to practice athletics, preferring to run short distances. During the summer holidays, she trained twice a day for three hours. Later, at the age of 15, Alina started aerobic exercises to improve her shape and lose weight. In the gym, she saw a female bodybuilder, who was preparing for the national championship among juniors, training. Alina was delighted with her musculature and fell in love with bodybuilding forever. However, before using steroids, she was slim and now she has a body with a mountain of muscles that look unnatural. This is a good example of the effect of anabolics on women.