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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men & Women: Cost, Risks, Natural Ways.

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Testosterone is a male sex hormone. However, its functions are not limited to the control of the reproductive system. This hormonal substance improves the body’s susceptibility to oxygen, helps the work of the central nervous system, regulates cholesterol and the level of sugar in the blood. Therefore, if a testosterone deficiency is found, the doctor may prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to the patient. In addition to medicines, exogenous testosterone can be obtained from healthy drinks and food.

Testosterone replacement therapy – the list of basic treatment options

There are several testosterone replacement therapy treatment options. Each method of the treatment has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Oral drugs. They have a weak effect. Therefore, they are recommended for men who have slight testosterone deficiency. Such hormone replacement therapy is prophylactic in nature and is aimed at preventing the development of diseases associated with a lack of androgens in the body. It is worth noting oral medications, which are not intended for swallowing but for mouth resorption. Their advantages include the gradual release of exogenous testosterone and a slight effect on the mucosa of the digestive tract. The disadvantages of buccal tablets include cases of damage to the gingival tissue of elderly people.
  • Solutions for injections. A positive aspect of testosterone replacement therapy by injection is the direct ingestion of exogenous hormone into the body without the irritation of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. For intramuscular injections, doctors use oily preparations that are slowly absorbed in the body, maintaining the same level of testosterone in the blood. Subcutaneous injections are often chosen by men who require lifelong hormone replacement therapy. Thus, they avoid numerous muscle punctures that cause painful sensations (especially in older age). However, athletes often choose intramuscular injections (for example, Winstrol & Sustanon), since they are the most effective.
  • Skin gel. Exogenous testosterone can enter the body by applying a special gel to the skin. This type of replacement therapy is very popular among men due to the ease of use and flexibility of dosing. There are certain rules for the use of such drugs. They need to be applied to clean skin. After that, do not sweat for 30 minutes. Take care that during the first hour after administration, other people, especially children, pregnant women, and elderly people do not touch this place. Also, you can not rub the area of influence of the remedy.
  • Testosterone transdermal patch. Another modern method of testosterone replacement for men is testosterone transdermal patch. The first generation of such drugs was intended for gluing into the scrotal area because through this place the body can assimilate the maximum dose of exogenous hormone. A new generation of patches can be applied to the back, thighs, arms, abdomen. The main thing: the skin should be clean, dry, and devoid of hair. This convenient remedy allows you to quickly fill the testosterone deficiency and ensure its constant level throughout the day. Despite the seeming harmlessness of testosterone transdermal patch, the uncontrolled use of such hormone replacement therapy can have serious negative consequences for the body.
  • Testosterone implants. This type of hormone replacement therapy is popular with many men with testosterone deficiency. The capsule stitched under the skin around the navel gradually releases a certain dosage of testosterone into the body. Due to the continuous action of the drug, androgen levels remain constant for half a year after the procedure. The incision is very small, so the scar is invisible even in summer. The disadvantages of such replacement therapy are the possible displacement of the capsule and the risk of bruising in the implantation zone.

Despite the fact that all the above-mentioned products (as well as oral steroids, such as Oxandrolone) can be bought in many online pharmacies, it is strictly forbidden to prescribe substitution therapy for themselves. Excess testosterone is as dangerous as a hormone deficiency. Remember that with age, its natural level decreases, so all patients need to do a new analysis twice a year to control hormone replacement therapy results.

Cost of testosterone therapy – how much money can you spend?

Cost of testosterone therapy depends on the treatment option you choose. Most health insurance is accepted, in which case you are responsible for any applicable deductibles or co-pays according to your health insurance policy. For people choosing a self-pay option, the therapy costs around 400 dollars a month.

Testosterone replacement therapy risks and contraindications

The treatment is not suitable for all people. There are some testosterone replacement therapy risks and contraindications.

Hormone replacement therapy is absolutely contraindicated in patients with oncological clinics because it is capable of activating tumor growth. Intensive treatment of testosterone deficiency is forbidden to men over 45 years who suffer from nocturnal apnea and epilepsy. In addition, therapy is not performed in case of the following ailments:

  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Inflammation in the pelvic area.
  • Cardiac and renal insufficiency.

Before starting hormone replacement therapy, the patient needs to undergo all the necessary diagnostic tests. The specialist will prescribe an effective treatment regimen to maintain the level of the hormone within normal limits. After therapy, you also need to take tests. Before and after the diagnostic tests are necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy.

Testosterone therapy for women – can females be treated with testosterone?

Testosterone isn’t a primary hormone in the female body but it performs some important functions. However, testosterone therapy for women isn’t common.

It should be noted that steroid drugs are dangerous for women. In addition, sometimes, women on steroids look terrible.

Natural testosterone replacement – how to increase the hormone levels naturally?

People who don’t want use medicines often resort to natural testosterone replacement methods. These methods include:

  • Physical activity and workouts.
  • Avoiding bad habits.
  • Proper nutrition.
  • Eating testosterone-boosting food products, such as oysters.
  • Natural replacement therapy can be helpful but in severe cases it is ineffective.

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