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Body Transformation with Steroids: Incredible Changes of Celebs & Athletes

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Anabolics are often used by many people for the purpose of body transformation. Their steroid transformation before and after photos can be found on the Internet in abundance. These medications are used by ordinary people, celebrities and professional athletes.

Steroid transformation 1 year – is it possible?

Using steroids is a universal technique, which helps to achieve total transformation of the body. Initially, the medicines were not produced for sports purposes, but to heal serious diseases (read more in the article about the history of steroids). The substances have been successfully used for the treatment of metabolic disorders, cachexia, anemia, or burns.

The tendency to record the results of sports performance is gaining momentum, and some examples are really motivating for great deeds. And it’s not about luck or diets: behind an excellent sports form there are months of grueling exercising and colossal willpower. The main thing is the goal, and then everything will work out well! However, many people decide to use steroids to transform their bodies. Thanks to these medications, steroid transformation 1 year is quite possible.

However, not in all cases, athletes venture upon taking chemical additives and drugs, the use of which, no doubt, leads to serious health problems.

Body transformation with steroids –cases of famous actors

  • Chris Pratt. A few years ago, for the sake of another role, Chris covered a lot of ground, losing almost 20 kg. Chris says that everyone wants to know his secret, but there is no secret, only hard work and proper nutrition for a long time. Chris pays maximum attention to proper high-quality nutrition. He argues that only by changing one’s eating habits and persistent grueling physical exercising one can achieve ideal forms. We do not know exactly whether he used steroids for body transformation or not.
  • Tom Hardy. For the role in the movie “Bronson” Tom gained almost 20 kg (pound.) However, with his usual 68 kg, it was not too difficult to increase to almost 100 kg. Thanks to his unique training sessions elaborated by his coach and eating a lot of food, Tom achieved the desired effect fairly quickly.
  • Chris Evans. The main role in the film “Captain America” made Chris famous. For the sake of obtaining the cherished role, Chris had to sweat fairly to increase muscle mass. The actor’s physic was pretty good before the movie, but still he had to improve. For that he had to work out 2-3 hours a day and eat a lot. If you look at his photo, you will most likely think that he used steroids for transformation.
  • Hugh Jackman. The ingenious actor, who can, for the sake of the role, both lose 15 kilograms and gain them. Hugh’s constant intensive exercising helps him to be in good shape. For the movie “The Wolverine” the actor had to adhere to a tough diet called “16/8 fasting”, in addition he intensively exercised at least two hours a day.
  • Ryan Reynolds. The actor has always had an excellent physique but in 2004, he had to start improving. For the role in the movie “Blade 3”, he gained more than 8 kg of muscle mass and removed excess fat. All those transformations became possible due to a five-month working out course accompanied with frequent meals (every 2-3 hours). Exercising 6 days a week for 2.5-3 hours plus a diet with lots of carbohydrates, here’s the secret of Ryan. Or maybe his secret is the body transformation with steroids, who knows.
  • Christian Bale. Christian is an excellent actor and a real master of transformation. First he slimmed for the sake of filming in “The Machinist” losing a third of his weight, and then for the next role in the film about Batman he gained missing 30 kg literally for 6 weeks. Frequent meals every 2-3 hours and high caloric content of food, while that actor was a vegetarian, were the basis of his diet. The actor’s working out program consisted of basic and strength exercises of the so-called explosive type plus cardiovascular exercising and running for warming-up. Perhaps he used anabolic drugs.
  • Henry Cavill. For filming in the movie “Man of Steel,” Henry had to exercise by the program “Exhaust pipe” for more than 11 months. The exercising cycle consisted of a preparatory period lasting the first few months, a six-week cycle of active working out, and a final supporting phase lasting 2 months. Exercising sessions lasting 2.5-3 hours were conducted daily. Also, the actor adhered to a high-calorie diet.

Steroid transformation before and after – famous athletes

Below we will talk about the transformation of the body with the help of steroids. Many famous athletes used steroids to transform their bodies. The most famous examples include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Ronnie Coleman. Interestingly, earlier the athletes (we mean bodybuilders) openly confessed to using anabolic drugs. Now very few people especially the performing athletes admit to using them. This is not surprising, because anabolic steroids are prohibited in America and other countries (except for Mexico). Naturally, athletes do not want to have problems with the law and state that they are natural. The bad side of the coin is also that their achievements are used by sports nutrition manufacturers who sell sports supplements (natural ones) stating that they can achieve incredible results with their help.

Most “chemists” pretend to be “natural”. This can be explained by the fact that the use and sale of hormonal drugs without doctor’s prescription are considered illegal. We can neglect the fact that fitness models, being examples for emulation and promotion of exercising, have chosen chemistry as the simplest and most acceptable way to make money. We should be concerned about another issue. Most of those people who sell sports nutrition to us sincerely believe that chemical products are just assistants. Roughly speaking, if you eat and exercise like steroid guys, you will get good results, though not so pronounced and not so fast. Unfortunately, is not true. Exercising using hormones and natural training – these are different things.

One of the famous athletes who made the “coming out” was Rich Piana. He openly stated that he had used steroids and did not deceive others that sports natural supplements had helped him. Unfortunately, he is no longer alive. As the results of the autopsy showed, many organs and systems of the athlete had been affected by the side effects of steroids.