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High, Low and Normal Testosterone Levels in Women: Signs, Symptoms.

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Do women have testosterone (T hormone)? Most people believe that testosterone is found only in the blood of men. However, it is not true. Testosterone (as well as HGH) is also found in the female body. Low or high T hormone in women leads to negative consequences, including childbearing function deterioration. The causes of decrease and increase in testosterone levels in women are different. Let’s talk about this.

Testosterone levels in women – functions of the hormone in the body

In the female body, testosterone is synthesized by the ovaries, as well as by the adrenal cortex. The hormone is directly related to the course of pregnancy; it is involved in the process of maturation of the follicle. In addition, testosterone performs other functions. It helps the work of the bone marrow and is responsible for the sexual attractiveness and mental state of a woman. The lowered level of testosterone leads to faster aging and decreasing of stress resistance.

Here is a more detailed description of testosterone functions:

  • The hormone helps to develop follicles (receptacles of eggs) in the ovaries. The increased level of testosterone during ovulation makes a woman feel sexual desire.
  • Testosterone plays an important role in the growth and proper formation of bones during adolescence. The hormone maintains the strength of the bone structure during menopause in women. Deterioration of the hormone balance can lead to different diseases, such as osteoporosis.
  • Testosterone helps to form the muscles of the body in accordance with the sex (male or female). Even if a woman eats a lot of protein and works hard in the gym, she will not get a lot of muscles. Due to this, female bodybuilders are forced to use steroids to build muscle mass.
  • Formation, deposition and metabolism of many hormones involved in the process of human reproduction occur in fat tissues of the body. Testosterone is converted into estrogen, a female hormone, there. In the case of the lack of male hormone, there is abdominal obesity, excessive deposition of fat at the waist, from which it is very difficult to get rid of, regardless of the sex of the person.
  • Testosterone also helps to get rid of unconscious anxiety, fear and depression. Scientists have shown that women with high testosterone levels have higher rates in the thought process and memory than girls who have lowered rates of this hormone. However, in cases of increasing hormone, a woman can become masculine, aggressive, self-confident, overly persistent. She strives for supremacy in relationships and career growth. She becomes addicted to nicotine, drug and game addiction. In women with low testosterone, such inclinations are usually not detected.

Testosterone levels in women – total and free testosterone

There are 2 types of this hormone:
1. Free testosterone. It is involved in the sexual development of adolescents and is necessary for the formation of mammary glands. A free hormone is not bound to a protein. Free levels are primarily checked during analyzes to control the hormonal background.
2. Total testosterone includes free testosterone and testosterone bound to the protein. The norm of free testosterone level is 2%.

As women mature, testosterone decreases naturally. In addition, its level fluctuates throughout the day, and also depends on the menstrual cycle. In particular, in the morning, there are normal testosterone levels in women (which is why it is necessary to take tests in the early hours), and by the evening testosterone decreases. After menopause, it also goes down, and in case of pregnancy, on the contrary, it increases, because the fetus also produces it.

Normal testosterone levels in women – age-related table

Free testosterone is measured in pg/ml and its rate varies with age. Here is the table of age-related testosterone levels in women.

Normal levels of testosterone:

  • Age under 20 – 0,12-3,1 pg/ml
  • Age 21-39 – 0,12-3,1 pg/ml
  • Age40-59 – 0,12-2,6 pg/ml
  • Age over 60 – 0,12-1,7 pg/ml

The level of total testosterone shows how much of the whole hormone is contained in the body, regardless of whether it is bound to protein compounds or is in a free state. This indicator for all women, regardless of age, should be within the reference values from 0.26 to 1.3 ng/ml.

When evaluating the level of testosterone, it is recommended to pay attention to the norms of the laboratory where the analysis is being submitted. This is necessary since in different clinics the reference values can differ significantly depending on the reagents used.

If after passing the test in one of the laboratories there are doubts about the reliability of the result, then you are recommended to undergo a second test in any other clinic.

Low testosterone in women – causes & symptoms

It should be noted that hormone levels can be lowered and increased depending on the time of day, mood, and menstrual cycle. This is considered a variant of the norm. Stable and significant deterioration of the norm may indicate the following diseases:

  • breast disorders;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes;
  • inflammation of the endometrium;
  • problems with the functioning of the ovaries.

Also, a prolonged testosterone deficiency can be triggered by excess weight, alcohol addiction, and frequent stresses. It is also important that there are products, such as fast food, which lower testosterone in women. In case of abuse of this food, the hormone may decrease.

It is difficult to track lowering the concentration of this hormone on one’s own; it happens not for a day and not for a month but for a long period of time.

The most obvious symptoms of low testosterone in women are:

  • the causeless appearance of excess fat mass (lower abdomen, arms, neck);
  • increased dryness of the skin;
  • brittle hair;
  • low women libido;
  • a constant sense of fatigue.

It is important to remember that the signs of low testosterone are often ignored by many women since these signs are not specific. One of the main signs of having problems is the appearance of unpleasant sensations during sexual intercourse. The discomfort is explained by the fact that testosterone is involved in the formation of a vaginal secretion, which acts as a lubricant. If testosterone is not enough, the secret is not produced in the right quantities and the sexual act ceases to bring pleasure to the woman. As results, she decides to visit a clinic.

High testosterone in women – signs and symptoms

Signs of increased testosterone levels can be seen with the naked eye. It should be remembered that the symptoms of hormonal failure are often harbingers of serious diseases.
If you have any signs, you need to see a doctor as early as possible, such an action will help reduce the risk of aggravation of the situation.

A number of symptoms characteristic of high testosterone in women include such symptoms:

  • Hair over the upper lip becomes much stiffer and darker.
  • The hair on the body becomes thicker.
  • Hair on the head has to be washed every day because the production of fat is intensified.
  • Rashes appear on the skin of the face.
  • The skin of the hands becomes dry and flabby.
  • The voice becomes coarser.
  • A woman is gaining weight.
  • The libido increases.

In addition, the characteristic symptoms of the condition include menstrual cycle disorder, a male-type constitution, increased aggressiveness, and an increase in the clitoris. Prolonged hyperandrogenism leads to impaired ovarian function.

How to decrease high testosterone? Women should change their lifestyle and normalize weight. The drug therapy with Spironolactone may be prescribed.

Testosterone tests – preparation and giving

Testosterone is a hormone, the determination of which does not take a lot of time. In most cases, a woman receives the results of the tests within 24 hours.

To ensure that the results are not in doubt, a number of simple rules must be followed before the woman is given the test. It should be borne in mind that the best days for the analysis are the intervals from 3 to 5 and from 8 to 10 days of the menstrual cycle. Of course, analysis can be done on other days, but then its reliability will be in question.

Immediately 24 hours before the test, a woman is recommended to give up physical activity and avoid have sex. If possible, it is also recommended to protect yourself from stress. It is not recommended to smoke or take alcoholic drinks before the analysis.

It is important to consult a doctor about medications that a woman regularly takes because of any chronic pathology. Particular attention is paid to anticonvulsants, anabolic steroids, valproic acid, and Clomid for sale, which can affect testosterone levels. After consulting a doctor, a break in taking these medications may be required a few days before the test is given.

Testosterone is a hormone that is important not only for men but also for the female body. The levels of this hormone in the female body affect the functions of the reproductive system, the ability to bear and give birth to healthy babies. When there are signs of any deterioration of the production of testosterone, it is recommended to consult a doctor and begin treatment with pills for women.

Testosterone steroids and their side effects

Overdose of hormonal drugs, in particular, testosterone derivatives and such drugs as Boldenone, Oxandrolone, and Winstrol, can cause hypersexuality. Women may experience clitoromegaly (a stable increase in the outer part of the clitoris).

Long-term use of drugs of steroid origin can also cause other side effects, in particular, acne, seborrhea, and others. In addition, other drugs used in sports (such as Clenbuterol for sale) can also cause negative consequences.

This is important: the secondary male sexual signs that are manifested in women as a result of the use of anabolic steroids in sports, are irreversible. Unfortunately, but the tips on how to lower testosterone are ineffective in such cases. It is better to use natural supplements for women than buy steroids online, exposing the health to great risks.