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HIIT Gym Workout: Elliptical, Treadmill, Bike and Stairmaster Programs

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Perhaps you’ve already read our basic article about high-intensity interval training. This method of training is based on the alternation of high and medium intensity exercise intervals. You may think that for its implementation you need special sports outfits, barbells, and dumbbells. But in fact, high-intensity interval training can be done on conventional sports machines. In this article, we will tell you on elliptical, treadmill, bike and stairmaster programs.

HIITs (high-intensity interval trainings) are very popular, as this kind of load is considered the most effective method of fat burning.

LIIS vs HIIT Gym Workout

LISS, or low-intensity, steady-state cardio is a low-intensity workout at a constant load level, and HIIT is a high-intensity interval training. In simple terms, LISS is all familiar walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes or riding a bike for an hour at almost constant speed and intensity. HIIT is also a relatively less known form of cardio training, but it extremely effective. It involves a sharp increase in the intensity of your workout. For example: very fast running for 60 seconds as fast as you can, and then walking for 60 seconds at a slow pace.

Here are pros and cons of these types of workout regimens.

Low-intensity steady-state cardio (LISS):

  • This is the best solution for those who want to relax during their cardio session and practice non-heavy workouts.
  • Many people are getting bored doing this exercise.
  • LISS much softer affects the bones and joints, so it is probably the best choice for the elderly.
  • It takes more time to complete the workout, which is not ideal for busy people who do not have much time for workouts.
  • LISS does not give results as quickly as HIIT.
  • It’s easier to track your workouts (due to the absence of intervals) and set goals for yourself next time.
  • LISS provides the opportunity to communicate with friends during training.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT gym workout).

  • It takes very little time for training with a high level of burning calories (15-20 minutes), which is great for people with a tight schedule.
  • It requires more attention, since it is necessary to control your training intervals.
  • Gives better results than LISS (this fact has been scientifically proven).
  • HIIT may be dangerous for joints, because the sessions are much more intense (read more about cortisone injections for knee pain).
  • It will not be the best choice if you are a beginner and are not familiar with cardio exercises.
  • It’s harder to track your workouts.
  • You need to concentrate on training, there is no time for outside communication, because it is a killer workout! (Read more about the back killer workout.
  • HIIT is the core solution for more serious training, which may seem too harsh for those who are engaged in fitness on a non-regular basis.

Features of HIIT Elliptical Workout

It is easy to implement the HIIT principle on an elliptical machine. The main thing is to actively perform intensive interval training and not give up. High intensity interval training activates your metabolism and can burn large amounts of calories in a short time leading to fat loss. Let’s consider it on the example of the elliptical machine called Horizon Andes. First and foremost, you should warm-up your muscles with a load of 50% of the maximum. Then, within the next 60 seconds, go hard, as quick as you can, at a load of 90-95% of your max heart rate. Then make a cooldown for half a minute, again with a load of about 50-60%, and repeat the cycle again. Do this for 15-20 minutes, and at the end, spend 2 min for a final cooldown. Believe us, you will be absolutely emaciated by the end of your HIIT elliptical workout and will want to get off the machine.

Best HIIT Treadmill Workout

Here is an idea of HIIT-training, which can be performed on the treadmill.

How to perform the exercise? Start with a five-minute warm-up, then slowly run for 2 minutes. Then start the cycle.

The cycle for the HIIT treadmill workout is as follows:

  • 4 minutes of fast running (70-80% of maximum intensity).
  • 2 minutes of slow running or walking.

Do 5 cycles in total for 30 minutes.

That’s all! If you want extra challenge, increase the slope of the track on the intense part of your HIIT workout. Do not forget to make a cooldown and stretching after the workout.

HIIT Bike Workout – Little’s Method

Many people underestimate possibilities of an exercise bike. It may seem that the bike does not require too much energy and calories. However, anyone who has practiced cycling HIITs in the fitness club knows that this is a very decent load.

One of the most well-known interval training is a HIIT based on the Little method (this method is named after the researcher Jonathan P. Little). According to this method, you should do intense part for 60 seconds, then rest for 75 seconds lowering the intensity of the load by half. Repeat that circle, performing 8-12 reps for training. You can practice this workout 2-3 times a week. Due to that you can quickly improve your physique. However, newcomers or those who return to fitness after a long break are not recommended to do HIIT bike workout according to experts. This workout is intended rather for advanced athletes, who regularly trains for at least a couple of months. And even in this case, we advise you not to focus on the scheme developed by Jonathan P. Little, but to adapt it taking into account your physical preparation.

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Best Stairmaster HIIT Workout

Stairmaster machines occupy a large area in gyms. Do not let the impressive size frighten you, because you will love this machine with all your heart after the first workout on it. Also, there are mini-stairmasters of compact sizes that you can use at home.

The machine is designed to mimic the ascent of a slope or a ladder. This is the best alternative for performing complex aerobic exercises and leg training, which is present in the dynamic sport machines sector. In addition to creating the conditions for climbing the stairs, when performing stairmaster HIIT workout, you receive a positive effect on the cardiovascular system of the body with a qualitative training of the muscles of the lower limbs.

The standard control panel allows you to configure several training programs, which include quick start, heart-rate-dependent tuning, fat burning, HIIT workout program, aerobic and custom settings. Custom settings section allows you to perform training on individual parameters.

HIIT Workout Program – Samples of Science-Proven Benefits

Reduction of fat tissue volume by 2% in 8 weeks. A 2001 study conducted at the East Tennessee State University showed good results for participants trained on an 8-week HIIT program (their body fat decreased by 2%) compared to those who underwent a continuous exercise program constant intensity on the treadmill (this group did not show decrease in the volume of adipose tissue).

6x Fat-Burning Effect. During a recent study in Australia, women who practiced the 20-minute HIIT program, which consisted of 8 seconds of sprint and 12 seconds of rest, lost 6 times more fat than the group members who performed 40-minute cardio training at a constant intensity equal to 60% of the maximum heart rate. By the way, you can use steroids that burn fat (like Winstrol, Trenbolone & Anavar), but their action is associated with some side effects.