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Ivan Rodriguez & Steroids: Peoples’ Suspicions and the Athlete’s Denial

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We know that steroids in baseball are a problem. Unfortunately, many players don’t want to play fair. They’re prepared to do anything to become faster, fitter, and stronger. Therefore, they use anabolic drugs and medicines to increase their performance. Today, the steroid problem still exists in this game, but it’s not as huge as it was in the past.

A Short Background of Ivan Rodriguez

The prospective athlete was born and raised in Puerto Rico. His father, Juan, worked for a USA based construction firm (he was also a coach). His mother Eva was a teacher in an elementary school.

The guy’s first occupation involved delivering flyers to shoppers in supermarkets. This occupation didn’t get in the way of Ivan’s dreams though and he learned baseball’s principles at an early age. The little boy took part in Little League competitions from 8 years old.

Ivan Rodriguez’s Career

In July 1988, Ivan signed a sports agreement as a free agent with the Texas Rangers and initially became a part of the team’s farming clubs, including the Tulsa Drillers (Tulsa, Oklahoma) representing the Double-A level as an affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and a professional league in his native city.

The sportsman debuted in Major League Baseball in summer 1991 in a match against the Chicago White Sox, showing incredible results. In the vote for the best rookie award, he took fourth place.

A year later he appeared for the first time in an All-Star match. On July 28, 1994, he was a catcher in a match in which Kenny Rogers played 14th in the history of the Major League. It was a cracking game. In 1999, having an average of 0.332 hits and a slugging percentage of 0.558, getting 35 home runs, in particular, 113 RBIs, he was selected to the American League, where he achieved Major League Baseball’s Most Valuable Payer Award.

In January 2003, he passed as a free agent for the Florida Marlins. He protected this team in the World Series and the Marlins defeated the NY Yankees soon afterward.

In February 2004, he signed a four-year contract with the Detroit Tigers worth 40 million dollars. Two years later, the Tigers succumbed to the St. Louis Cardinals in five games. On July 12th 2007, he was a catcher in a match in which Justin Verlander played a no-hitter.

The famous sportsman also took part in the Houston Astros, Rangers, and Washington Nationals. He finished his professional career in 2011. He was 39.

Ivan’s Key Career Facts

Here’s some interesting data we collated about Ivan’s life in sports:

Rodriguez was the fourth Puerto Rican who got into the hall of fame.
He made his debut in the MLB on June 20th, 1991 at just 19, having spent 2.5 years on the “farm.” He never played at Triple-A. In 1991, he finished fourth in the vote for the title Roy AL, having not received any winning place. They recognized Jeff Bagwell as a rookie in the NL.

From 1992 to 2001, he won the Gold Glove ten years in a row, repeating Johnny Bench’s achievement.

Ivan was listed six times among the nominees for MVP. Only once, in 1999, was he a real candidate for the award. In the same year, he collected 252 votes and seven first places, and, as a result, became MVP. Rodriguez took the award from Pedro Jaime Martinez.
He started his career in the foundering Texan team; they belonged to the second division. With Rodriguez, Texas first won the division selection games in 1994, 1996, 1998, and 1999. Unfortunately, it in the first stage of the playoffs, and, in all cases, the winner was the NY Yankees – it was their era, after all. Later Texas pulled a Kafka and metamorphosed from a small provincial team to known leader in the tables with worldwide recognition.
He gained the most significant successes with Florida. According to experts, after 2002 no one really believed in Rodriguez and he joined the team late. This was the beginning of the most critical adventure in Ivan’s story. Florida, after a sudden victory in WS-97, played poorly for five years.

It began the 2003 season in the usual rhythm, having received only 16 wins in 38 games. However, later it began to show an awesome turnaround, Rodriguez became its daddy and a true leader. In the 2003 season, the pinnacle of his year was to be included in the Hall of Fame. Ivan was a catcher in the decisive game between Miami and the New York Yankees in the final of WS-03.

Ivan Rodriguez and Steroid Speculations

Rodriguez was the subject of steroid rumors throughout his career. Some people always suspect that noteworthy players accept illegal med use because they do not believe that someone can be so successful without using dope.

In 2017, Rodriguez penned a book with the endearing title “They Call Me Pudge.” Jeff Sullivan was the co-author. Nolan Ryan and Jim Leyland each wrote forewords.

In the first chapter, Rodriguez, with the help of his ghostwriter, wrote that he never used anabolic steroids or other prohibited medications. He said he trained in a consistent manner and stuck to a healthcentric lifestyle instead, which kept him in perpetual blue ribbon physical shape.

Some believe Ivan’s claims in his text, and some don’t. This is because many athletes use steroids but tell everyone they are clean. It’s known that such substances are illegal, therefore they don’t want to turn themselves in unnecessarily.

Ivan Rodriguez’s Possible Steroid Cycle

We have no evidence that Ivan Rodriguez ever resorted to steroids. But if we had to hazard a guess as to a possible steroid cycle, we’d include these drugs:

  • Trenbolone acetate. Perhaps he used this medication in the tablet form since the oral option is quickly excreted from the body. This allows players to bypass anti-doping tests. Acetate is the most common type of Trenbolone. This ether is characterized by a minimum period of validity. The active component enters the blood, gradually splitting off. The high frequency of injection schedules is because of the short half-life, which may not be very convenient for beginners. Acetate administration is restricted to a dose of 50 to 100 ml every other day.
  • Testosterone. Potentially testosterone propionate, which belongs to a grouping of prohibited medications often used by both novices and professionals alike. Test prop is one of the most popular remedies utilized in bodybuilding. It promotes a rapid gain of muscle mass and increased strength. Because of some pharmacological features, it’s also used during cutting. It’s a testosterone ester.
  • Deca Durabolin. It’s no secret that the nandrolone decanoate is known among bodybuilders as Deca. It’s an enduring and highly demanded preparation, which has not lost its relevance. It’s very effective, especially if you need to gain desirable musculature. It features a high duration of action and is applicable in prolonged cycles. The effect of the med begins only two weeks after the start of the course. It gives the following useful effects: a noticeable enlargement of muscles; an anabolic index hitting 150 percent of testosterone; slight aromatization impacts; minimal androgenic activities which aren’t over thirty percent (30%) of testosterone.

This cycle of Rodriguez is our estimation after careful analysis and guesswork. We have no incontestable arguments and our opinion is grounded from statistical data based on the use of performance-enhancing drugs by other ballplayers, such as Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds.