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Steroids for Weight Loss: Best Legal and Illegal Cycles for Men and Women

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Cutting is a process that helps you get rid of hated subcutaneous fat, but if you use the wrong approach, it can deprive you of a large amount of muscle mass, which you with incredible efforts gained in the off-season. Your primary and most important task is to burn fat deposits and subcutaneous fat as much as possible. However, you need to minimize or even exclude loss of muscle mass. In this material, we will talk about weight loss steroids for men and women, which are most often used both in amateur and professional bodybuilding & are considered the best steroids.

However, you should understand that the body cutting products will not work by themselves. You need to adjust your nutrition, and adhere to the correct diet regimen during the entire cutting cycle.

Weight Loss Steroid Cycles for Cutting

Let’s examine steroids that can be used for the composition of cutting cycles. Stanozolol is the most popular med for cutting the body in beginners. Its popularity is largely due to a fairly low price and the lack of side effects both during the cycle and after it. The peculiarity of stanozolol is that it effectively removes excess water from the body, making the muscles more definite. The medication increases anabolic processes in the body, minimizing loss of muscle mass on a low-carbohydrate diet.

Beginners use stanozolol solo, and more experienced athletes combine stanozolol with other drugs, thus achieving synergy in the work of two or more drugs. Dosages of stanozolol for cutting are varied: the starting dosage of the drug starts from 40 mg per day and can reach 100 mg when used byexperienced athletes. The duration of such a weight loss steroid cycle can vary from 6 to 12 weeks.

It is important: be careful when working with large weights during training using stanozolol solo, as stanozolol “dry” the articular bags, removing fluid from them. As a result, the risk of injury may increase.

Winstrol is the name that entrenched behind stanozolol in steroid injections. In general, injectable Winstrol is used by professional athletes during preparation for performances. Winstrol in shots has some advantages over the oral version of this steroid. These include prolonged action in the body and a greater anabolic effect, however, the injections of stanozolol can be painful. Also, there may be a risk of developing abscesses, especially if your immunity is weakened. Therefore, for non-professionals, the use of this drug in injections is not justified.

The best cycle of drugs for cutting with stanozolol:

Testosterone propionate is a must have steroid, which is very important for weight loss during cutting. It is testosterone propionate, in opinion of some experts, should form the basis of any cycle aimed at burning fat. Pronounced anabolic & androgenic effects of testosterone propionate will help you not only keep the muscles you have gained, but also gain several pounds of lean mass on the cycle. Propionate is universal med and very well combined with other steroids. As we already mentioned above, the most common combination of steroids for fat loss (cutting) is testosterone propionate + stanozolol. Propionate quickly turns into work in the body, but also quickly and off. Therefore, this short testosterone ester should be administered every other day. Dosages are from 50 mg in a day, experienced athletes may use 100 mg or more.

The duration of the cycle can also be different. The shortest is a 6-week course, but you can use propionate dough for as long as you want (within reasonable limits), provided that you use gonadotropin every 6-8 weeks of the cycle, plus three weeks before the end of the cycle and the start of PCT. Gonadotropin should be included in any steroid cycle if the cycle duration is longer than 8 weeks.

The best cycles for cutting on the basis of testosterone propionate include:

  • Propionate + stanozolol;
  • Propionate + Trenbolone Acetate + stanozolol;
  • Propionate + Boldenone;
  • Propionate + Masteron + Stanozolol.

The above options for combining drugs you can take as a basis for muscle gaining cycles. Differences will only be in your diet. You can also use sports supplements, such as BCAA and weight loss pills.

Testosterone propionate is aromatized, but to a lesser extent than its long-estered “relatives” (testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate). Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of adverse effects associated with aromatization and to achieve maximum definition without water retention, it is recommended to take Anastrozole from the second week of the course.

Trenbolone acetate is the most widespread form of trenbolone in bodybuilding. This is a very powerful steroid, which is 4 times stronger than testosterone. It builds muscles, along with burning fat deposits both by itself and due to the property to increase the production of growth hormone by the body by 2 and more times. It is very effective on cutting phase. You can use trenbolone solo, but many experts do not recommend this. If you are planning to make a cycle based on trenbolone acetate, be sure to use testosterone in 1:2 ratio (1 part of trenbolone and 2 parts of test).

Effective dosages of trenbolone acetate begin with 50 mg every day, or 100 mg every other day. Trenbolone acetate can raise the level of prolactin in the body, which causes side effects, which are featured by steroids with the ability to aromatize, such as gynecomastia, fluid retention in tissues. It is also possible that the libido may decrease during the cycle and after the cycle of trenbolone. To prevent this, buy Cabergoline and take it according to instructions supplied with the package.

In addition, the use of a prolactin inhibitor will help you gain a more definite musculature. In addition, it should be noted that if you decide to build your cycle with trenbolone, you should use Clomid for PCT. Tamoxifen is usually not recommended.

Masteron (Drostanolone propionate) is an effective and safe substitute for injectable stanozolol on any cycles aimed at cutting or muscle mass gaining. This is a powerful androgen and aromatase inhibitor that does not retain water and does not cause estrogen-like side effects. On the contrary, masteron propionate is a diuretic and removes excess fluid from the muscles, making them ripped. It has a fat burning effect, which in combination with the proper diet, allows you to reduce fat mass by 5-7% per solo cycle.

The best steroid cycles based on masteron propionate include:

  • Masteron + Testosterone Propionate + Stanozolol;
  • Masteron + Stanozolol;
  • Masteron + Oxandrolone;
  • Masteron + Turinabol;
  • Masteron + Boldenone.

Effective dosages of masteron solo are 100 mg per day. The use of aromatase inhibitors is not required.

Turinabol – Best Steroid for Weight Loss

Turinabol is often considered the best steroid for weight loss. This remedy is one of the top medications among tableted anabolic steroids. It is very effective on cutting phase. It does not retain water in muscles, doesn’t aromatize and does not cause undesirable effects associated with aromatization (gynecomastia, increased blood pressure, etc.). The use of Turinabol on cutting allows you to maintain strength & muscle mass. Adhering to a proper diet, you can add a few kilograms (pounds) of lean muscle mass and increase your power.

The dosage of Turinabol solo, both for cutting and mass gaining, is almost the same – 40 mg to 50 mg., It is enough to get good results.

The recommended cycle duration is 6-8 weeks. PCT therapy may include Tamoxifen and Clomid. Clomid is more expensive, but less toxic than Tamoxifen, which guarantees good health condition during PCT.

The best courses for cutting based on Turinabol:

  • Turinabol + Boldenon;
  • Turinabol + Testosterone propionate;
  • Turinabol + Masteron;
  • Turinbaol + Stanozolol;
  • Turinabol + Trenbolone acetate.

What About Steroids for Women’s Weight Loss?

What steroids do female persons use? The seven best steroids for women (or non-steroid performance-improving drugs) are perceived to be:

These steroids for women’s weight loss have pronounced effects. However, their use is associated with the risk of serious side effects, which may be irreversible (we mean masculinization).

Let’s consider one example. Oxandrolone (Anavar) can be called a steroid for female cutting. It is a very mild steroid, with almost no side effects, which dictates a high price for it. The main effect of oxandrolone is its ability to burn fat and enhance rates of HGH in the organism. It provides better definition and stiffness of muscles. For women, the dosage of oxandrolone for cutting is 10-20 mg.

For men, the appropriate dosage should be 50 mg or more per day. The cycle on the basis of this steroid lasts at least 6 weeks. There is an opinion that PCT should not be carried out because oxandrolone is a weak steroid. This is not true, since any steroid depresses the production of one’s own testosterone, therefore, we recommend to do PCT after any cycle.

The Bottom Line on Weight Loss Steroids for Men & Women

Steroids for weight loss, as we already mentioned above, are primarily designed to preserve and improve the quality of our muscles on cutting phase. They shouldn’t be amortized and shouldn’t retain excess liquid. The key factor, without which it is impossible to burn fat is a diet, proper training and rest are also very important factors. Even the best steroid for weight loss will not work if you do not eat, train and rest properly.

You can find steroids for weight loss for sale in many online pharmacies and shops. However, these pharmacies / shops very often offer counterfeited illegal steroids, so be very careful. Legal steroids are unavailable for use in sports (except for steroids in Mexico, because this country has legalized OTC anabolics).