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Steroids for Weight Loss: Best Legal and Illegal Cycles for Men and Women

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Cutting is the process that literally slices fat but, deploy the wrong approach, and it can wipe out your precious hard-won musculature at a stroke. Admittedly, it’s tough to muster the strength and patience to really burn fat however, it is essential you minimize or even totally eliminate muscles burn. Let’s review ‘go to’ weight loss steroids for both genders, frequently used in bodybuilding & deemed the premium steroids.

First, understand that body cutting products don’t work without dietary modifications and proper workouts.

Weight Loss Steroid cycles for Cutting

Let’s examine steroids for cutting cycles. Stanozolol is the most popular choice for new athletes. Its popularity revolves largely around bargain pricing plus the paucity of “sides” both during the cycle and afterwards. It effectively eliminates excess fluid, promoting muscle definition. It enhances anabolism, minimizing loss of musculature on a low-carbohydrate diet.

Beginners use stanozolol solo whilst more experienced athletes favour multidrug combos, thus achieving synergism in their regimen. Dosages vary: the opening amount is 40 mg per day and can rise to 0.1 g for experienced players. Optimum weight loss steroid cycle can range from six weeks to three months.

Note: be careful when working with large weights during training and using stanozolol solo, as stanozolol “dries” the articular bags, removing fluid. As a consequence, the risk of injury is heightened.

Winstrol is an entrenched name in steroid injections. Generally, injectable Winstrol is used by professional muscle builders during performance preparation. Winstrol in shots retains some advantages over the oral version, namely prolonged action and better stimulation of anabolism. However, the injections of stanozolol can cause considerable pain. Also, there may is a risk of developing abscesses, especially with lowered immunity. Hence, for amateurs, the use of this drug in injection format is neither justified nor recommended.

The best cycle of cutting drugs with stanozolol include:

Testosterone propionate is a must have steroid for weight loss during cutting. Some specialists deem it should form the basis of any cycle aimed at burning fat. Its effects keep biceps, triceps, traps, and back muscles in trim but also add several pounds of lean mass. Propionate is characterized by universality and combines well with other anabolics. The most popular combination of steroids for fat loss (cutting) is test prop plus stanozolol. It works rapidly and is swiftly discharged from the system. Follow this scheme: day 1 – take, day 2 – break, day -3 take, etc. Dosages are from 50 mg/day. Elite sportsmen may safely double this dose.

The duration of the cycle has different variants. The shortest feasible length is six weeks but theoretically, you can continue with propionate indefinitely (within reason) providing you add gonadotropin to your stack roughly every 6-8 weeks plus three weeks prior to completion and before and the commencement PCT. Gonadotropin should be included in any steroid cycle if it endures for longer than 8 weeks.

The best (modifiable) “toolsets” for cutting based on testosterone propionate include:

  • Propionate + stanozolol;
  • Propionate + Trenbolone Acetate + stanozolol;
  • Propionate + boldenone;
  • Propionate + Masteron + Stanozolol.

The above options are the perfect basis for muscle gaining cycles. Adjust your diet and you can also use sports supplements, such as bcaa and weight loss pills.

Testosterone propionate is aromatized, but to a lesser extent than its long-estered “relatives” (testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate). Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of adverse effects associated with aromatization and to achieve maximum definition without water retention, take anastrozole from the second week of the timetable.

Trenbolone acetate is the most widespread form of trenbolone in the bodybuilding industry. A hugely powerful steroid, it weighs in at four times the potency of testosterone. It builds muscles, along with burning fat deposits and is highly efficacious during the cutting phase. You can use trenbolone solo, but experts do not recommend this. If you are planning a cycle based on trenbolone acetate, be sure to use testosterone in a ratio of 1:2 (1 part of trenbolone and 2 parts of test).

Effective dosages of trenbolone acetate begin with 50 mg every day, or 100 mg every other day. Trenbolone acetate can raise the level of prolactin in the body leading to the much-touted side effects, a common feature and well-publicised downside of steroids with the ability to aromatize, such as gynecomastia and fluid retention. Libido and sex drive may decrease. Plan your prevention measures, order cabergoline and take it according to the packaged instructions.

Furthermore, the use of a prolactin inhibitor will support your quest for a more definite musculature. Be aware that opting for trenbolone means you should use clomid for PCT. Tamoxifen is not usually advisable.

Masteron (drostanolone propionate) is an effective and safe substitute for stanozolol injectant on cycles aimed at cutting or bulking. This is a powerful androgen and aromatase inhibitor that does not retain water or promote estrogen-like side effects. By contrast, masteron propionate is a diuretic, removing excess fluid from the muscles and producing that ripped Greek God physique you have always dreamed of. It has a fat burning effect which, in conjunction with an appropriately balanced diet, lowers fat mass by 5-7% per solo cycle.

The most winning steroid cycles based on masteron propionate (M) include:

  • M + Testosterone Propionate + Stano;
  • M + Stano;
  • M + oxandrolone.

Effective solo dosages are 100 mg daily. Aromatase inhibitors are not required.

Turinabol – Best Steroid for Weight Loss

Turinabol is rated the best steroid for weight loss, one of the top medications amongst anabolic steroids in tablet form. It is very effective during the cutting phase, avoiding water retention and aromatizing which equals zero unpleasant side effects – gynecomastia or hypertension. Turinabol maintains strength and muscle mass. By adhering to a nutritionally correct diet, you can add a few extra kilograms of lean muscle mass, considerably enhancing your power and endurance. The dosage for both cutting and gaining mass is identical – 40mg to 50mg. Recommended duration of the cycle is anywhere from six to eight weeks. Select Tamoxifen and Clomid for your PCT therapy. Clomid is more pricey, but less toxic than Tamoxifen.

The best “courses” for cutting based on Turinabol are:

  • Turinabol + boldenon;
  • Turinabol + Test propionate;
  • Turinabol + Masteron;
  • Turinbaol + Stanozolol;
  • Turinabol + Trenbolone acetate.

What About Steroids for Women’s Weight Loss?

What steroids do the ladies use? The seven best steroids for women (or non-steroid performance-improving drugs) are reckoned to be:

These steroids for weight loss in ladies have pronounced and impactful actions but they are all associated with the risk of serious and irreversible side effects, i.e. masculinization.

After experiencing the drawbacks and aftermath of these substances, some athletes take a vow of “steroid celibacy”, while others remain firmly committed to this practice. One example. Oxandrolone (Anavar), a steroid for female cutting is very mild and with negligible side effects, hence the premium price. The main effect of oxandrolone is its ability to burn fat and enhance rates of HGH. It provides better definition and tautness of muscles. For women, the correct dosage is 10-20 mg.

For men, the appropriate dosage is a minimum of 50 mg daily which lasts at least 6 weeks. Opinion and ill-informed commentary suggest that PCT is unrequired because oxandrolone is a weak steroid; this viewpoint is both ignorant and invalid as any steroid depresses the production of testosterone. Disregard this as we recommend PCT after any cycle.

The Bottom Line on Weight Loss Steroids for Men & Women

Steroids for weight loss are primarily designed to preserve and improve the quality of muscles during the cutting phase. Avoid those which are estrogen-convertible or estrogenic, and have water-retaining abilities. There is no magic bullet, however. The success of cutting ultimately rests on correct nutritional support, dedicated workouts and rest periods. Even the premier steroid for weight loss will not work if you do not eat, train and have proper down time.

Steroids for weight loss are on offer in countless online pharmacies and stores, the upside of the modern digital age. Rather worryingly, these chemists and internet shops frequently are not what they appear, often acting without legitimate authority, even using manipulation and deception to inveigle customers. Horror stories abound of illegal and bogus medications, at best, placebos or plain vitamin pills and at worst, contaminated and downright dangerous products. Steer clear. Common tactics are alluring discounts, enticing gimmicks and false claims and peer reviews which earn these unscrupulous fraudsters a whole pile of dough. Don’t be deceived by lures of pharmaceutical support service to advise and guide you: these are false, usually non-working or operated by a chat bot proving unhelpful misinformation and unintelligible responses to your genuine enquiries. An absence of a stated physical address and telephone number are key indicators of fraud and rogue trading.

Legal steroids are unavailable for sports (except for steroids in Mexico, because this country has legalized otc anabolics).

Disclaimer. We aren’t sure of the ramifications of “juicing”. Don’t act irresponsibly.