Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on steroids: the real movies star story about forbidden drugs!

Dwayne Johnson is, in many ways, Arnold Schwarzenegger successor to the role of cinema bodybuilder. In 2013, he earned over 1.3 billion dollars from his movies. One popular film is “The Fast and the Furious 6” the sixth installment in the miraculously enduring franchise combining hard men, babes, and fast cars. Opium for the masses perhaps, but Johnson certainly made bank from it.

His body makes people question whether those arms and that torso are maintained without support or if gear lends a helping hand. After all, synthetic and natural steroids are just as popular as our hero, a man born in 1972. Now pushing 50, does Johnson get some steroidal assistance?

About the Man and Some Comparison With the Legend

At 196 cm and weighing in at 114 kilograms, Johnson’s imposing physique led to his interesting nickname “The Rock” And his appearance can genuinely be compared with that. Physically, he looks a lot like Arny, a man who started the craze for uber muscular movie stars. There are other ways the men are comparable too. When faced with questions about bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids or juice use, Johnson prefers to ignore or divert the interviewer’s attention, just like Arnold did.

However, one interesting facet to his whole biography is that confessed to steroid use when young, before he became popular and received roles in movies. He explains away this period by stating that he was just toying with meds and trying to understand what works for him and his body. Today, his position is that all kinds of steroids (even popular Nolvadex) can’t bring him any advantages.

Schwarzenegger also confirmed he has used drugs to craft his shape (equipoise perhaps?) during his first competitions. Arnie notes that he stopped all steroids right after he finished his professional sports career.

It sounds a little too convenient to us but we have no evidence to the contrary.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on steroids

Johnson’s Drug Story

Dwayne Johnson told reporters that steroids appeared in his life as an older teenager after celebrating his eighteenth birthday. The year was 1991 and the teen was part of a special sports program for students. He denied utilizing chemical support during preparations for any of his films.

Johnson, just like his grandfather Peter “High Chief” Fanene Maivia and his dad Rocky Johnson, was a pro wrestler. Wrestling required that his body was the perfect death machine, both for the demands of the sport and for the spectacle the crowd tunes in for.

Is it naive to believe that retaining such conditioning is possible without a special “diet” inclusive of steroids?

We can’t offer evidence, but we know Johnson spoke about his pharmacological experimentations while at college. Hanging out with the football team, they decided to try steroids. After a brief interlude involving drugs, they found nothing had changed with their bodies or stamina and decided to forget about ‘roids continue fighting the honest fight.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on steroids

Get Ripped on the “Dwayne Johnson” Cycle

Disclaimer: This is not documented or attributed to Johnson, but many internet users believe that if Johnson were juicing, this is how he would do it.

The cycle comprises 16 days. Each week involves portions and quantities of:

  • Testosterone propionate 450mg
  • Primobolan 400 mg
  • Masteron 300 mg

No one wants to live with the title of “steroid man” that’s why all celebrities hide their attractions to forbidden medications. Even in cases where whole careers were built with the help of drugs, it’s silly to wait for divulgence because it won’t come. Remember, it could utterly destroy their good name and popularity.

In Dwayne’s case, he also wants to be an unblemished role model for his daughters Simone Alexandra Johnson, Jasmine Johnson, and Tiana Gia Johnson.

Is Johnson Growing?

Paparazzi have found that every year, Dwayne Johnson demonstrates increased muscle volume. The thing is, he’s not a young bloke and people should understand that age brings its own opportunities regards changes to shape. Maybe Johnson has bulked up with middle-aged spread which he’s then revamped into muscle?

In this situation, it’s easy to guess that without additional stimulation it’s impossible to reach these results. In comparisons with earlier pictures, it’s a breeze to find differences. For example, his veins now bulge. Such an effect is oft seen on people who prefer to use hormonal stimulators, which have an influence on muscle repair processes.

Many jokes exist about Johnson and his unaccountable growth spurts. People expect that after some years all that will be left if muscles, with no discernable signs of intellect.

Joking aside, this person has a prodigious body and even if he engaged in some side doping, he spent a plenteous amount of time at the gym. Without hardcore physical activity, it’s impossible to get his shape.

Dwayne Johnson is an admirable bodybuilder and star, irrespective of speculations that he uses steroids, it’s important to respect both his talent and willpower. Maybe someday he will spill the whole truth about his training efforts and real support.

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