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Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) on steroids: the real movies star story about forbidden drugs!

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It is important to say that Dwayne Johnson now is a kind of Arnold Schwarzenegger successor at the post of the popular bodybuilder in the cinema. For example, in the 2013 year, he earned more than 1.3 bln dollars on his movies. One of the most popular films is ‘The Fast and the Furious 6’. Anyway, his body makes people questioning because it is not easy to find someone who believes that it is possible to get such amazing muscles without support. The theme about natural steroids is popular just like our hero. So, let us explain this theme and maybe find the recipe for his body’s success.

About person and little comparison with the legend

His length is about 196 cm and weight – 114. It brought him an interesting nickname – ‘The Rock’. His appearance obviously can be compared with that. Actually, he looks like the real culturist, just like Arny, and it is not the only one reason for this comparison. All questions about bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids he prefers to ignore or to answer just like Arnold did that.

The main interesting fact from his whole biography is that he confessed to steroids use. He said that is was when he was young. It was before he turned popular and got first roles in the movies. Anyway, he explains it now in a special way – that it was just a try to understand what is good for him. By the way, his actual position is that all kinds of steroids (even popular Nolvadex etc.) can’t bring any advantages. For example, Schwarzenegger confessed that he used drugs which were directed to equipoise his shape. It was during his first competitions and it was necessary to get the perfect shape before them.

Another one Arny’s confess was about the thing that he decided to stop all steroids use right after he finished professional career in sport. It is not easy to believe in such kind of confession, but anyway, we don’t have any pieces of evidence that his words are not the truth.

About drugs

Dwayne Johnson told that steroids appeared in his life right after he celebrated 18th birthday. That was in the 1991 year when he took a part in a special sports program for students at the popular team of the national association. At the same time, he denied that any kind of support was during his preparations for all important movies.

There was one more interesting episode in his life – he was a wrestler. It means that:

– his body should be perfect, like a death machine;

– it was important to keep the relief and people are not so naïve to believe that such condition is possible to keep without any special diet with steroids.

We can’t offer any pieces of evidence, but tries to make people believe that steroids brought into his life effect which could be compared with the fake tan makes think about one thing – in case if steroids avoid his life, why did he try to make people believe in it so insistently?! It looks like tries to excuse the situation. In some interviews, he noted that steroids can’t work in this case and even in case if he will decide to use them, nothing will be changed.

During one of the most interesting interviews about drugs, he told about his experience of pharmacology use at college. This story was about a football team when he with his friends from the team was trying to use steroids. After some tries, they found that nothing has been changed. So, young guys decided to forget about this try and continue their honest fight.

Popular Dwayne Johnson cycle

Now we can present to you important part of this article which has the connection with guesses about the real Dwayne Johnson cycle of steroids. The thing is that at the same time, when this person in all interview is trying to make people believe that his body is the result of hard trains, it is easy to find in the internet one of the most popular cycles about steroids use and it has Dwayne Johnson’s name.

So, the main idea is that cycle consists of 16 days. Every week it is important to use:

Testosterone propionate – 450mg;

Primobolan – 400 mg;

Masteron – 300 mg.

These portions are for one week.

Of course, no one could guarantee that it is his real cycle, but it is interesting to see the reaction of people to it.

Of course, no one wants to live with the title of steroid-man and that is why all celebrities are trying to hide their attractions to forbidden drugs. Even in case if the whole career was built with the help of some drugs, it is silly to wait for confession, because it can destroy their good name and popularity.

The Rock is growing

There is another one interesting fact – paparazzi found that every year Dwayne Johnson demonstrate increased muscle volume. The thing is that he is already not a young boy and people should understand that age brings own changes into the opportunities of shape supporting. In this situation, it is easy to guess that without additional stimulation it is impossible to reach the equal result. In comparison with the last year’s pictures, it is easy to find differences. For example, his veins now more bulging. Such effect is possible to find on the bodies of people who prefer to use some hormonal stimulators which have the influence on the muscle repairing. They bring more result in case if even the train’s quantity will not be increased. The side effect is relief with veins. It is already a kind of sign that this person uses something forbidden and it is not easy to deny the real facts. There already appeared many jokes about “The Rock” and his possible growth. People expect that after some years it will be possible to find the real rock of muscles without any signs of intellect. Anyway, this person has an amazing body and we shouldn’t understand that even in case if he used drugs, he definitely spent a lot of time at the gym, because without physical activity it is impossible to get this shape.

So, as you can see, Dwayne Johnson is the real rock and regardless of guesses that he uses steroids, it is important to respect his talent and willpower. Maybe someday he will say the whole truth about his trains and real support.