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Cardarine for Sale Online: Dosage, Reviews, Before and After Results, Side Effects.

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Many people try steroids for fat loss. However, there are some other medications that may be successfully used for cutting. Cardarine is one of these medications. In this article, we will tell you all you should know about this powerful drug and its use in sports.

What Is Cardarine?

Cardarine (code name GW501516) is a drug aimed at increasing endurance. It may be incorrectly named as a SARM drug. Cardarine was developed in 1990 for the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. According to modern studies, Cardarine is a fairly potent agonist of PPARδ. In addition, a two-year study in humans proved that the component does not cause cancer and is relatively safe for health. This caused its use by athletes for sporting purposes. Taking GW501516, you can get rid of excess fat and make the body hardier. The medication really improves athletic performance, helping muscles to work tirelessly.

History of Cardarine Usage in Sports

In 2008, before the Olympic Games in Beijing, there were fears that athletes could use the GW501516 as a performance-enhancing drug that increases the endurance of an athlete. At that time, this medication was not controlled by the rules and wasn’t determined by standard doping tests. One of the researchers developed a urine test to detect this drug and provided it to the International Olympic Committee. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which fought against the use of illegal steroids and PEDs in sports, has also developed a test for GW501516 and other related PPARδ agonists and added these substances to the banned list in 2009. In 2012, WADA reclassified the GW501516 from the haemolysed compound into “hormonal and metabolic modulator”. In 2013, WADA officially warned potential users of this compound about possible dangerous health risks, saying that “clinical approval is not granted and will not be granted for this substance.” Despite all the warnings and potential dangers of Cardarine, the cases of a failed doping text on GW501516 became more frequent. For example, at Vuelta Ciclista in Costa Rica in December 2012, four riders showed GW501516 positive doping test. Three of them were penalized and received two-year suspension, and the fourth one got 12 year-suspension, as this failed doping test was his second offense.

Proper Dosage of Cardarine in Sports

Due to a half-life of about 20-24 hours, it is recommended to take the drug once a day. If an athlete uses increased dosage (20 mg per day and more), two servings of Cardarine may be used every 10-12 hours. One should take the medication on an empty stomach, in the morning after sleep, as well as in the evening before bedtime.

Cardarine Users’ Reviews

At the moment, there are not many reviews about Cardarine use in sports, which is explained by the low availability of the drug in the market of sports pharmacology (mostly due to the complexity of production), high price and widespread counterfeits. But, in general, users’ testimonials are quite positive. We’ve found two detailed reviews about this drug:

  • “I went through only half of Cardarine cycle, I did not mix it with other drugs to better feel the effect. What I can say, so far 3% has gone, which makes me very happy. Also my body became more vascularized, although it is not the fact that it is a merit of the drug. My feelings are as follows: in terms of vivacity, everything is perfect, now I’m on the peak of a low-calorie diet and do not feel drowsiness and lethargy, as it used to be. I feel good in training, as if I used a light pre-exercise drink.”
  • “I’ve bought Cardarine, not for the sake of losing weight, but for energy, although it would never be superfluous to cut the body. In CrossFit, the drug proved to be perfect, in some workouts I managed to improve my results and move from the dead point. Resistance trainings also became much more vigorous, especially intensive EMOMs. Cardarin significantly improve performance during EMOMs. I can summarize that Cardarine is a good thing, but performing athletes should be very careful with doping control.” (You might be interested in steroids in CrossFit.)

Cardarine Before and After Results

People who have used Cardarine say it provides the following beneficial effects:

  • Increased stamina. Cardarine has been banned for professional athletes because it gives an unfair advantage in terms of power endurance and additional energy generation. The substance causes a steady increase in endurance. People who use cardarin are convinced that it works well. A typical dosage showing the effect of increasing muscle endurance is 10-20 mg per day (we mentioned this above).
  • Weight loss and excess fat burning. These effects are observed due to increased lipolysis. Cardarine can be taken along with classic fat burners to reduce weight.
  • Anticatabolic effect. Many individuals who used the product, confirm the effective anti-catabolic effect of Cardarine. To keep more muscle mass, a dosage of about 20 mg per day can be used. It allows to get much better results and recover faster after your workout.
  • Increased contractility of muscle fibers. Thanks to this, the medication is used during high-intensity training. By the way, scientists say that high-intensity training better burns fat than conventional cardio.
  • Cardarine may be combined with all SARMs. This allows us to increase the anabolic effect.

As you can see, Cardarine before and after results are great. However, the use of this medication may be associated with severe side effects.

Possible Side Effects of Cardarine

According to Evolutionary website, Cardarine is virtually side effect free. However, in 2007, studies showed carcinogenic effects of the compound in rats and cell cultures. However, the Holly E. Hollingshead study (2007) reported that GW1516 did not stimulate the proliferation of human cancer cells, but many believe that the data from this study are not a reliable refutation of the carcinogenic effect in humans.

Use of Cardarine in Combination with Other Drugs

We should understand that Cardarine has become popular not only because of its effectiveness, but also due to the ideal synergy with many other performance-enhancing drugs. Moreover, experts who claim that it combines with almost all sports supplements (like BCAA) and drugs are often right. The medication it is suitable for combining with anabolic steroids, which can cause water retention. Even if you use creatine supplements, Cardarine not only significantly improves the quality of training, but also avoid excessive water retention (possible side effect of creatine). As a result, your muscle mass will be more rigid and lean.

Here is an example of steroid cycle with Cardarine:

  • Dianabol (30 mg / day);
  • Cardarine (20 mg / day);
  • Aromasin (or other aromatase inhibitors, which are also known as PCT steroids).

Thus, Cardarine is a promising drug that is used in various sports for the purpose of burning excess fat and rapid cutting. However, it should be noted that the safety of its use in sports has not been sufficiently studied by scientists. Therefore, some of its side effects may not be entirely predictable.

Where to Buy Cardarine for Sale Online?

I can find Cardarine for sale in various sports supplement stores and drugstores. It should be noted that this drug is usually offered illegally. It doesn’t mean that you will buy counterfeited drug anyway, but in many cases, illegal suppliers sell fake versions of the medication. So be careful and check website and reviews about it before purchasing Cardarine online.