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Best natural steroid alternatives that really work – the comprehensive list.

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Many professional athletes use anabolic steroids, such as Nandrolone. However, many do not want to risk their health and choose natural alternatives to steroids. Below we will tell you about these alternatives.

Anabolic steroid alternatives – what they are?

With the advent of sports pharmacology, steroid anabolics and other “chemicals”, all athletes were divided into 2 groups: “steroid users” and “natural athletes”. Athletes from the first group use drugs of chemical origin o accelerate the achievement of athletic performance. Athletes of the second type use only their natural genetic potential, eat regular food and may use anabolic steroid alternatives. Some people use homeopathic remedies, but the effectiveness of homeopathy is not supported by official medicine.

The list of safe steroid alternatives that work

1. Vitamins and minerals. For several decades, disputes have been going on about whether a person needs an additional source of vitamins in the form of tablets or we are quite satisfied with the amount of useful substances that we get from meat, vegetables, and fruits. It is not possible to answer this question clearly. But, as is known, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Ordinary people, infinitely far from sports, can theoretically have enough vitamins, which are contained in food. But athletes need higher doses of vitamins. Therefore, vitamins in the form of tablets and injections will always be important for sportsmen. The assortment of complex vitamins for active people is incredibly wide now.

2. Protein. The intake of additional protein in the form of special cocktails is the cornerstone of modern bodybuilding. Athletes need several times more protein than average people. The necessary amount of protein for athletes is 2.5 g per 1 kg of body weight. Eating this amount of protein is complicated. But sports nutrition can help you. A couple of portions of protein cocktail per day will enrich your daily diet with the right amount of amino acids. But do not forget about ordinary food. Balanced nutrition is also a basic premise of muscle growth.

3. Amino acids. The use of amino acids in free form as a food supplement is very often criticized by many “experts”. The main argument of opponents of additional amino acid intake is the thesis that people need only those aminos, which are contained in ordinary food. However, amino acids in free form have many advantages over amino acids contained in dietary protein. The most important amino acids (in terms of bodybuilding and recovery) are BCAA and glutamine. These essential (BCAA) and semi-essential (glutamine) amino acids can be considered as a kind of foundation on which you can create a perfect & strong body. A feature of their application is that they should be taken before and immediately after training (or during training). Only this dosing regimen allows athletes to get the maximum benefit from amino acids.

4. Creatine. This is perhaps one of the most popular dietary supplements among natural athletes. There are a lot of supps with creatine on the sports nutrition market. And every year their number doubles. New products with this miracle molecule constantly appear. The excitement around creatine is simply explained: it really works, though not for all athletes. Approximately half of athletes do not experience any changes when using creatine, i.e. there is no growth in strength and progress in the mass gaining. If you are not afraid of this bad statistics and still decided to buy creatine, it is recommended to choose a new alternative version of the creatine with transport system, which allows the substance to reach muscles faster.

5. Ecdistenum. It is a natural compound of the steroid structure, derived from the roots and Maral root. The introduction of Maral root extract into the body enhances protein-synthetic processes, promotes the accumulation of protein in muscles, liver, heart and kidneys. Physical endurance and mental capacity for work are greatly improved. With long-term use of Maral root, a gradual expansion of the vascular bed occurs and, as a consequence, the general circulation of blood improves. Maral root is an effective but expensive supplement, if it is taken in the right quantities. Working dosage is from 50mg to 1000mg a day (such a wide range of recommended dosages of the drug is explained by the fact that many athletes do not react in any way to small, therapeutic amounts of Maral root; high doses give a good effect to anyone).

6. Rhodiola Rosea (Golden Root). Pharmacological effects of the herb are possible due to the content of such substances as rhodopsin. In some countries, these substances are produced in pure form. A distinctive feature of the golden root is the powerful action in relation to muscle tissue. The herb increases muscle strength and strength endurance. The activity of contractile proteins of actin and myosin increases due to Golden root’s effect. Also, Rhodiola Rosea has a stimulating effect.

7. Tribulus. This substance is derived from a plant called goat’s-head. It works as a stimulator for the production of the body’s own testosterone. The herb has a good reputation among sportsmen. Many athletes were convinced of its effectiveness. Working dosage is 1000mg to 3000mg per day.

The best steroid alternative – Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a fruit-producing Mediterranean herb that is covered with spines. There are many sports supplements on the basis of Tribulus extract, probably the best steroid alternative.

This plant has been used in traditional and folk medicine for centuries. It was used to treat male infertility, increase strength, and eliminate depression. What is the secret of Tribulus? Modern scientists have found that this plant helps increase the level of testosterone in the body. As you know, this anabolic hormone is responsible, in particular for the growth of muscle mass and male sexual activity.

Tribulus Terrestris contains herbal substances called protodioscins. They have a positive effect on the levels of the male hormone. Indeed, studies have shown that plant extract with about 20% protodioscin provides a stable increase in testosterone by stimulating the pituitary gland. Scientists believe that this stimulation contributes to the secretion of luteinizing hormone, which, in turn, activates the production of testosterone and increases its free levels (i.e., the amount, which is not connected with the blood proteins). Also, Tribulus promotes the expansion of blood vessels and the delivery of nutrients to the muscles. It should be noted, however, that some studies have shown no significant effect of Tribulus on testosterone levels.

In addition, Tribulus has a positive effect on sexual function. First, this action is provided by increasing testosterone, and secondly, the component improves blood flow in the genital area.

Thus, Tribulus has the following useful effects:

  • improvement of muscle growth;
  • the increase of strength;
  • improvement of overall health;
  • acceleration of recovery after training;
  • normalizing the functioning of the central nervous system;
  • strengthening sexual function and healthy libido.

As you can see, Tribulus can be a great alternative to steroids pills.

Advantages & disadvantages of natural steroid alternatives

The main advantage of steroid alternatives that work lies in that they are legal in contradiction to anabolics, such as Sustanon 250 and Anavar. Also, they are fully safe and don’t cause different side effects related to deterioration in cardiovascular system functioning, the condition of the liver, and natural production of testosterone in the body. In some cases, abusing of anabolics may cause a significant decrease in the hormone production in the body and may lead to testosterone therapy using. Steroids for women can cause irreversible masculinization (development of male traits).

Unfortunately, but natural steroid alternatives cannot provide such a potent effect as real anabolic steroids can cause.