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Best HGH Injections for Sale Online: Easy Bodybuilding & Weight Loss.

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Growth hormone (HGH) is an agent which provides growth and development of children. Its artificial synthetic analogues are widespread in the sport area because of their properties, which allow to gain musculature quickly and destroy fat deposits. This article is about injectable drugs based on this amazing hormone and their effects on muscle enlargement and fat burning.

HGH Injections for Sale — Types (Trademarks) of Medications

1. Ansomone from Ankebio is a compositive analog of somatropin produced in the human body. It is a type of sterile and lyophilized Recombinant HGH formulation. The sterile, lyophilized medicine is in great request among elite sportsmen who resort to it to make muscles bigger. When using Ansomone®, the following effects are observed:

  •  adipose tissue reduction;
  • increased muscle volume;
  • minimization of injuries risk;
  • acceleration of the healing after traumas;
  • amplification of immunity;
  • alterative impact on the ligament apparatus;
  • improvement of the skin condition;
  • boosted physical and mental abilities.

The preparation exists in the powder form, which should be diluted with water for injection. The final mixture is administered subcutaneously at a dosage, selected individually. It is especially important to blend the liquid carefully to get a homogeneous solution. Ansomone has been researched, developed and independently manufactured by Anke Bio (Anhui Anke Biotechnology, China). Now this company has all the rights (including intellectual property rights) to the medicine. You can purchase the drug at the lowest price on the market: $240 per 100 IUs. It is one of the best HGH injections for bodybuilding. However, in the recent years many fake Ansomones popped up in the cyberspace.

2. Hygetropin by Hygene is a specially created product that is a complete analogue of the natural somatropin. It is based on 191 aminos. Connected in a special way, they are the same as naturally synthesized substances. It enhances metabolism at the cellular level, improving the nutrition of organs & tissues. The result is the normalization of the whole body functioning and its rapid recovery after psycho-emotional stress or exercising. The medication is available in the powder. To make the solution, you are recommended to use sterile injection or bacterial liquid. It is to prevent the penetration and multiplication of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Benzyl alcohol and sodium chloride can serve the solvent. According to the injection instructions, you should neatly dilute Hygetropin, without shaking and jiggling the bottle. You should draw 2 ml of liquid in the ampoule and wait until the drug dissolves. The drug is produced by a Chinese company called Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co. The production of Hygetropin is GMP-compliant. The costs approximately 200 dollars for 100 IUs. It is less than the Ansomone’s price, but according to reviews, Hygetropin has a slightly worse quality than Ansomone.

3. Kigtropin is a synthetic somatotropin. It has a great effect on the general body’s condition. The drug is practiced in traditional medicine and in sports industry.

It is offered in a powder, which are packed into ampoules containing 10 IU of the active agent. The Kigtropin’s is manifested in 2-3 days after the beginning of the therapy. The user experience is a visual decline in fatty layers and augmentation of musculature volume. Experts advise altering injection sites, since the preparation is characterized by both general and local impact, aimed at removing hateful fat cells. Topical influence can trigger local redness in the injection area. Kigtropin has been fabricated by Kigtropin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. since 2005. It manufactures products in strict compliance with GMP standards and norms (international documents).

4. Pharmatropin by Pharmacom Labs features strong anabolic influence. Its basic constituent is the recombinant somatropin. It facilitates the development of cells of various tissues and organs, which makes it popular in traditional& sports medicine. The medicine is produced in a white powder. It ready gor application after dissolving in novocaine. This is intermuscular infusion. The dosage is determined for each consumer individually. The price depends on the package’s size, is you want to economize, buy the whole package. Usually, 10 ampoules is enough for the entire cycle. 

Where do you get such drugs? They are available for sale online in Chinese chemist’s and apothecaries worldwide. In most countries, these drugs are illegal as they have anabolic nature and are banned in sports field. However, black market provides a profuse amount of them, which significantly appeals athletes.

Only injections of HGH are effective. HGH tablets (unlike steroids pills) are inefficacious, as their active substance breaks down in the stomach and doesn’t reach muscle tissues.

Best HGH Injections in Bodybuilding (for Buliking)

It’s estimated that individuals, engaged in persistent training regimen (3-5 times every week), sleep and rest enough, eat a sufficient amount of protein, may experience the increase of musculature for 20-30% within 4-5 months of the first HGH cycle.

The 1st HGH therapy features the most noticeable results, no subsequent course will be so fruitful. It’s connected with the following factors:

  • The organism’s response to a sharp HGH rates elevation. Over time, the ability to adapt to such rapid raise is formed.
  • After the adaptation to high-intensity loads, the body doesn’t need a further muscle enlargement.
  • Everyone reaches the peak of musculature growth within each episode of treatment, no subsequent cycle can be compared with the 1st one.

Addition intake of HGH causes less glucose oxidation by muscles, leads to fat oxidation optimizing and activates gluconeogenesis. That is why, hyperglycemia may occur immediately after the administration (this is one of the adverse effects).

Human Growth Hormone Effects — HGH Injections for Weight Loss

Benefits of HGH injections for weight loss comprise:

  1. HGH stimulates fat releasing. It ties to receptors in fatty tissue and delete fat from them in the fatty acids (FFA) form. It is a fat type, which is accessible for oxidation as an energy. At that point, FFA goes to the liver via the blood circulation system and oxidize there, transforming to ATP (chemical source of energy).
  2. GH hastens free fatty acids oxidizing, which is connected with the previous way of somatropin’s action. Oxidization is performed in the cells’ mitochondria, where fatty acids are generally brought by L-carnitine. Once these acids are in this organelle, they are annihilated and make adenosine triphosphate. Somatotropin promotes surplus pounds burning.
  3. It boosts metabolism, influencing the basal rate, the minimum quantity of calories your body burns per time unit. Somatropin can significantly increase this index.

Kim KR, Nam SY, Song Y et al. (YongDong Severance Hospital, Yonsei University, 1999) noticed that low-dose GH with caloric restriction is helpful for patients with obesity .

HGH Injections for Sale — Possible Side Effects

Similar to any synthetic substance, somatotropin is associated with negative consequences. We can distinguish the most frequent:

  • swelling;
  • abnormal arterial tension;
  • headache and migraine;
  • sore muscles;
  • hyperglycemia;
  • cardiac hypertrophy (a severe outcome of prolonged use and abuse);
  • thyroid gland work deterioration;
  • proliferation of cartilages;
  • allergic reactions.

HGH using doesn’t require post-cycle therapy with such drugs as Arimidex and Tamoxifen citrate.

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