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Best HGH Injections for sale online: Easy bodybuilding & weight loss.

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Growth hormone is an amazing substance, thanks to which children grow. Synthetic analogues of this hormone are actively used by athletes, as they help them to quickly build muscle and get rid of fat deposits. In this article, we will talk about injectable drugs based on growth hormone and their effects on muscle growth and fat burning.

HGH injections for sale – types (trademarks) of drugs

1. Ansomone is a synthetic analogue of somatropin produced in the human body. The medicament is very popular among elite sportsmen who use it to enlarge muscle mass. When using Ansomone, the following effects are observed:

  • reduction in the amount of adipose tissue;
  • increased muscle volume;
  • reduction of risk of injuries’ occurrence;
  • acceleration of the healing process after injuries;
  • increased immunity;
  • strengthening of the ligament apparatus;
  • improvement of the appearance of the skin;
  • increased physical and mental abilities.

The drug is available in the form of a powder, which should be diluted with water for injection before use. The final mixture is administered subcutaneously at an individually selected dosage. It is especially important to carefully mix the mixture to obtain a homogeneous solution. Ansomone has been researched, developed and independently manufactured by AnkeBio (China). Now this company has all the rights to the drug. You can buy the drug at the lowest price on the market: $240 per 100 IUs. It is one of the best HGH injections bodybuilding.

2. Hygetropin is a specially created medicament that is a complete analogue of the natural somatropin in the human body. It is based on 191 aminos. Connected in a special way, they are the same as naturally synthesized substances. The medicament enhances metabolism at the cellular level, improving the nutrition of organs & tissues. The result is the normalization of the work of the whole body and its rapid recovery after psychoemotional stress or exercising. The drug is available in the form of a powder for the preparation of a solution. To prepare the solution, it is recommended to use sterile water for injections, or a special bactericidal liquid, which prevents the penetration and multiplication of bacteria (it includes benzyl alcohol and sodium chloride) as the solvent. According to the injection instructions, you should dilute Hygetropin carefully neat, without shaking and shaking the bottle. You should draw 2 ml of liquid in the ampoule and wait until the drug dissolves. The medicament is produced by a Chinese company called Zhongshan Hygene Biopharm Co. The production of Hygetropin is GMP-compliant. The cost of the drug is around 200 dollars for 100 IUs. It is less than the price for the previous drug, but according to reviews, Hygetropin has a slightly worse quality than Ansomone.

3. Kigtropin is an analogue of somatotropin of synthetic origin. Being a growth hormone analogue, it has a great effect on the general condition of the body. The drug is used in traditional medicine, but in sports practice, it has also found its place.

The medicament is produced in the form of a powder packed into ampoules containing 10 IU of the active agent. The effect of Kigtropin appears 2-3 days after the start of the treatment. There is a visual decrease in the volume of fatty layers and an increase in muscle tissue volumes. Manufacturers recommend to periodically change sites of injections since the drug has not only a general effect but also local, helping to reduce fat cells. For this reason, during the use of the hormone, local redness of the tissues in the area of injections can be observed. Kigtropin has been manufacturing since 2005 by Kigtropin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which makes products according to GMP standards (international standards).

4. Pharmatropin is a drug with a strong anabolic effect. The main component of the medicament is the recombinant somatropin. The agent helps to enhance the growth of cells of tissues and organs. Thanks to this, it is used both in traditional medicine & in sports medicine. It is especially popular among sportsmen who need to decrease body fat and increase muscle volumes.

Pharmatropin is available as a white powder, which must be dissolved in novocaine before use. It is injected into the body with the help of injections in an individually selected dosage. The price of Pharmatropin depends on the size of the package. As a rule, 10 ampoules per package are purchased for the cycle. Naturally, the cost of the drug, in this case, will be slightly less than when buying the piece.

Where do you get such drugs? They are available for sale online in Chinese pharmacies, and drug stores/sports drug stores based in other countries. It should be noted that in most countries these drugs are illegal as they have anabolic nature and are prohibited from use in sports. However, they are very popular on the black market and many athletes use them.

It should also be noted that HGH drugs are effective only when using in injectable form. HGH tablets (unlike steroids pills) are ineffective, as their active substance breaks down in the stomach and does not reach muscle tissues.

Human growth hormone effects – best HGH injections bodybuilding (for muscle growth)

According to estimates, healthy and trained subjects (training 3-5 times a week), who use growth hormone for the first time, while sleeping at least 7 hours a day, and eating enough protein, may expect 20-30% increase in muscle mass growth within 4-5 months.

The 1st cycle of HGH use is always the most effective, no subsequent cycle will have such an anabolic action as the 1st one. It is caused by the following factors:

– The reaction of the organism to a sharp increase in the rates of HGH. Over time, the body develops the ability to adapt to sharp increases in the hormone levels.
– The body has adapted to high-intensity trainings, and it does not require a larger muscle increase.
– In case of intake of somatropin for muscle building, everyone reaches their level (his personal record) during each cycle of somatropin, but compared with the 1st significant increase in muscle volume, this growth is not so noticeable, so the result isn’t impressive.

Administration of HGH leads to reduced intake and oxidation of glucose by muscles, increasing fat oxidation and activating gluconeogenesis. As a result, immediately after the injection of HGH, hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar rates) may develop, which is one of the adverse effects of the drug.

Human growth hormone effects – HGH injections for weight loss

HGH injections for weight loss benefits include:

1. HGH stimulates fat releasing. HGH ties to receptors in fatty tissue and removes fat from them in form of fatty acids (FFA). It is a type of fat, which is accessible for oxidation as an energy. At that point, FFA goes to the liver via the blood circulation system and oxidize there, transforming to ATP (chemical source of energy for the whole body).

2. HGH accelerates free fatty acids oxidizing. This result is connected with the previous way of somatropin’s action. Oxidizing is performed in mitochondria of cells, where fatty acids are often brought by L-carnitine. Once these acids are in mitochondria, they are destroyed and make adenosine triphosphate. Somatotropin accelerates and promotes this way of fat burning.

3. Somatropin improves metabolism. This result is associated with basal rate, the minimum quantity of calories your body burns per time unit. Somatropin can significantly increase basal metabolic rate.

HGH injections for sale – possible side effects

Despite a large number of positive effects, it should be noted that, like any synthetic drug, somatotropin has side effects. So, among the frequent side effects of HGH injections for sale, we can distinguish the following ones:

  • Swelling;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Migraine;
  • Weakness in the muscles;
  • Increased blood sugar (hyperglycemia);
  • Cardiac hypertrophy (occurs only in case of prolonged use of the hormone in high dosages);
  • Deterioration of the thyroid gland work;
  • Proliferation of cartilaginous tissue;
  • Allergic reactions at the site of injection.

It’s worth noting that HGH using doesn’t require post-cycle therapy with such drugs as Arimidex and Tamoxifen citrate.

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