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Testosterone Propionate for sale: wiki-like review, cycle and dosage.

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Professional bodybuilders striving to build muscle mass, know that it is problematic to achieve the desired muscle definition without special means.

Testosterone propionate for sale is one of the most popular drugs in bodybuilding. It is used mainly during the cutting phase to minimize muscle loss.

However, in some situations, the medicament is prescribed for medical conditions. This remedy contains testosterone and propionic acid ester.

Testosterone propionate wiki like overview

The medication provides an androgenic action on the body of a man. It induces the process of developing and functioning of the prostate, the penis, testicles, and vesicular glands. Moreover, the administration of the hormone leads to the appearance of secondary sex signs: the voice changes and the hair-covering characteristic for men appears.

The substance is involved in the creation of men sexual behavior and the development of the body type. It enhances production of spermatozoa, increases libido and enhances erectile function.
Athletes are more interested in the anabolic action of the medicament: it improves muscle protein formation, suppresses the fat deposition process, promotes the retention of the substances necessary for protein biosynthesis (K, S, and P) in the male body.

According to reviews, during its administration, reactions of calcium accumulation inside the bone tissue are intensified and the process of building muscle mass is stimulated. When the intake of protein is sufficient, the synthesis of hematopoietin (an important hormone secreted by kidneys) in the body is enhanced.

Also, the medicament decreases the formation of FSH and prolactin. It is a direct antagonist of estrogens (women hormonal substances). According to the testosterone propionate wiki page, women are prescribed it for treating hormone-dependent tumors, for instance, breast cancer.

Indications for testosterone propionate use

For medical purposes, the drug is prescribed in such cases (for men as well as for women):

  • as a substitute therapy for Kallmann syndrome and male hypogonadism (primary & secondary);
  • impotence caused by endocrine factors;
  • post-castration syndrome;
  • inability to reproduce occurred due to the weak spermatozoa synthesis, oligospermia;
  • male menopause;
  • osteoporosis, which is caused by a lack of androgens;
  • BPH (early stages);
  • menopause disorders in females;
  • myoma of the uterus;
  • endometriosis;
  • hormone-sensitive tumors including breast cancer;
  • development of functional bleeding due to the hyperestrogenism;
  • mastopathy accompanied by painful swelling of glands in mammals during the premenstrual time;
  • anemia male and female persons, in case of the proven inefficiency of etiotropic treatment (as a supplement to basic therapy).

The medication is prescribed as an anabolic medicament for diseases accompanied by an active breakdown of proteins: severe traumatic injuries, depletion, chronic infectious conditions. Athletes use it to increase gaining of muscles, accelerate the process of fat burning, create muscle definition, and enhance the strength.

Use in medicine and testosterone propionate cycle in sports

If there are medical indications for the therapy with testosterone propionate, the dosage should be established by the healthcare professional depending on the existed indications and the stage of the condition. Where to inject? Injections are typically done in Gluteus Maximus muscle in the buttocks.

In such health conditions as eunuchoidism, congenital hypoplasia of the sexual glands, their surgical removing or traumatic injury, it is recommended to administer 25 to 50 milligrams of the medicament in the muscles or under the skin three-four times per week. The duration of the testosterone cycle is determined individually, depending on the features of the ailment and the effectiveness of the therapy. In case of symptoms improvement, a healthcare professional prescribes a maintenance dosage of 5-10 mg which should be administered on a daily basis or each alternate day.

Other conditions, namely erectile dysfunction and male menopause, accompanied by nervous & vascular conditions, require testosterone propionate dosage of 10 milligrams on a daily basis. You can use another scheme of administration: 25 mg twice or three times a week. The therapy lasts for one to two months.

Athletes use other dosages during the testosterone propionate cycle. Beginning bodybuilders administer 30-50 mg of the medicament each alternate day. Experienced athletes can make injections of 100 ml or more daily. Bodybuilders rarely use Testosterone propionate as the only remedy, more often they choose a stack (combination) of steroid drugs. For example, some athletes find a sale of Winstrol and use this medicament in combination with testosterone. Due to propionate is the shortest of the esters of exogenous testosterone, injections must be done daily or every other day. How to inject the drug? Injections are usually given into buttocks.

Since testosterone has the ability to aromatize, from the third-week athletes start taking 1 tablet of Anastrozole every 4 days (before bed). Administration of Anastrozole helps to avoid unpleasant adverse effects, such as gynecomastia (gyno), excessive water in the body, etc.

What is the purpose of each drug in the propionate course?

Testosterone propionate. This is the basis of your cycle. Thanks to it, you’ll increase your testosterone by level several times, which will allow you to quickly recover between training sessions, improve muscle growth and provide get other benefits.

Anastrozole. Since Testosterone propionate has the ability to aromatize and thereby increase the level of estrogen (a female hormone), sportsmen need Anastrozole. It will reduce estrogen rates many-fold and will allow avoiding the side effects associated with its increase.

Clomid. After the cycle, it is necessary to conduct a post-cycle therapy (PCT), which will help return your testosterone level to the reference (initial) values. Clomid will signal the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis that it is necessary to begin the production of endogenous (natural) testosterone. Within 26 days after beginning the PCT, the rate of testosterone and other hormones will return to the norm.

You can buy online all these drugs at a reasonable price. However, if you see a suspiciously low cost of the drug (on the website that offers to buy anabolic steroids), do not buy it, as it can be a fake.

Testosterone propionate dosage form and composition

Testosterone propionate for men can be found in the form of 5% or 1% solution for injection in 1-milliliter ampoules. One milliliter of a 5% solution contains 50mg of the active agent;1 ml of a 1% solution contains 10mg. The active agent is testosterone propionate. The auxiliary component is ethyl oleate.

Testosterone propionate for sale – drug interactions

When the medicament is administered, it should be borne in mind that the action of its key agent is weakened by the administering of activators of microsomal hepatic enzymes. These meds include barbiturate drugs, “bute” (NSAID drug), Tegretol, Rifampicinum, and Dilantin.
Androgenic meds may enhance the hypoglycemic action of insulin, so some males have to decrease the dose of a hypoglycemic medicament.

Also, testosterone meds can affect the absorption of other medicaments. For instance, an improvement in the content of some NSAIDs in the blood serum may be observed. The drug enhances the effect of blood thinners taken orally. This requires dosage correction.

The combination of the medicament and adrenocorticotropic hormones or corticosteroid drugs increases the likelihood of edema occurrence. Results of taking the drug worsen when alcohol is taken during the cycle.

In situations of severe hypogonadism, the medicament may be combined with medications that stimulate the functioning of the thyroid, and with estrogens. The action of other anabolics, phosphorus-containing and calcium-containing medications, and vitamins increases when their intake overlaps the testosterone propionate therapy.

List of side effects of the drug

When taking the medicament, patients should know what adverse events may develop. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Enhanced sexual arousal, priapism, increased frequency of erection, augmented libido, gynecomastia; women sometimes experience signs of masculinization, manifested in the form of superfluous growth of hair on the face & the whole body, coarse voice, appearance of edema on the face skin (steroids for women is generally a bad choice).
  • Respiratory failure, apnea during sleep.
  • Increased content of aminotransferases, hepatocellular jaundice, discomfort in the upper stomach, stomach upset.
  • Skin conditions, alopecia, seborrhoeic eczema, itching, acne vulgaris.
  • Increased sweating, dispiritedness, nervousness, headache, dizziness.

Increased propensity for thrombosis, in single cases polycythemia was observed.

Similar side effects are characteristic of other steroids, such as Trenbolone, Mesterolone, Proviron, etc.