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Steroids in sports – using of steroid-based drugs by professional athletes!

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Since the mid-60s, power sports are inextricably linked with the achievements of modern pharmacology. Scientists are constantly looking for new drugs that allow athletes to build muscle faster, to become stronger, to withstand heavy workloads. Alas, in search of ways to improve sports performance, most attention is paid to artificial drugs, such as steroids. In this article, we will tell you about the using of steroids in sports.

Steroids in sports – corticosteroids and estrogens

Consider the use of corticosteroids (glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids), as well as estrogens in sports.

1. In modern sports medicine, glucocorticoids are used as powerful anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of acute and chronic injuries of soft tissues and joints. Use of steroids of this type can be general, local and focal (introduction of the drug directly into the joint or periarticular tissues). Should steroids be used? Definitely yes, this type of steroids is necessary for some athletes.
2. With regard to mineralocorticoid meds, they have been successfully used in the practice of sports training by weightlifters and powerlifters of heavyweight categories for increasing body weight and strength. Although unlike the same anabolic steroids, athletes haven’t told about this. At one time, many experts believed that the increase in body weight and strength was mainly the result of an increase in the percentage of fluid in the muscles. However, later it became clear that that was not the only way of such drugs’ action. Specific mechanisms of action of mineralocorticoids are still not precisely defined.
3.Some studies show that estrogens can increase muscle strength in women. However, the use of such drugs in sports is not common. They are usually taken by women athletes based on determined medical indications. In such cases, they are considered legal steroids.

Anabolic versions of steroids in professional sports

As for anabolic versions of steroids in professional sports, their use without medical indications is considered doping. Should steroids be legal? There are many views on this matter: from supporting to rejecting. However, in most countries, these substances are banned. Nevertheless, athletes take steroids (such as boldenone cypionate) in large quantities and often combine several different drugs. However, large doses are not taken continuously. Steroid application lasts from 4 to 18 weeks, then it stops for a period of 1 to 12 months. This is called a “cycle”. Combinations of drugs and patterns of cycles of use vary greatly depending on the drugs and features of the user. Doses, in which athletes now use steroids, are at least a third more than the doses of athletes of the past. There is little scientific research in this area and no one now really knows how and in what quantities it is better to use steroids.

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