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Gabi Garcia and Steroids – a Good Example of Drug-Induced Masculinization.

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Gabrielle Lemos Garcia (“Gabi” or “Gabis”) is a large woman who is engaged in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Almost no one doubts that she uses illegal steroids. This article describes her biography and how steroids influenced Gabi Garcia’s femininity.

Life Path of Gabi Garcia

Gabrielle is Brazilian. She was born in the southern part of this racy country on November 17, 1985. Gabi showed her interest in various sports, in particular, volleyball and handball, at an early age. She was included in the local hockey team, which won many major tournaments. The 13-year-old girl moved to Sao Paulo with her relatives. Her uncle was a jujitsu coach, and she decided to try her hand at that sport. Gabi set her heart upon developing skills in this martial art and her trainer Johny helped the young girl.

Gabis performed knightly, triumphing in one competition after another. It was clear to her that she had to continue and develop a career in this sport. Having an extremely busy schedule (she spent hours studying at university), she managed to devote every day to the training. In the last year at university, she took an academic leave to concentrate on jujitsu completely. Her mentor at that time was Fabio Gergel. Gabi’s parents supported her; her father was an enthusiastic fan of this martial art and always gave pieces of advice.

Gabis always considered that the huge size of her body didn’t contribute to the audience’s preference in the tournaments. Indeed, her parameters are insane: height-187 cm and weight- 107 kg. Spectators adore battles in the style of David & Goliath, but the giant’s victory always disappoints them. Gabi felt unpleasant emotions towards such a situation. In 2009, Gabrielle, having an injured knee, tried herself in World Grappling Championship. The trauma caused terrible pain, which could prevent her participation in the final. Struggling with this trouble, she had the courage to take part in the conclusive fight with Emily Wetzel and win it. Garcia ranked the highest positions in all championships. Among her recent trophies, there are World Championships, Pan America, Brazilian Championships and ADCC.

The main achievements of the Brazilian star are:

  • nine-time World Champion (2013 in her bodyweight & absolute category, 2012, 2011 and 2010 in her bodyweight & absolute category, 2008);
  • six-time Champion of the Pan American Tournament (2013, 2011 & 2010 in her bodyweight & absolute category);
  • four-time Champion of Brazil (2011, 2010 in her bodyweight and absolute category, 2009 brown);
  • Double No Gi World Champion in 2009 and 2008;
  • two-time World Jiu-Jitsu Pro Cup Champion, held in 2010 and 2011);
  • in 2011 she was recognized ADCC champion;
  • Europe Champion (2011 TOP champion among the black belts).

Gabi Garcia’s Confusion at Weigh-in

All lovers of martial arts watched the weighing-in of Gabi Garcia before the match of the Japanese promotion “RIZIN”, organized on December 29, 2017, with significant interest. Her rival was 53-year-old champion Shinobu Kandori (神取忍), an MMA fighter with extensive experience. The Japanese athlete fell into her weight class and was watching the numerals. When Gabi stood on the scales, Shinobu screamed from outrage because Garcia was within a margin of approximately 13 kg (probably due to anabolics).

Kandori got frightened, screamed “Shame!” in panic, and ran out of the auditorium. Then the “RIZIN’s” representative Nobuyuki Sakakibara announced on the stage that the battle was canceled. The conclusion was dramatic, Garcia fell into hysterics, she stood with tears, dropping from her cheeks, even in front of the crowd of Japanese fans. Then Gabi kneeled down and heartily apologized saying it was an unprecedented case in her career. She added that three weeks before the fight she had had problems with arterial pressure and her nose had been bleeding as she had been trying desperately to get rid of the extra kilos. She respected her opponent whom she regarded a martial arts icon and a living legend. Gaby expressed her sincere hope that the following year they would permit her to perform. In the end, she pleaded with Japan to forgive her and promised to come back more robust and resilient than ever.

After that, the athletes conflicted in the corridor. Garcia committed an unheard offense, which forced the Japanese promotion to resort to some sanction in response to it.

In December 2018, Gabis faced Barbara Nepomuceno (“Babikick”) at Rizin 14 in a 226lbs catchweight grapple. The towering Brazilian got the victory via submission in the 1st round. This led to a reheated confrontation with Shinobu Kandori. The Nipponese called for a showdown with Garcia.

Gabi Garcia’s 2014 Doping Test

On March 26, 2014, the US Anti-Doping Committee released the results of testing athletes who competed at the 2014 World Cup. Gabrielle’s test was positive. A substance called “Clomiphene” (belonging to medications used during PCT) was revealed in her blood. Gabi Garcia has repeatedly stated that she is against all sorts of doping. Every time, she stresses that sportsmen shouldn’t take steroids and publicly demonstrated a negative attitude towards taking illegal preparations. After the detection of this medicament, the Anti-Doping Commission contacted Gabrielle to clarify the circumstances of the incident. Gabi insistently claimed she wasn’t guilty and didn’t know that the medications she had taken before the championship could provoke such an outcome. She avouched that before the competition she had visited the gynecologist, who had prescribed her those meds.

The Anti-Doping Commission took into consideration all the facts and made the following decision: “The commission took into account the facts that had preceded the checking. The presence of clomiphene in Gabrielle’s blood could be because of negligent handling of medicines before the championship.” Thus, the organization confined itself to the deprivation of the fighter of the second place, which she received at the World Cup 2014, and resolved not to resort to further penalties.

Gabi Garcia, Steroids, and Masculinization

In one of his famous podcasts, the American Joe Rogan (who also is a steroid user who “came out”) said Gabrielle no doubt had been using anabolic steroid hormonal preparations to gain the significant muscle mass. However, we recommend you to determine it on your own, since we possess no official evidence (like official doping tests or Garcia’s public confessions).