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Does Julia Vins Take Steroids – the History of Masculinized Russian Barbie.

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Julia Vins is a Russian sportswoman who’s physical attributed include Barbie’s face and Ken’s masculinized body. She became famous in 2013 when her photos began to be discussed by many on social media. They often criticize her on forums because of her non-standard figure. However, there are people who admire Julia, despite possible steroid use.

Julia Vins — Key Life Facts of “Muscle Barbie”

Julia Vins was born in 1996 in Engels (formerly known as Pokrovsk and Kosakenstadt), Saratov Oblast. The woman has been engaged in powerlifting since 2012 and quickly made demonstrative progress. The most bulked part of Julia’s body is her arms (biceps). Her impressive bicep is the envy of any ordinary fella.

However, big arms bring disproportionality to Julia’s body. Therefore, the girl has been repeatedly subjected to social stigmatization because of her physique, which doesn’t fit the prescribed norms of female physiology. She has haters in the Runet (Russian internet community Рунет) but a part of the online proletariat admires her specific achievements.

According to her statements on one Russian TV show, she trains for self-affirmation. Vins occasionally gives master classes in gyms and there are a lot of videos featuring her participation on YouTube. In 2016, “Barbie” became a member of the Primeval Labs team, the American brand of prohormones and sport supplements. She is now a partner of Panasonic and an XCORE athlete.

Several years ago, Julia created her page on Instagram (@julia_vins). As of December 2018, Julia has 872.4k followers, 90 percent of her subscribers are English-speaking folk who left positive comments such as: “Wow am amazed by that,” “Stroong,” “Damnnnn. You making most of the boys feel embarrassed,” “So cute so sweet,” “she’s bigger than you,” “Keep rocking. God bless u.” “actually i find her sexyy n charming,” “Nice green eyes,” “why are you so cute,” and the like.

Therefore, thanks to her unique physical form, the girl became famous worldwide.


In October 2015, famous Russian video bloggers NEMAGIA filmed a comedy tape about the ripped muscle beauty. The guys suggested that Julia takes anabolics on the advice of her coach and doesn’t know they are illegal steroids. Although the channel NEMAGIA is satirical and the bloggers ridiculed Julia’s outsized figure, they wished her success and determination in achieving their goals. As of December 2018, the video had about 5.7 million views.

Excerpts From an Interview with Julia Vins

Disclaimer: The following is translated from Russian by us and some discrepancies may be present.

On her choices:

“Like many gals, I felt tons of shortcomings so I tried to correct them. It seemed to me that I was weak-willed, so I considered that only sport would help me. When I came to the gym, I utterly didn’t know how to train … so, I spent almost a year in vain. But I prefer to call that a preparation year.”

About her appearance:

“As they say, many men, many minds. Fortunately, not all other people’s emotions reach me, I just read comments to my photos … I don’t like women who are too slim or too stout, but I don’t consider it necessary to tell them about this until they themselves ask me. And I’m not worried about how they look and will look. Folks should listen to themselves because there is no acme of perfection among people.”

About her progress in training:

“People frequently ask this question. They like to blame their lack on bad genetics and other circumstances independent of them. They are confident they train hard, doing, for example, just bicep curls. They miss workouts because they are hanging out with friends. Then it turns out they eat little, go to bed at 3 am, and then wonder why there is no progress. To achieve success in sports, it is necessary to really train hard, never miss training, eat properly, and observe a wellness daily routine. If a person decides to follow this path, then he or she must be ready to sacrifice much.”

IPA 2014 Championship — Conflict in Saratov City

In the spring of 2014, in the Saratov region of the Russian Federation, there were powerlifting competitions. During this event, Svetlana Smirnova (an international champion in powerlifting) and Julia Vins quarreled. Svetlana sprayed a pepper gun in the face of Julia. Julia had something akin to an electric cattle prod with her but didn’t use it.

Julia was interviewed about this. She said Sveta Smirnova splashed her with an irritable pepper spray. “Barbie” suffered from a lung spasm. Her coach saved her from possible death. The next day she had severe poisoning, fever, and skin problems. After that, her eyesight deteriorated. The muscled cutie didn’t wanna believe it was just envy.

Steroid Meds Possibly Used by Julia Vins

Does Julia Vins use steroids? Probably, yes. Maybe she has unique genetics and was able to gain an impressive muscle mass due to this. But this is very unlikely. Nevertheless, she herself denies the use of “juice.”

According to her, to maintain a good physique, she uses only sports nutrition, namely Animal Pak by Universal Nutrition, Maral root (Rhaponticum), amino acids (BCAA, glutamine), Riboxin (inosine), and fat burners.

As we mentioned earlier, Julia probably uses some drugs on the advice of her trainer. It’s even possible that she doesn’t know about their true nature. Or maybe she takes AAS consciously and doesn’t want to confess tell the truth to her fans and haters.

All anabolic steroids are harmful to women. However, there are drugs that are more preferable for girls. These include Oxandrolone (Anavar), Methenolone (Primobolan), Oxymetholone (Anadrol), Boldenone, Testosterone propionate, and Nandrolone. Therefore, perhaps “bulked Barbie” uses one or several of them.