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Do steroids make your dick smaller – Let’s find the truth about it!

Posted by admin in Steroid Information Category. Reviewed and Updated: 21 December, 2017

Everyone heard wild-guess about negative influence on the penis length on the basis of steroids. It is possible to hear jokes about that from everywhere: from popular TV programs to the scientific literature. Anyway, where is the truth and what was the main reason which brought us this theme as the basis of such kind of jokes?! There are a lot of wild-guesses about this theme and it is important to learn everything about them and avoid wrong information.

The most interesting of them is the length and the information that even legal steroids bodybuilding can destroy it. Let us start this article with one interesting moment – it is important to understand that every activity should have a measure. Sport isn’t an exception. The thing is that the process which we talking about (bodybuilding) can’t bring any changes to the penis structure and it is should be learned. Planned trains under the control of professional even with the natural steroids can’t bring any negative influence. Even over the counter steroids can’t decrease the size. The thing is that testosterone appears in testicles and during the period when someone uses steroids, this system can relax. It means a kind of synthetic exchange and in case if body already got everything it needs, so it wouldn’t spend any power to do this work. In short, steroids were produced to create perfect circumstances for muscle growth.

Today their main activity is based on the men’s main hormone. At the same time, when the body is getting additional portions of testosterone it is possible to increase metabolism and create healthy protein exchange. As the additional influence, on the basis of this new activity, it is possible to make muscle recovering after trains faster. It means that one best steroid stack can change whole life and make everything better than it was in previous times. Yes, it is and there is no any straight influence on the penis. But everything is not so nice as it could be. Anyway, the penis is a muscle and cartilage which is growing till 21-22 years. It means that possible influence could be before it will get the final length. The main danger brings side effects and today we are going to talk about them because sometimes men without knowledge start use testosterone and the effect without preparation can be not so fine.

Stereotypes and real possible changes

First of all, it is important to say that everything depends on the types of anabolic steroids and the final result of overdose or just long period of use can be not the same.

What are the possible changes:

– Bulging veins.

This is the scariest one thing but at the same time, it is possible to find a huge amount of women who adore this feature. The thing is that in the relaxed condition it is not easy to find them, but after some physical trains on the basis of increased blood flow, it is easy to see them. It brings masculinity. Is it possible to make a penis smaller because of the increased veins?! Definitely, no. By the way, some women noted that after their partner started to use steroids, sex turns more passion. Veins which appeared on penis bring additional pleasure. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all men after reading this should start using Methandrostenolone or something like that.

– Hairline changes.

In most of the cases, steroids on the basis of additional testosterone level which is the symbol of masculinity bring additional hairs. It can concern not only head. The body always suffers from this interesting reaction and the thing is that after someone stopped steroids use, it is possible to save appeared hair growth until the end.

– Voice changes.

In most of the cases, steroids bring influence on the voice and it turns ruder. The most obvious effect is possible to find when a woman starts use steroids. Her voice always turns manly.

– The new power in bed.

The main hormone which brings new desires is testosterone. By the way, it is the basis of against ED treatment which people always use in their life. So, it is impossible to break this turf just because someone decided to use additional support on his trains.

Size matters and some words about body changes

Have you ever noted that something big turns small in comparison with something that was bigger?! In the questions of do, steroids make your dick smaller, it is possible to find the same situation. Sometimes when muscles of hips and whole body are getting additional growth, it is impossible to bring the influence which will send it to the penis. The thing is that it is impossible to grow muscle on it. Some patient noted that their penis becomes bigger after steroids use but this phenomenon has an interesting explanation – it is possible to find such result because the erection in case if someone uses steroids, is getting additional pressure on tissues. As the result, flexible tissues could get the additional length. It means that as the result this man can get the increased size. Anyway, the maximum of changes which was fixed was 2 cm.

Negative influence

So, we already found that steroids can’t bring any influence on the penis length, but at the same time, their wrong use is not so safe like it possible to imagine. The thing is that in case if someone chose the wrong dose, it is easy to destroy healthy excitation and even get premature ejaculation. In case if a man doesn’t want to get any side effects and save his health, it is important to use only doses which were agreed upon a doctor. In the wrong case, even simple steroids can bring ED and in that case problems with penis size will turn into secondary. In case if a man found that even after agreed upon doctor steroids use he got problems with potency, it is important to stop use and get some additional tests. Such symptoms are dangerous and the patient shouldn’t believe that the problem will be solved without any interventions.

So, as you can see, steroids means nothing in case if we talking about penis size. Its forming belongs to another period of life and in case of correct use steroids can even bring some additional cm.