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Do steroids make your dick smaller – Let’s find the truth about it!

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Do steroids shrink your penis? This is a rumor that often circulates around the gym. Honestly, steroids do not make your dick smaller. In fact, they might enlarge the organ. Where did such a monstrous lie arise? It is probably because of confusion. Steroids shrink your testicles. However, such misinformation continues to be spewed by TV programs and scientific literature.

Bodybuilding Meds Do Not Shrink Your Penis

Many proclaim that even legal steroids bodybuilding formulas destroy the cock. Planned training under the control of professional trainers even with the use of natural steroids can’t bring any negative shrinkage. Even over the counter steroids can’t decrease the size and shape of your phallus.

Penile and Cartilage Growth

A male’s penis continues to grow until he reaches the age of 18 to 21. Perhaps, if a young male uses the hormones during his formative years it might make his penis grow even larger, but this is just a theory with no research basis. Many boasts in the locker room that their dicks are bigger but this just might be unfounded macho banter. Gym rats always advise you to never use anabolic steroids until you reach 21. Also, do not ingest or shoot-up steroids that morph into any form of estrogen. If you do, then you must use an estrogen blocker.

Stereotypes and real changes

Anabolic steroids are illegal because they are dangerous. Using them for long periods escalates the risks. Also, the possibility of an overdose is a very real threat.

Here are the very real alterations caused by the performance-enhancing dope.

  • Bulging Vein and Tendons

Depending on your viewpoint, you might adore bulging veins and tendons or despise the corded look. In a relaxed state, the cordage does not bulge and pop, but when pumped you see a definite definition that is exceptionally masculine. You might think the increased size of your vascular system might obstruct your penile arteries or cause them to not relax sufficiently to attain a firm erection, but they do not. However, the shaft of the member is naturally riddled with veins that often bulge when hard. In such circumstances, the veins may become even more prominent which enhances vaginal pleasure during intercourse. Making you the veins bulge during a hard-on is not sufficient reason to use Methandrostenolone or something like that.

  • Hairline changes

Men who have elevated levels of testosterone often start to suffer from a receding hairline. This causes male pattern baldness. Both sexes often experience excessive body hair and male pattern baldness on the head.

  • Voice changes

The voice deepens a few octaves. Women who juice have a manly voice.

  • The new power in bed.

Testosterone pushes desire and passion. Sadly, it is a technical balancing act. If a man takes steroids for too long, then they will suffer from erectile dysfunction as their testicles shrivel. The body no longer needs to produce its own T when you juice so the testicles are discarded and forgotten. They start to atrophy and die. Continued use often renders them shriveled for life and even when you stop juicing, you will still have testicles that are the size of raisins instead of plumes. Premature ejaculation occurs and finally a limp cock that is unable to become even a little firm. Premature ejaculation is mortifying for most men and a disappointment for ladies. Also, a limp dick with no fervor makes a woman feel unattractive. Relationships fall apart and divorces occur.

Size matters and some words about body changes

The harder you workout the greater the muscle gain. As your thighs expand and start to ripple with muscles, your dick might appear smaller. The expansion of the pelvic muscles puts pressure on the penile region might cause it to achieve a greater size; changes of 2 centimeters have been noted.

Penile Growth in Women

Females taking steroids gradually exhibit male characteristics. Female clitoral growth occurs. Known as Clitoromegaly (macroclitoris), the clitoris often reaches 3 inches and the labia becomes bigger. Many female athletes and bodybuilders have a difficult time hiding the bulge in bikini bottoms or tight shorts. The clitoris looks more like a penis and less like a female sex organ. Menstruation also stops and the ovaries shrivel in much the same way as testicles. Female transvestites, lesbians, and those with gender issues who are seeking to transition into a male often take androgens to create a burgeoning clitoris that mimics a penis.

Negative influence

Steroids are often dangerous and may lead to life-threatening results.

  • Severe acne (pimples, cysts)
  • Teenagers halt bone growth so many never attain full height
  • Decreased breast size
  • Masculine features such as jutting chin, forehead, jawbone growth
  • Mood swings
  • Rage
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Liver cancer and damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney failure
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Pec enlargement
  • Deep voice
  • Hair loss
  • Impotence

In a gym setting the sharing of needles is often encouraged. However, this puts you at an elevated risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C or B.

Anabolic steroids are illegal and dangerous. There are natural options that some men take. Formulas and capsules composed of herbs that pose no threat to sexuality, dick size, or testicles but help you rid your body of fat while building muscle.