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Women on steroids: features of the drugs using and possible consequences!

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Women on steroids is a very controversial topic. Steroids for women are unnatural because androgenic anabolic drugs are mutated testosterone molecule, and testosterone is a male sex hormone. In fact, a woman using anabolic steroids (not legal steroids), turns herself into a man, which can cause side effects in the form of virilization. It is necessary to distinguish the use of anabolic drugs for sports purposes and the use of other steroids for the treatment of female diseases. For example, estradiol (a hormone) is used to treat infertility. Such drug as Letrozole (a non-steroid medicament, a hormone antagonist) is used to treat cancer.

Steroids for women – features of using

Previously anabolic steroids were often prescribed to women for the treatment of anemia, osteoporosis, cachexia and even depression.
Most women professionally engaged in bodybuilding and body fitness take anabolic medications, because the hormonal and physiological characteristics of the female body do not allow for achieving muscle definition and preserving muscle mass naturally.
Effects of steroids (such as methenolone for sale):

  • muscle hypertrophy;
  • fat burning;
  • increase in strength and endurance;
  • increased self-confidence and self-esteem (androgenic drugs have a strong psychotropic effect).

Best steroids for females

As we have already pointed out, the use of anabolic steroids is harmful to a woman’s health. However, there is a list of the best steroids for females, in which the risk of side effects is the lowest compared to other anabolic steroids.

1. Oxandrolone. It is the most suitable steroid for women as the chance to get a side effect during its application tends to zero.
2. Methenolone. Like oxandrolone, it is almost the ideal steroid for women. The risk of virilization is very low.
3. Boldenone. With prolonged use of high doses of the drug, virilization phenomena may appear, in particular, increased hair growth on the face and body.

Such drugs as Dianabol testosterone and drostanolone are rarely used by women.

Women on steroids – possible consequences

The side effects of using steroids for women can be very serious up to horrific body transformation. 33-year-old barmaid Candice Armstrong from Walthamstow, London, was turned into a man because of steroid-abusing. Previously, she was a slim, pretty blonde, now Candice is a huge brunette with a mountain of muscles and hair on the body that grow on her back, chest and over the upper lip. Along with excess hair and acne, her clitoris greatly increased. Her breasts were also negatively affected and now hang lifelessly from her overdeveloped pectoral muscles. Candice did not intend to become so man-like when she started taking the drug. Nevertheless, she believes that it is too late for her to stop. This is a clear negative example of a series of cases of women on steroids.

Another example is the case of Denise Lynn Rutkowski. Back in 1993, this female bodybuilder was quite successful in this sport and her achievements were very interesting. But, as it happened, to increase muscle mass & strength, the woman needed to take large dosages of steroids. Because of this need, Denise began to turn into a man. Her appearance began to change markedly. Thirty years after finishing her career, she looks like a man, as her before and after photos show. In addition, she has experienced significant weight loss.