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What is Free Testosterone: Normal Range, Unhealthy Levels and Best Booster.

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Testosterone belongs to the group of male hormones that can freely circulate in the blood or combine with proteins. The role of this substance, which is released by the endocrine system, is the formation of sexual characteristics, the maintenance of sexual desire and other basic physiological functions. The healthy male body contains a certain amount of free testosterone. Alteration of its rate (lowering or rapid elevation) can cause metabolic disorders, impotence, vascular and nervous diseases.

What is Free Testosterone — Detailed Information

The testosterone concentration can vary according to age (young males have a higher index), and the time of day when a blood sample is taken. The highest level may be observed from 4 to 8 o’clock in the morning, the minimum is generally between 4 and 8 pm.

A simple testosterone test will reveal whether levels are low or elevated quite easily. However, how is free testosterone distinguished from the overall result?

What is Free Testosterone?

Testosterone, produced by the testicles and adrenal glands, enters the bloodstream. As soon as the total T (100%) reaches the blood, blood proteins embrace its bulk (98%), except for 2 percent, which remains free. Testosterone binds to two types of protein: SHBG (60%) and albumin (38%). The link with albumin is unstable. That is why this part of testosterone is referred to as a free form. This is the principal feature of how the two types differ from one other.

The hormone bonded with globulin is inactive, unlike free testosterone, which is the active element of the total testosterone (T total). It affects the organism significantly, namely, it determines sexual behavior and is involved with the development of male sexual characteristics. If test results illustrate adequate T levels, it doesn’t completely evidence that you have no difficulties with hormone production. Good physiological hormone rates do not necessarily suggest that the active form, which influences the body most, is functioning properly.

The main difference between tests is that the T common can hide the insufficiency of the active form. Therefore, a separate free T-test is needed.

The sex hormone-binding globulin level has a great impact on the free TS to estradiol ratio. Normally, this correlation has its own equilibrium. If a man has a higher globulin level, it binds more free testosterone, leading to estrogen elevation and subsequent unwanted effects.

Normal Levels of Free Testosterone

Free testosterone levels depend on the man’s age and the time of day. The greatest rate is exhibited by those aged between 15 and 30-years-old. Experts note that activity peaks before noon and reduces at night; these factors should be taken into consideration when performing a blood test. The hormone content measurement unit is nmol/l, and its adequate value is contingent on age.

Age-related male free testosterone chart:

AgeMedian T level in men (ng/dL)

Free testosterone range is usually lower in women.

Differences between the limits of normal hormone levels are associated with many factors. Firstly, there are diurnal fluctuations, but sexual activity, nutrition, exercise or, conversely, a sedentary lifestyle – a key reason of poor physical activity – previous illnesses and several other factors, such as using non-legal steroids also have an impact. All the above mentioned can both increase and decrease the hormone rates. Low levels may be caused by anabolics, opiates (such as Vicodin, Morphine, Oxycodone, Percocet, Fentanyl, and OxyContin), spironolactone (Aldactone), myocardial infarctions, injuries, chronic illnesses etc. (Molly M. Shores, Current Sexual Health Reports, 2014).

Features of the Tests for Determining Free Testosterone Range

To obtain reliable test results, showing total and free testosterone levels, certain stipulations must be observed. Special preparation, which is essential for achieving precise results, precedes testosterone analysis. The patient is recommended to avoid physical and emotional stress and other external pressures for two days preceding the test. Before the analysis (not less than 3 hours), it is forbidden to eat, swallow tablets, drink beverages and smoke cigarettes or hookah. It is advisable to be tested in the morning to observe optimum T hormone concentration. Also, experts suggest some people should be tested twice to determine the true level without a substantial rate difference.

The test is carried out according to certain indications if a man has pathological processes or signs of them. These symptoms are bad potency, acne, barrenness and osteoporosis. Free testosterone checking is prescribed for boys with delayed or early onset puberty. Nowadays, most doctors are not likely to assign this procedure purely for the sake of determining the general T level.

The intake of medical pills and physical exertion may influence study results. Venous blood is required for this manipulation. Its volume depends on the laboratory type and the testing methods. Many scientists debate the possibility of saliva usage to obtain the necessary results. Protein concentration doesn’t impact free T quantity in saliva. Test results with this component are the same as those with plasma. However, not all laboratories can perform such analysis.

Best Free Testosterone Booster — Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is the most popular component of testosterone boosters. There is a profusion of unusual names for this herb, in particular, goat’s-head, bullhead, bhakhdi, caltrop, cat’s-head, devil’s-thorn, puncture vine, and tackweed. It has the largest evidence base and is available in almost every T booster. It is often referred to as the group of natural steroids. The most popular and the best free testosterone booster supplement that contains Tribulus is Brutal Anadrol.

Due to the lack of scientifically proven efficiency of this herb, we cannot recommend puncture vine for musculature enlargement. Nevertheless, it can be useful as a constituent of complex supplements and taken by men with a lack of testosterone, athletes with an overtraining syndrome risk, and those, who adhere to prolonged low-calorie diets. The most effective testosterone boosters are anabolic steroids, including Nandrolone. However, they can disrupt the normal hormonal environment and cause harm to health. The same goes for synthetic human growth hormone.

Unfortunately, sometimes, steroids and sport are inseparable concepts. It is especially true for professional bodybuilding. However, athletes don’t just use steroids, they take anti-estrogens (such as Clomid), synthetic fat burners such as Clenbuterol, and others.

Free Testosterone Calculator — Calculate Your Hormone Levels Online

On some websites, you can calculate your free testosterone using data from other tests.

Testosterone calculators will provide you with accurate bioactive testosterone assessment in the blood plasma. These parameters can more precisely reflect the free T hormone amount than the sole measurement of total serum T hormone.

To determine free testosterone with this web tool, you need to know:

  • albumin;
  • SHBG;
  • and total testosterone levels.