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What are steroids made of: main secrets of forbidden kitchen for sportsmen.

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Such term like steroids always means every kind of substance which can support muscle growth. It has the main influence on the basis of protein which brings additional volume in tissues. In normal condition our health always creates and makes an exchange of old cells into the new ones. The process when spoiled cells which were already ruined are removes from the health is called catabolism. Anabolism is the process which creates new cells for exchange into the new ones. In the healthy body, these two groups of processes have interesting balance. It means that on the basis of the health can get the balance of mass without any increase and decrease. It is a kind of support which always keeps cells in a healthy one condition.

Additional physical trains bring anabolic result and in the final, it is possible to have additional cell’s growth. For example, the diet which includes a huge amount of protein can be called anabolic too. Steroids were created to find the key to additional muscle growth. Their influence brings fast cell’s growth without side influences. In case if their use will be accompanied by physical trains, it will increase the result. The main differences between men and women bodies are based on the different levels of the special anabolic part. It is a testosterone. Its quantity in health creates special processes of muscle growth.

So, right after people learned the special effect of testosterone, there were created many different drugs on the bases of its influence. Anyway, before we will explain the main raw materials which modern pharmaceutical companies use in their recipes, it is important to learn some facts from the history. The thing is that before legal steroids bodybuilding and others appeared on the counters, this turf got many dark periods which everyone should know. So, here we go.

Some facts about the story

Main tries to create the special drug which could offer fast additional muscle growth started in the 1958 year. Their center was in Boston. The first reason was based on some diseases, which could stop healthy muscle growth. First experiments had many volunteers for them because the problem was pretty common. It is would be interesting to learn that the first patient was a child. He was just 3 years old and on the basis of experimental medicine, his growth started to increase. Soon this breakthrough made experiments popular all over the world and doctors all over the world started use of that new drug. It seems to be that it was a miracle which can stop all problems which has any connection with muscle growth, but the real tragedy which happened soon explained that it is not so easy to treat the nature. The problem was that the first pill was invented on the basis of died people’s brain cells. It was very difficult to get because only one drop of this new drug depended on the thousands of died people.

The huge amount of died people were received from Africa.  The main source was pituitary gland and it was very difficult to get it from cells because it was important to avoid warm. The additional temperature was able to destroy cells. On the basis of wrong result’s interpretation, doctors damaged to those people who already used their drug. The thing is that this treatment opened a new wave of dangerous disease. Its main problems were in the fast brain activity decrease and the impossibility of muscle control. A Huge amount of patient died right after 5 years at the moment of experiment’s start.

So, the brain of died people, like the main source of material was forbidden. It opened new problem – now it was important to create an exchange with the help of chemistry. It meant that it was important to find a new difficult protein which consists of 101 amino acids. It was almost impossible. The main problem was that it was important to bring a special turn of every piece of this protein and with the help of new science which is called Genetic Engineering, it turns real. In 1985 all tries were successfully done and humanity got first synthetic healthy protein without any danger to the body. There was only one difference – one amino acid wasn’t in the same place, but tests showed that it means nothing for the result.

Modern techniques of production

So, it is easy to suppose that modern techniques which bring steroids to use are made on the basis of chemistry. Sad experience with tries to get material from body cells was ended with the disaster and now every pharmaceutical company worries about her recipes. No one wants to repeat the situation which appeared after long years since drugs were on the counters. Anyway, the main recipes are under the cover of the riddle. It is not easy to imagine a classic company which produces, for example, cortisol reducing supplements with the opened recipe. It is their own invention and it is the secret of the company.

Main influence

So, we already learned that all steroids are made of synthetic. They were created to stimulate healthy protein reactions in health, but sometimes it is not easy to control the result. For example, in case if you will see Barry Bonds before and after steroids, you will probably start questioning about his reasons to make this out of his body. It means that such kind of steroids like Superdrol and others brings mental addiction. So, it is important to keep the control over the doses, because health can’t receive it in non-stop mode.

The danger

Steroids bring a lot of danger in case if someone will use them without any consultations with professionals. The thing is that stimulation of some zones brings the decrease of other’s work. As the result, it is possible to bring real damage.

So, as you can see, the long story of steroids and their modern way of producing had many periods which people should remember to understand the importance of the final result. It is heavy drugs and their use should be based on the important reasons. By the way, they should be accompanied by additional drugs which could minimize damage.