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Von Miller and Steroids: A Positive Test and his Game Suspension

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It’s no secret that a lot of athletes use PEDs, in the past and today. Modern detection methods have come a long way, new meds are always on the horizon.

Steroids in the NFL presents a humongous problem. So why do players take illegal medicines? Quite simply, to become sprightlier, huskier and to load on the muscle mass.

Startling muscles are very important in American football (gridiron) given the essence of the sport. Von Miller (the “Chinese Dragon”) is a famous player who now plays in the NFL. Nowadays he has no problems with doping and anti-dope tests, but a few years ago he tested positive for banned drugs.

But before we tell the sordid tale, let’s consider the biography of this redoubtable footballer. His achievements are impressive. For example. at the 2016 Super Bowl, the sportsman showed one of the biggest individual defensive performances in the history of football forcing two fumbles and clocking up 25 sacks.

Von Miller’s Background

Von Miller (Von B’Vsean Miller) was born March 26th, 1989 in DeSoto, Texas. He is the defensive lineman who facilitated the Denver Broncos’ (Colorado) Super Bowl scoop several years ago.

The man was already a superstar footballer while studying at DeSoto High school, but it concerned some football recruiters that his relatively small stature would be a drawback. Nevertheless, one assistant trainer at Texas University was impressed by Miller’s nippy speed and performance.

He offered the young athlete a scholarship. Miller started to perform at Texas A&M, playing there for 2 years. Then the Denver Broncos selected him second in the 2011 draft pick. In his first professional year, he proved himself worthwhile and made a significant impact inside the team.

Facts From Von Miller’s Bio

Miller admitted that he wasn’t Mr. Popularity at school. Once he said:

“I was a nerd. You think I’m joking. I’m not joking. I’m talking nerd. These glasses are not a fashion statement.”

He emphasized that he wasn’t kidding and said that eyeglasses weren’t particularly fashionable in 1990. But all the taunts and schoolyard insults didn’t keep Miller down. He picked himself up and chased his vision of playing pro ball with passion and dedication.

Miller is known for his excellent defense game and being a near impassable player. In 2016, the sportsman signed a six-year contract with the Broncos for 114.5 million dollars. It’s safe to say that Miller is the face of Denver. He replaced Peyton Manning in this position. In addition, the athlete is the highest-paid defender in the NFL.

Off the field, Miller has a farm where he grows chickens.

Recent Von Miller’s Achievements

In 2016, Miller was recognized as the most valuable player in the 50th Super Bowl. The 26-year-old American became the fourth player awarded this accolade. Broncos leader Peyton Manning was the first starting quarterback to win the Super Bowl with two different teams. For the 39-year veteran, the victory was the 200th in his career (including the playoffs). He became the first quarterback to gain this.

Recently (at the beginning of 2018) Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez met with Von Miller. At the joint photo shoot, Von Miller looked like a real rock in comparison to the Catalan athletes, so much so that people started fostering suspicions that Miller was on ‘roids.

Von Miller and Steroid Scandal

In 2013, Miller tested positive according to the results of an anti-doping test. They suspended him from four games that season. We do not know which steroids this athlete used.

In 2013, information appeared that in 2011 Miller consumed marijuana and amphetamines. In light of these events, some sports experts he was risking his career. There was also intel suggesting that Miller would appeal this decision. However, the suspension was upheld.

Miller became eligible to reenter play on October 20th, 2013 when the Broncos played the Indianapolis Colts.

Fan’s Comment on Von Miller’s Steroid Scandal

Fans weighed into the debate surrounding Miller and his steroid-use story:

“No wonder, he was so good.”

“Only 4 games? Seems way too lite.” Some believed the punishment didn’t match the crime. And it’s true, for example, some baseball players got a 50-game ban or more.

“Man four games does seem pretty low.”

“He’s fast, but he’s not that fast,” one source said of Von.

Miller’s Possible Steroid Cycle

Perhaps Miller used one of the following anabolic medications (or several at once).

Human growth hormone. According to former NFL players, 10 to 40 percent of athletes in the NFL use HGH. Independent administrator of the policy against banned stimulants in the NFL, Dr. John Lombardo, writes the problem off, blaming the limitations of anti-doping tests instead. Olympic running champions and footballer significantly increase the production of their GH naturally doing interval sprint training. However, many of them are not averse to trying out synthetic versions of this anabolic hormone.

IGF-1. This insulin-like growth factor is a protein similar to the insulin hormone. IGF1 regulates the development and growth of body cells. According to researchers, it is crucial for cell maturation, and therefore for the aging of the body. The concentration of this molecular substance in the blood regulates GH synthesis in the pituitary gland. It also modulates the hypothalamus’ somatoliberin (somatocrinin/GHRH) production by to activate the production of somatropin and prolactin. This medication helps to restore injured tendons, build muscle and become stronger and faster. Miller injured frequently. Therefore, he could’ve used the insulin-like growth factor to recover faster.

Winstrol (Stanozolol). An AAS produced in tablets and solution for injections (Winstrol depot). Winthrop laboratories developed this remedy in 1962. There is evidence that the medication protects against the progestagen effect of nandrolones. Unlike most steroid injections, stanozolol is an aqueous suspension. The main goal behind Stano use by American footballers is probably to boost power, swiftness, and endurance.

This steroid cycle is our assumption. We do not claim that Von Miller used steroids and do not know exactly what kind of substances he probably used. We base the above information on statistics illuminating the use of illicit pharmaceuticals in the NFL and statements by select sports persons.