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Use of Letrozole in Bodybuilding and Medicine – Dosage for Men & Women!

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Letrozole is not considered a steroid, or one of the many natural steroids pills available. Rather, it is a chemical substance common in many countries on multiple continents because of its use in both medicine and sports.

The medication is most often used by bodybuilders, but other athletes also take it. In sports, the drug is administered as part of the steroid cycle. It works to lessen estrogen and increase the level of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone. Within the bodybuilding field, letrozole is a proven medication. Therefore, it is in high demand amongst both professional and amateur sportspeople alike. Thanks to its affordability, the price is very reasonable to many folks, which further bolsters its popularity.

Clinic Research into Letrozole

Specialists have conducted certain letrozole experiments aimed at determining the medicine’s potential for remarkably reduced estrogen concentrations. Optimal amounts of letrozole lower the concentration of the serums estrone and estradiol by 75% to 78% from baseline. This is a significant indicator.

According to Haynes, Dowsett, and Miller (of the Royal Marsden Hospital on Fulham Road in London), letrozole is 10 to 20 times more potent in cellular systems (and 2 to 5 times in non-cellular ones) than anastrozole and exemestane in terms of aromatase suppression.

A reduced estrogen level abates negative results during the steroid cycle, which is crucial for juicers.

Letrozole Dosage and Using the Drug in Sports

The substance is utilized by bodybuilders at a dosage of 1 to 2.5 mg per day. Adjustments to traditionally applied doses may lead to unpleasant adverse events, for example, a depleted libido. Each athlete chooses letrozole dosages based on the duration of the use of steroids, the characteristics of his or her body, and the presence or absence of certain diseases. To find out which is the best dose of the drug to use, should consult a sports expert.

The effects of the use of letrozole include:

  • Negative results associated with estrogen are prevented: fatty deposits, raised water retention levels, acne, gynecomastia.
  • As soon as the cycle begins, the risk of gynecomastia occurring is eliminated.
  • The remedy contributes to muscle saving after finishing the steroid cycle.

The Side Effects of Letrozole

The pharmaceutical can cause the following adverse events:

  • Headache
  • Bone pain
  • High bodily temperatures
  • Faintness
  • Frequent nausea
  • Increased blood pressure

These side effects usually happen because the user elects for an improper dose.

Letrozole in Bodybuilding — Using the Drug for Gyno

Gynecomastia (shortened to gyno) is a condition in which males develop a benign, but excessive, development of the breast on one or both sides. This condition can occur during a cycle of anabolic steroids. With gynecomastia, specialists recommended taking letrozole while bodybuilding at a max dose of 2.5 mg every day until the symptoms disappear. Then, users are advised to reduce the dosage to a preventive one. It is a very effective remedy for gyno induced by steroid use.

Improving Fertility with Letrozole for Men

For men, letrozole intake is an advanced and promising means of treating male infertility. Canadian scientists have found that letrozole therapy may contribute to full-term and healthy childbirth.

Clinicians regard obesity as one of the key roots of male infertility since excess fat causes abundant estrogen production. The drug helps to block this estrogen, increasing fertility (Willem de Ronde, Frank H de Jong, Erasmus University, Kennemer Gasthuis, 2011).

Canadian researchers Lena Salgado, Helene B Lavoie, and Ariane Godbout of the Université de Montréal examined the healthcare records of 12 overweight men in 2015, seeking a solution for infertility. Obesity-associated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism was diagnosed in these men. This low testosterone rate takes place when the pituitary gland is unable to stimulate the sex glands.

The ongoing study examined men who had been suffering from infertility for approximately three years. They consumed one, 2.5 mg pill each 7-day period. The outcomes were analyzed between 2 and 21 months.

One of the participants could not undergo the treating phase due to a headache. He switched to an alternative aromatase inhibitor therapy with Anastrozole. Another man did not respond adequately to the preparation. (The medication induced extra disorders, in particular, uncontrolled diabetes, which negatively influenced both testosterone and sperm properties). Remaining testees experienced the growth of testosterone to an adequate or sufficient degree.

Letrozole for Sale — Buy in Online Drugstores

You can buy this medication in online pharmacies if you’ve previously received a prescription from a licensed doctor. However, many athletes use the medicament without a prescription. They buy it on the black market. This can be an unsafe practice because illegal pharmacies often sell counterfeit medicines.

Brand names for the medication include:

  • Calantha (Benedetti & Co.)
  • Celofem (Celon)
  • Femara (Novartis Oncology)
  • Cendalon (Teva)
  • Accord Letrozole
  • Apo-Letrozol (Apotex)
  • Letrasan (Deva)
  • Letroblock (Pfleger)
  • Letroregiozol (Regiomedica)
  • Letrozomax (Lek)
  • Lezol (Intas)
  • Linol (Vianex)
  • Mionic (Gedeon Richter)
  • Trozolt (Brimpharm)
  • Viobrest (Viogen)
  • Zequipra (Romastru)
  • Viobrest (Viogen)

Letrozole: The Cost of the Remedy

The cost of the medicament is around US$30 for a pack of 30 tabs, depending on the drugstore you visit. You also can find patient-assistance programs that can compensate for a part cost of this aromatase inhibitor.