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Undecylenate & Cypionate Forms of Boldenone Anabolic Steroid – Best Cycles!

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Boldenone is a steroidal medicament yielding anabolic and androgenic effects. It’s also known under such trademarks as Equipoise, Boldebal N, Boldabol 200, and others (see the last section of this contribution).

Initially, it was created as prolonged action methandrostenolone, but during research, scientists received anabolic preparations with entirely different attributes despite structural similarity.

Boldenone Undecylenate—Dosage and Cycle

The cycle’s continuance should be eight to 10 weeks. As for dosing, the optimal variant is 400 to 800 mg weekly. As a hard rule, titrating dosages is imprudent: titration interferes with optimal results. Increasing the dose, on the contrary, can become a catalyst for further manifestation of side effects.

Cycling this drug provides the following covetable effects:

  • Muscle mass gaining. The drug guarantees slow but stable bulking because of its tissue building powers. The peculiarities of this effect are determined by the type of ether.
  • Enhanced strength. This outcome accompanies the previous.
    Better appetite. As metabolism accelerates, an athlete will crave more nutrition.
  • Increased erythrocyte mass of blood. The medicament stimulates the creation of red blood cells (RBCs). Thus, musculatures drink more oxygen and work more efficiently and lactic acid formation slow.

In addition, the remedy increases endurance. Boldenone is often used by sprinters, skiers, other jocks oriented towards enhanced endurance.

Boldenone Cypionate, Acetate, and Propionate—Modernized Esters

These esters are characterized by quicker action. Using acetate, cypionate, or propionate esters results in faster muscular hypertrophy. These forms have a much shorter half-life. Their advantage is that the organism quickly removes anabolics after ceasing the cycle. But there is a drawback: injections should be performed once every two or three days (in lowered quantities), not once a week as with undecylenate.

Side Effects of Boldenone Drug

Like any anabolic medicament, side effects may ensue, especially when a bulker is abusing the drug or overdosing. Here is the list of possible concomitants of this anabolic agent:

  • Estrogenic effect: the drug may convert to estrogen, but this effect isn’t so pronounced. The level of its conversion is lower than that of testosterone. Many folks don’t experience this effect.
  • Androgenic action: the medication can lead to androgenization, including acne, the acceleration of baldness (in athletes predisposed to this) and hair growth on the body.

The manifestation of these effects is not too considerable, which is connected with the structural features of the drug. In most guys, androgenic actions are easily controlled.

When using Boldenone cypionate or other forms of medication, females may suffer from symptoms of virilization. They include body hair growth, coarsening of the voice, and an enlarged clitoris. However, low androgenic activity makes it more or less suitable for use by women (and so it’s considered among the safer steroids for women). If signs of virilization appear, doping therapy should be discontinued. If a woman ignores this factor, disadvantageous symptoms can become irreversible.

Cardiovascular effect: the negative effect of the drug on the cardiovascular system is much less than most anabolic steroids, especially oral ones. However, this steroid has a slight negative effect on cholesterol. If you observe the principles of proper nutrition and add a cardio load to your training program, you’ll reduce the risk of unwanted cardiovascular effects.
Inhibition of testosterone: like all anabolics, this one suppresses the natural production of “the king of male hormones.” However, the oppression level may vary depending on the quantity and duration of administration. The drug inhibits test production, but this process is significantly lower than with most other anabolics.

Hepatotoxicity often comes up amidst discussions on AAS, but this medication is not considered hepatotoxic. Thus, with proper dosage, a negative effect on the liver is not observed.

Famous Cases of Using Boldenone

This substance was approved solely for veterinary medicine (often Boldenone undecylenate is used for increasing a horse’s endurance in horseracing). It’s not officially permitted for treating humans (therefore, it belongs to the long list of illegal steroids for sale). Still, many athletes misuse it (as it’s designed for animals, any use by people is misusage).

In 1997, Australian rules footballer Justin Charles was suspended from participating in 16 AFL matches, as the anti-doping test revealed Bold in the athlete’s body. In 2008, horse trainer and businesswoman Gai Waterhouse was fined $10,000 after this agent had been identified in the blood of one of her racehorses.

Brand Names of the Medication

Here’s the list of Bold brand names:

  • Boldane
  • Boldoject
  • Bold-one
  • Boldebolin
  • Equipoise
  • Equigan
  • Equidex
  • Equibol
  • Parenabol
  • Ultragain
  • Ganabol
  • Mitgan
  • Vebonol
  • Boldon
  • Bolden
  • Lexobold
  • Testobolin
  • Bolde-250
  • Bolden M250
  • Lextren
  • Bolbolic
  • Boldenone Titan

Many meds from this list are manufactured by Indian and Chinese drugmakers, some of them are counterfeiters. Be cautious when purchasing Boldenone in online stores.