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TRX Full Body Workout Routine: Upper and Lower Body Weekly Program

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We can say for sure: if you have TRX  equipment, you are a lucky person. This sports tool will allow you to perform a lot of different exercises targeting the upper and lower body parts. In this article, we will tell you about proper TRX full body workout and training of the upper & lower body with TRX.

TRX Full Body Workout Routine

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It turns out that the key principle of training using TRX straps is based precisely on the resistance, which is due to the design of this sports equipment. It is a more advanced version of resistance bands, but with some difference, so you should not confuse these types of sports equipment with each other. The first difference is that TRXs produce on the basis of belts with high durability. TRX traps were developed by the US Marine Corps Special Forces in 1990s. They were used for training Navy SEALs. Today, TRX loops are used not only by the military, but also by athletes.

TRX straps have the following benefits:

  • Increased coordination, due to the absence of any special fastenings and rigid stop.
  • Strengthening the interaction between the muscles, because you have to use almost the entire body at the same time.
  • Safety, since there is no additional burden, with the exception of the mass of one’s own body.
  • TRX straps are good for circuit training.

Your TRX full body workout may be as follows (source – self.com):

  • Squat – 10-12 reps (targets glutes, legs);
  • Low Row – 10-12 reps (targets arms, shoulders, abs, and back);
  • Back-It-Up Lunge – do 10-12 reps (targets core, glutes, and legs);
  • Chest Press – do 10-12 reps (targets arms, shoulders, chest);
  • Plank – 10-12 reps (targets core, arms, and butt);
  • Hamstring Curl – 10-12 reps (targets core, glutes, legs);
  • Pike – do 10-12 reps (targets arms, core, legs).

If you have read our previous articles (30 minute TRX workout plan for beginners), you probably know how to perform those exercises (and some of them will be additionally described below). But we haven’t told you about pike exercise. Here is how you should perform it. Set TRXs at full length. Your starting position is a high plank with the back to the anchor and the tops of your feet in the foot cradles on the straps. Keep the legs straight as you lift the hips to an inverted V form. Then lower your body (that will be 1 repetition). Perform the required number of times. You can create weekly routine that will be most suitable for you.

It is important: You should not start a workout session with TRX without a preliminary warm-up, which warms up the muscles. It may include jogging or running in one place, gymnastics for joints, stretching, and warming massage (when straps are used as rehabilitation tools). The program is constructed on a step-by-step basis and includes exercises from simple to complex, tailored to suit individual characteristics. The main thing is to have a good motivation and train systematically moving from easy movements to heavy compound ones in your TRX workout program.

TRX Upper Body Workout

Here are descriptions of some popular exercises for your TRX workout routine (upper body).

1. Push-Ups. Targets: shoulders, chest, arms. Beginner level. How to perform it? This exercise is a good substitute for barbell bench presses in the gym. In order to begin, thread the feet in TRX belts so that the toes of the feet are facing the floor. Raise the body so that the weight rests on the palm of the hand. Hold the abdominal muscles in contraction, bend your arms in the elbows and lower your chest. Then make a push-up to return to the original position. Try to perform controlled movements feeling the shoulders and pectoral muscles.

2. TRX Reverse Fly. Targets: shoulders, back, oblique abdominal muscles. Intermediate level. This exercise is a good part of your TRX upper body workout, intended for developing deltoid muscles. How to perform it? To start, stand face to the point of attachment of TRX straps, taking the handle with reverse grip. Lean back until the body forms a diagonal line (TRX straps should be stretched). Stretch the body back. Then lift your body up performing reverse flyes. Return to the starting position and do it again.

TRX Lower Body Workout

Here are descriptions of some popular exercises for your TRX lower body workout:

1. TRX Lunges. Targets: legs and abs. Beginner level. How to perform this exercise? The starting position should be as follows: the left leg in the TRX straps, and the right one firmly on the floor. Make a deep lunge, keeping the balance. Go back to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. It is important to feel the burning sensation in the gluteus muscles, quadriceps, and abdominal muscles.

2. TRX Sit-Ups. Targets: abs, quadriceps femoris, buttock, biceps, arms. Beginner level. How to perform this exercise? Regular squats are important for the formation of a strong lower body. Add TRX squats to your schedule to work out your body and learn to squat right, if for now it’s hard for you to perform this exercise with a barbell. Start by holding both handles in front of you at the waist level, the elbows should be bent. Perform a deep squat, straightening your arms at eye level. Stand up to return to the starting position.

3. TRX Leg Curl. Targets: gluteal muscles, hamstrings. Intermediate level. How to perform this exercise? Lie on your back, stretching your arms along the body. Fix your feet in TRX straps. While contracting abdominal muscles, lift the hips from the floor. Pull the heels to the hips with controlled movement. Do not swing. Straighten your legs to return to their original position.

The Bottom Line on TRX Workout Program

Like any commercially successful product, the TRX bands are surrounded by a huge variety of myths, most of which are the products of the marketing departments of TRX manufacturers. Therefore, you should be skeptical of statements like “TRX trainings are the best way to get fit”, “thanks to TRX, you get functional muscles, not just muscle volumes,” “performing TRX workouts you will quickly get 6 packs on the belly”, etc.

It should be understood that TRX straps are just a kind of sports equipment for total body training, along with the usual dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands. Yes, TRXs have some advantages, which will bring not only a pleasant variety to your workouts, but also will allow you to work out your weak areas. However, we would not recommend to build your training process only around Total Body Resistance Exercise. In the end, the key to success lies in the diversity and ability to use multiple methods in order to bring yourself in shape, correctly combining the different types of workouts and exercises.

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