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Tribulus Terrestris: Extract, Benefits, Dosage, Reviews from Bodybuilders

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Do you want to boost your testosterone levels naturally? There is a good solution for it—an herb called Tribulus terrestris, an ephemeral plant belonging to the caltrops (zygophyllaceae) family. It has no side effects of steroids (like Anavar, Trenbolone, and Masteron), however, it provides a natural testosterone-boosting effect. In addition, it has other benefits for health. Read on to learn more about this excellent herbal supplement.

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

The resurgence of herbs which were used by curers and mages of antiquity to treat various unhealthinesses, is a contemporary vogue trend in the market today. This may be associated with the eternal craving of mankind for mysterious and unknown phenomena, the disappointment in modern medicine and the worship of the primogenitors’ wisdom. Surely, many plants have healing effects, while others are virtually useless.

Tribulus belongs to the first group. In bodybuilding, it’s known as a testosterone booster, but, as claimed by natural supplements producers, also has other health benefits, including normalizing sugar and cholesterol rates in the bloodstream. It also may enhance testosterone production and is helpful in combating lovesickness (low libido) in both sexes.

Many people wonder, “what is Tribulus?” It’s an annual herb widely distributed around the world. Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine has long used the roots and fruits of this dicotyledonous plant to treat impotence and diseases of the cardiovascular and genito-urinary systems. It also helps to combat inflammation. Rat studies show that Tribulus fruits are beneficial for the health of the liver and kidneys (by removing toxins) and have anti-stress effects.

Boosters with Tribulus terrestris extract are offered by many suppliers of sports nutrition (Weider, Ironflex, Real Pharm, Nutrex, Actiway, Puritan’s Pride, Crazybulk, and others). There are many reasons for this.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract: Main Features

Here are main features of TT supplements:

  • Completely natural product
  • Contains a lot of saponins and other biologically active substances
  • Increases testosterone in the body
  • Improves muscle mass gains
  • Boosts sex drive

How does it work? It is believed that TT provides its effects due to high saponin content.

Benefits of Tribulus Terrestris Supplements


TT makes males more hormonal and enhances their libidinal characteristics. The textbooks on physiology say testosterone is responsible for sexual function. On average, taking 0.75–1.5 grams by fellows with an impaired sex desire every day for 60 days increased their libidinal characteristics by almost 80%, according to an American experiment performed in the 2010s.

A similar effect was observed in women—in the vast majority, sexual desires increased after the intake of 500–1500 mg Tribulus for 90 days. Sexual arousal and satisfactoriness also increased. Therefore, it can also be effective for low libido in gals.

In the pharmaceutical market, there are few medicines intended to treat sexual dysfunctions in women. Tribu can become a good OTC libido-boosting remedy in this field.

Tribulus has some other useful properties, however, despite its positioning as a universal remedy, some proclaimed actions should be examined more thoroughly.

Tribulus has diuretic (urinative) properties. As stated by Al-Ali M, Wahbi S, Twaij H (St. Bartholomew’s, The Royal London & Homerton University Hospitals, 2003), it has the potential of propelling urinary stones.
Experiments on animals showed improvement of the immune system. According to Xiaohui Wang, Ru Wang, Liang Yin et al. (Endocrine Abstracts, 2013), supplements of TT improved the suppressed immune function caused by over training in rodents.

It has antidepressant action (observed in Swiss Albino mice; Saurabh Chhatre, Tanuja Nesari, Gauresh Somani, Maharashtra/Pune, India, 2014).
It exerts an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Hyun Hwa Lee, Eun-Kyung Ahn et al. (Korean Dankook University, Cheonan, 2017) described anti-inflammatory effect of tribulusamide D isolated from the goat’s head.
It reduces the risk of cancer (this property is a characteristic of many plants, due to a high content of antioxidants). According to Patel A, Soni A, Siddiqi NJ and others (Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India, 2019), the plant extracts might exert their anticancer effect by both extrinsic & intrinsic apoptotic (programmed cell death) pathways.

As for the testosterone-boosting effect, Qureshi A, Naughton DP, Petroczi A (Kingston University, Kingston upon Thames, 2014) reported that it had been seen only in people when TT was part of a multi-combined supplement administration. According to Andrzej Pokrywka, Zbigniew Obmiński, Jadwiga Malczewska-Lenczowska et al. (Institute of Sport, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland, 2014), the published data concerning the herb “do not provide strong evidence for either usefulness or safe usage in sport.”

The Proper Dosage of Tribulus Terrestris

In the instructions inserts in the package for the use of Tribulus pills, its doses are often indicated together with the percentage of saponins. Saponins are chemical compounds in the plant, which are probably responsible for its beneficial properties, as indicated in multiple research studies.

The proportion of saponins in testosterone enhancers and other Tribulus-containing dietary supplements is typically 45–60%. The higher this amount, the smaller the dose of the supplement, due to the richness of its content.

It is believed that this percentage of saponins is the “gold standard” for supplements based on Tribulus.

Instructions for the use of TT are simple. In scientific studies, the following dosages have been used (saponin content 60%):

To normalize blood sugar—about 1000mg of Tribulus per day. Tribulus can lower blood glucose and even reduce the risk of developing diabetes (however, more research is needed to confirm this statement).
To increase the libido—Tribulus terrestris dosage should be about 200-450mg per day. As we pointed out above, Tribulus is a powerful libido enhancer. This is partly because it raises testosterone levels. However, the full mechanism of influence on libido is not authentically known.

To increase testosterone in bodybuilding (or in other sports activities)—about 1000mg per day (the specific dosage depends on the content of saponins in the product). Athletes are mostly positive about this product (see unfeigned reviews below). Some consider it an unsurpassable natural product for increasing testosterone. Its effect may be weaker than the effect of powerful anabolic steroids like Sustanon 250. However, the undeniable advantage of this product is complete safeness for health, at least in healthy individuals. If you suffer from heart disease or any other serious unhealthiness, consult a doctor.

Pharmacies or online shops may offer roots or flowers of Tribulus in powder form. To increase the libido one should take 5–6 g of powdered roots or 2-3 g of pulverulent fruits.

Possible Side Effects of Tribulus Terrestris

In most studies, there were no side effects of Tribulus, therefore, it can be considered generally safe. Singular happenings include mild stomach pain and eructation (however, these side effects may be more pronounced if the person suffers from ulcers or gastritis).

Persons suffering from kidney illnesses should use it with caution since at least one case of its toxicity is known when a man tried to get rid of kidney stones by drinking 2 liters of water with a Tribulus dissolved in it.

A lethal dose is about 120–140 mg/kg (in the form of injections). But this is next to unrealizable. A life-threatening quantity in tablet form is not established since scientists do not know exactly the level of their absorption in the body. But in general, they are safe. Side effects of illegal steroids are more harmful.

Tribulus Terrestris Reviews—What Do Athletes Say About It?

We’ve gathered some reviews of athletes who’ve used Tribulus supplements. This is what they said:

  • “The drug does not suit everyone, whether you’re 20 or 40. But if it suits you, you will feel the result.” Aaron A., Branson, Missouri
  • “I would not recommend exceeding the daily dose of 1500 mg. Take one capsule before training or after waking up. The main thing is to do this on an empty stomach.” Ben R., Lewes, Delaware
  • “This is a powerful product. I bought and used a whole cycle which consisted of one dose a day for 30 days (it was 2 months ago). My sex drive intensified. I also worked with heavier dumbbells and barbells in the gym.” -Carlos D., Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • “Tribu is a great supp! I use it on an everyday basis and I’m happy. I believe this product has the same effects as some anabolic steroids.” Simon H., Boise, Idaho

Today Tribulus is widely known as a testosterone booster. This plant is a good libido enhancer for both genders.