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Tiger Woods and Steroids: The Legendary Sportsman and His Sticky Situation

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A few years ago, in the early hours of the morning, Tiger Woods was found by a policeman in his car in Florida. He couldn’t explain anything about his night leading up to being discovered by the cops, and it was nigh on impossible to understand his speech. It was obvious he was under the effect of drugs, alcohol or both.

Drunk, High, or Both?

He was arrested and promptly taken to the police station. First, news reports said the golfer was drunk. People who saw him at the time said otherwise. His behavior was erratic and unhinged, the kind of behavior that doesn’t quite equate with alcohol alone.

Woods was unable to concentrate enough to answer questions. He was, however, capable of walking straight. The inference here is that a certain part of Wood’s nervous system was affected. He was subjected to tests, doctors found that such strange behavior resulted from the influence of sedatives. Rumor has it that official publications detailed this outcome, but the sportsman’s popularity influenced the people working in the lab to change the real results… Sounds rather outlandish, we agree, but there were a few little details that support this theory.

After this media hiccup accident, the sportsman answered questions about the incident. His main line of defense was to blame everything on painkillers. Such a strategy is popular, famous people across the globe use it frequently. It helps to divert attention away from guesses as to which drugs they’re really on and explains the downright weird behavior.

It’s easy to pontificate that Woods explained he used meds because of injuries accrued during his sports career. It seems like a solid enough reasoning until we remember that even the strongest opioids known to man would induce the state he was found in…

The Crowd Weighs In

Tiger Woods is a popular and prominent golf legend, and, at the moment of his accident, many people refused to engage with a narrative that had Woods positioned as anything other than the golden boy of the sport. Others wholeheartedly jumped on the guilty verdict which led to an increase of people wondering if his whole damned career had been fake — and what drugs was he taking exactly?

This story features many similarities with the HGH pills for bodybuilding cases which ran amok at the same time. As soon as suspicion is raised, there’s always a pack of people who will believe it straight away. A jingoistic media feeding frenzy ensues with people unknown to the man himself weighing in with their opinions on his intricate case.

After Tiger Wood’s very public fall from grace, further gossip spread: did he take steroids while on tournaments? It is a well-known fact that every important competition starts with anti-doping tests. Professional sports people are granted the chance to take the field, or the green, only after detailed observations.

Taking that into account, it’s possible he is innocent and the story he spun about painkillers is the truth. There is a third version — that he started to use something like Methenolone enanthate after he stopped his professional activities.

The Real Situation

Toxicology reports from that fated night in May 2017 reveal that everyone’s favorite club bandit was packing an astonishing five different drugs in his system: Hydrocodone, Alprazolam, Zolpidem, and Delta-9 carboxy THC. Either he really did have a bad back as he stated, or just wanted to catch some shuteye. The levels of Xanax and Ambien were high, possibly as high as he was after that last joint he smoked before falling asleep in his Mercedes!

If Woods feels comfortable downing that lot at the same time, what else is he OK with? As we’ve seen, these tox reports made people even surer that his handicap was influenced by more than his finely executed swing.

Unfortunately, only Woods knows the truth. There is zero evidence that the story about forbidden steroid drugs was founded. What we do know is that the full list of meds Mr. Woods used was pretty diverse. Some items people suspect Tiger of partaking of, like testosterone cream, are not forbidden but available over the counter from multitudes of online pharmacies.

The Recipe for Tiger’s Career Success

Woods was born in Cypress California in 1975. He holds an impressive 108 tournament wins and showed a proclivity for sports at a young age. Young Eldrick Tont Woods (the sportsman’s real name) started golf when he was just eight under the tutelage of his father Earl, an army officer. Tiger gets his distinctive looks from both parents — his mother is Thai.

He went pro in the 90s and quickly racked up some serious wins such as becoming the first African American player to win the US Masters, golf’s most honored title. As a youth, Tiger always dedicated himself fully to any activity he was involved in including building the kind of body golfers need with strong yet supple arms and backs.

That he possesses the ideal physique for golf has led many commentators to believe that Woods uses HGH. This conclusion made headway because he has an efficient and ideal muscle tissue balance, without evidence of hard training sessions.

Perhaps Wood’s in just naturally adept at golf. recently, he’s made headlines for being the ultimate comeback kid. After a rocky path when his marriage to the Norwegian model Elin Nordegren fell apart (the couple has two children together Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel) and his infidelity with club manager Rachel Uchitel came to light, Woods is back driving birdies with the best of them and secured another Masters win in 2019.

Natural talent or a nice little boost juice? Your guess is as good as ours.

The Devil’s Lettuce?

Some newspapers and digital media sources and publications wondered if the key reason behind Woods’ odd behavior the night of his arrest was thanks to marijuana. While we think it’s unlikely that sweet Mary Jane is wholly responsible for the severe cognitive difficulties he seemed to be facing that night, it may have contributed.

Abounding rumors not withstanding, Tiger Woods has always maintained that his success is down to the fact that he has “worked his butt off,” not steroids. But lingering doubt still swamps the best golfer the world has ever seen.

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