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The Best Steroid Stacks – Buy Dose Pack & Make Your Muscles Bigger!

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There are heaps of steroids on the market. For example, you can buy Anavar, Nebido, etc. And what steroid cycle to choose to achieve best lean muscle, while minimizing side effects? The answer depends on your state of health, your sports goals, budget, time, individual preferences, and other factors. You have a wide choice. We have analyzed specialists’ recommendations and huge number of forums to give you the accurate information, concerning the best steroid stacks & cycles available today.

Beginner Steroid Stacks — T & Deca

During this course, use 500mg of a testosterone ester during 12 weeks. The same goes for Deca in 200mg dose.

We offer you the most suitable stack, especially if there is your first experience. The combination of Deca/T hormone is the most reliable and efficient. It allows you to achieve the desired result with the minimal risk of severe adverse events. This compound requires fewer injections, which is very appealing for beginners. Its administration as a cornerstone combo is becoming increasingly popular. Using it for further cycles is also forceful. Its common negative consequencesinclude high BP, fluid retention, elevated cholesterol, and gyno. Daily use of Nolvadex in 10 mg dose is sufficient to eliminate any of the side effects, mentioned above.

Two weeks of PCT are required for clearing your organism. Your next step is taking Nolvadex, which is aimed at re-establishing proper testosterone emission. Its duration comprises 3 weeks. The application is: first two weeks (at the final stage of the therapy) you should administer 40 milligrams and the last week (after the cycle) — 20mg.

Steroid Dose Pack — “the Kickstarter” (T, Deca, Dianabol)

The cycle consists of three medicaments:

  • Enanthate T ester (500mg steroid dose pack should be used for 12 weeks);
  • Deca (200mg dosage for twelve weeks);
  • Dianabol (only 25mg a day for the first six weeks).

The same situation was with the described above beginner cycle, implying adding Dianabol to the stack. Designed in oral form, Dianabol acts extremely quickly. At the initial stage, you will be amazed by your strengthendurance, and mass. The medicine’s action is often called front loading. This is definitely the best choice for musculature enlargement.

Taking the medication, you’re more likely to face the following unwished consequences: high arterial tension, water retention, increased chol, gynecomastia. But do not worry: use Nolvadex in the dosage of 10 mg daily and you’ll get rid of all the unwanted adverse events associated with the treatment. Also tablets, powder have damaging toxic impact on your liver. To preclude this, administer Dianabol with a liver supplement. The cycle’s continuance should not exceed 6 weeks. Two weeks of PCT are required for purifying your system. Then enter upon Nolvadex, which promotes necessary quantity of testosterone production. It should last 3 weeks. The application is as follows: for the first 2 weeks, you should take 40 mg of the drug and for the last week — 20mg.

Best Steroid Stack for Fat Burning — T, Trenbolone, & Winny

This cycle also comprises 3 meds:

  • Propionate T ester (100mg dose every other day for 12 days);
  • Tren (75mg — the same taking regimen);
  • Winny (50mg dosage on an everyday basis).

This course is the best for weight loss, which makes it tremendously demanded. The pledge of such success lies in efficacy. Attaining of your hoped-for goals is determined vastly by your nutrition. Un unbalanced diet, unlike wholesome one with proper calorage, will not give positive results. Eating balanced food will allow you to look fascinating. This stack also helps to preserve your strength and stamina during cutting (fat-burning diet with insufficient carbs intake).

Since Trenbolone is very potent, a 50mg dose reduction is permissible if the preparation triggers side effects. 0.5mg of Arimidex daily is very effective for preventing estrogen from building-up. Your PCT should ideally begin immediately after the cycle’s finish. The application includes HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), 500iu per 10 days. Seven days after the course, Clomid taking should begin. Consume 150mg each day for two weeks, 100mg a day for the 3rd week & 50mg respectively for the last 4th week.

Good Steroid Pack — “Pooh Bear” (T + Winny)

Two medications belong to it:

  • Testosterone enanthate — 500mg taken during 12 weeks;
  • Winny — 50mg a day (from 7th week to the finish of the treatment).

Adding Winstrol to the cycle final stage is one of the test options. Bodybuilders, preparing for contests, and both professional and amateur sportspersons, trying to maintain strength when keeping to a special diet, use Winny in hope to demonstrate impeccable performance and show best muscle building results. The expected effect is avoiding the sub-normal hormones level thanks to Winny’s short-term half-life.

Common adverse events include liver damaging & androgenic manifestations. Oral intake requires liver protection with the help of special cleanser. Another forceful supplement is fish oil (Omega-3) capable of preventing joints from collagen loss. These additional medications usually accompany the therapy.

Typically, PCT lasts for 2 weeks to let the hormones regulate your system. For testosterone synthesis restoration 3-week Nolvadex course is recommended in such regimen: two weeks of daily use of 40mg followed by a week of applying a 20 mg dose.

Steroid Dose Pack — the So-Called “Lonely Cycles”

Standalone cycles with minimal side effect risk are also widespread. Among the most popular ones are:

  1. T hormone. This is a classic cycle, which is the best for mass gain. There are many satisfying consumers of a test only cycle. It will be good if you begin with 500mg per 8-12 weeks. The duration may vary depending on your sports purposes. If you are supplied with Arimidex, take it if aromatization effects occur. Do this as soon as 2 weeks of your cycle end. Then you can freely start PCT with Nolvadex (Caditam, Blastofen, Cytotam, Eldtam, Mamofen). Take 40mg every day for the first 2 weeks and 20mg for the final week.
  2. Sustanon. Sustanon as a combination of 4 testosterone substances was the hottest new trend 10 years ago because of impressive bulking properties. Although the cycle is less popular today, it still astonishes musclemen by its effect: tangible size increase can be achieved after an 8-12-week course with taking 500mg per week. PCT and adverse events of Sustanon are similar to those of a test cycle.
  3. Trenbolone. It is used by those bodybuilders who don’t wish to experience aromatization adverse events caused by other steroid agents and are going to proceed to the cutting phase. With such properties as fat burning, strength maintaining and aromatization eliminating, trenbolone only cycles might seem impeccable. However, they have drawbacks manifested by increased aggression, lowered libido, and bad sleep. Taking 300 mg per week during 6-8 weeks can ensure ravishing results, provided the symptoms are carefully monitored. To make an efficient PCT a muscleman should take human hormone (1000iu for ten days), Nolvadex (20 mg per day for a month and one week), and clomiphene (50mg for 21 days).

The cycles described in this article are simple. 95% of those who have used them could notice the expected outcomes. If you make up your mind to start using one of the cycles presented don’t neglect the appropriate PCT program. Later we’ll share our future experience and new ideas on efficient and prospective stacks.

The Bottom Line on Legal Steroid Stack for Beginners

Choosing the best steroid stack, you should know that anabolic types of steroids, such as Stanozolol, Anadrol, Masteron, Primobolan, Sustanon-250, Anavar, and Omnadren, are the most probably prohibited in your country. Legal steroid stack is impossible. National legislation often defines steroids (anabolics) as banned substances, while other types, such as nasal steroid spray, are allowed. So you can make the cycle at your own risk and after the consultation with the sports specialists.