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The best legal steroids and illegal ones that are available on the market!

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A lot of sites on the Internet sell “legal steroids”. However, in fact, these medicines are not legal if they are sold as non-RX meds (supplements). In this article, we will tell you which steroids are legal, whether there are legal anabolic steroids and other interesting things.

Are steroids legal or not?

A lot of people are wondering: are steroids legal? Meds based on steroids are legal if they are sold for medical reasons. These can be corticosteroids and testosterone. Other steroid pills that are legal include hormonal contraceptives, estradiol, and others. Use of steroids in sport is prohibited if we talk about anabolics.

Legal steroids – list of corticosteroids

Corticosteroid hormones and their synthetic analogs are used as steroids that work for curing autoimmune and other diseases. Natural glucocorticoid hormones are contained in hydrocortisone (OTC drug, the best on market) and cortisone. There have also been obtained a number of their synthetic analogs, the pharmacological activity of which is higher than that of natural hormones medications. The fluorinated derivatives of corticosteroids are the most convenient for topical application since they are less absorbed (they are used in the form of topical remedies). Synthetic analogues of glucocorticoid hormones include prednisone, prednisolone, dexamethasone, triamcinolone, methylprednisolone, and others steroids that work fast.

Are steroids illegal?

When people ask “are steroids illegal”, they usually mean anabolic steroids. These steroids have been used for non-medical purposes since the early 1960s. Pioneers, in this case, were athletes who received drugs from the team doctors. Soon, athletes began to independently buy and sell those chemical substances. The staggering ability of steroids to increase muscle mass and strength promptly changed the sport. By the mid-1960s, anabolic steroids had spread everywhere, in many sports, especially in athletics, football and bodybuilding. The withdrawal of steroids from legal sales channels has become commonplace, and the black market has started to develop actively. The most common places for the shadow sale of steroids are gyms and sports schools. Therefore, many countries have begun to adopt legislation to combat the illegal spread of steroids.

Anabolic steroids, such as oral Turinabol & Oxandrolone, are not legal in USA and in many European countries, but they can be easily purchased in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and other Eastern countries. They are also available without a prescription in Mexico. In some countries, they can be purchased in direct sales, for example, in any pharmacy, and in others – only through a dealer network. Of course, in virtually any country in the world anabolic drugs can be bought on the black market, but in this case the risk of buying a fake medicament increases.

Interestingly, in Mexico, where anabolic steroids are not prohibited, there is no steroid problem. Anyone can go to the pharmacy and buy steroids. However, in this country, there are practically no known cases of side effects from the abuse of steroids. Sport does not abound with scammers and accusations of crimes. Therefore, some people believe that anabolic steroids (without a prescription) need to be legalized in the US and other countries.

Legal anabolic steroids – testosterone

Prescription testosterone is a remedy for replacement therapy against male hypogonadism. It can be sold in tablets, injections, plasters and as implants that serve as alternatives to internal male hormones. Intramuscular injection of testosterone is the most commonly used method of replacement therapy. Increasingly popular are the transdermal forms of testosterone containing medicines (gels, patches). They quickly create the necessary level of androgens in the blood but do not undergo hepatic metabolism as oral meds, and at the same time do not create a supraphysiological level of testosterone, as is the case with testosterone esters (cypionate, enanthate) and a mixture of esters (Omnadren). The advantage of transdermal forms is their non-invasiveness, the possibility of independent use, and the absence of pronounced side effects. In some countries, implants are a common method of therapy for androgen deficiency. With the help of surgical intervention, the implant is placed subcutaneously, releasing the hormone for 6 months.

Some illegal anabolic steroids

Illegal anabolic steroids are often sold in gyms or on suspicious online sites. This creates a risk of purchasing counterfeits. Often people sell veterinary steroids (such as Trenbolone acetate). Because these “best steroids” were developed for animals, no one investigated their effects on humans, possible doses, patients’ reviews, and side effects.
Just like all black-market drugs, counterfeit anabolics are manufactured in clandestine laboratories. They look like the real ones, but the active elements in them can be different or not of the same strength. For example, methandrostenolone was a very popular anabolic steroid (there were many steroids before and after stories associated with this drug). After the official manufacturers removed it from the market, it continues to be sold illegally. According to one study, three purchased drugs with the label “methandrostenolone” were tested in the laboratory, and inappropriate components (such as caffeine) were found.