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The Best Inner Chest Workout for Mass – Exercises to Grow Your Pecs

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Quite often, many sportsmen who have been involved in bodybuilding for more than one year have some problems with the chest. It is not developed evenly, and it turns out that it is saggy, or vice versa: the upper part is pumped up and the lower one is not well-developed. There are even possible distortions in the right and left sides. Therefore, if you notice a similar defect in your body, try to develop those parts that, in your opinion, have lagged behind. Perhaps you will benefit from anabolic steroids such as testosterone propionate and methandienone. But our article is not about steroids. It is devoted to inner chest workout peculiarities.

Inner Chest Workout Basics

What do you have to do? Musculus pectoralis major development, like any other training consists of the following aspects:

  • Proper chest workout routine;
  • Technique;
  • Recovery;
  • Proper nutrition;
  • Motivation (psychological aspect).

All these components should be right for you, but what exactly is right – everyone determines for himself / herself, because all people are different, for example, some athletes can even plunge into the ice with ice water under 40-degree frost, while others have poor immunity and get cold from a light draft. So, we will select for ourselves a few exercises. But you should understand that there are no options that only give a load to any one part of the breast, since any chest contraction affects all the its parts, the only question is which of them are contracting more.

Chest Workout Routine – Key Exercises

1. Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press. This exercise is the most effective when the bar is at the top of the path, but has not yet reached the end, and the arms are almost straight. But doing it alone is not recommended, since the grip will always outweigh side-to-side, and even if it does not fall, your muscles will simply develop asymmetrically. Therefore, usually when athletes do close-grip barbell bench press, they ask someone to help them, and this is correct.

The technique is almost identical to the classic bench press on a horizontal bench. In prone position the bar should rest on the racks at the level of your eyes. Remember the four points of support. These are feet, buttocks, shoulder blades and the back of the head. The legs should not be bent more than 90 °, because they are the support of the whole body in this exercise. Move the shoulder blades together, lower the shoulders, squeeze the buttocks with force. In such a strain of the whole body, the safest working position is ensured, which will protect you from injuries and make the movement sure.

The optimal width of the grip is at shoulder level or quite narrower. The bar should not be swayed. The grip should allow you to keep weight confidently. Remove the bar from the posts and place it on your arms. Your position should be comfortable, swings of the body or a bar aren’t acceptable. Breathe in and hold your breath for a while. Immediately after this, start slowly lowering the bar to the bottom of the chest. At the lowest point, do not stop the movement. Begin to exhale and proceed to push the bar up. Your upper inner and lower inner chest will receive a good load.

2. Close Push-Ups. This exercise is inherently similar to the previous one, only here your body appears as a weighting agent. Join the fingers of the palms into the lock – this will significantly reduce the distance between them, thereby further narrowing the grip. As in the first method, here the efficiency is high when you are already at the top, so you can, in principle, not even go down, but work in the upper third of the way. Such work is good because you do not risk outweighing and falling aside, for there is not such a big load as when lifting the barbell. And you can increase the weight by trite putting on a backpack and putting weight plates covered in the package in it (so that it does not smell of rubber). You can come up with a whole lot of options on how to train the inner part of the pectoral muscle. There are many advanced versions of pushups.

3. Crossover Exercises. Everyone probably knows about the cable machine, it very well develops front synergists and practically does not affect the triceps. But for the inner part you need to do not full swing, but, again, to work in the final part of the path (preferably in one third, or even a quarter), since it is there that the optimal load distribution is achieved. It’s good that you can do cable exercises in any position, standing or sitting, some even prefer to lay down. In addition, you can train with resistance band (if any) not only in the gym, but also at home and on the street.

4. Close-Grip Dumbbell Bench Press. It is considered the most suitable exercise for solving inner chest problem. This, in principle, the same close-grip barbell bench press, only devoid of permanent wobble from side to side, as dumbbells do not have such a long grip length.

These are the main methods of training, which everyone should know. But you can come up with your own, which, perhaps, will be more suitable and effective for you.

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Upper & Lower Inner Chest Workout for Mass – Example of Routine

Here is an example of inner chest workout for mass:

  • Reverse-Grip Bench Press, 3 sets, 6-8 repetitions;
  • Dumbbell Press, 3 sets, 8-10 repetitions;
  • Cross-Body Cable Press, 3 sets per one side, 8-10 repetitions;
  • Cable Crossover, 3 sets, 12-15 repetitions.

Do these exercises regularly and a big chest will be forthcoming. Drugs like testosterone cypionate will significantly speed up the process, but their use is associated with several side effects of steroids.

Proper Recovery After Lower & Upper Inner Chest Workout

What kind of rest can be called proper? The one that makes the process of muscle developing more effective, and you can create it for yourself only, because no one except you knows all the features of your body and nervous system. Physical rest is only one side of it. But there is another type of rest, this is mental rest, which is no less important, because if you do not relax enough and abstract from bodybuilding, you simply cannot collect enough motivation for training. Your attention will be constantly distracted during your workouts.

Rest of the physical body after upper inner chest workout is the main thing. We think everything is clear here, since what is meant by the restoration of the body is nothing less than a lack of tension / stress. But that is not all. It is advisable to take contrasting showers, do self-massage, or go for massages, visit a sauna, take sports supplement, like BCAA etc. In general, you need to actively promote active muscle recovery through physical means. Mental relaxation is also very important. You should not neglect requires of your soul. How to pump the inner part of the pectoral muscles is a good question but without spirituality it cannot be resolved. Many believe that the soul does not exist, and if we hear any talk about it, we may think about all sorts of paranormalists, such as Gaurav Tiwari. This is of course very sad, because it has long been scientifically established that a person’s working capacity directly depends on the quality of his / her nervous system. The simplest evidence is the inability to do anything properly in stress, depression, or mental exhaustion. Your motivation may be lost in the ocean of negative emotions. That’s why you cannot underestimate mental rest. The right mental rest is, first of all, an abstraction from bodybuilding to other problems and problems of one’s life. Family, friends, children, work – all this requires attention, and if you are happy on all these fronts, you will have a good mood, and hence motivation. Secondly, it is the development of philosophical thinking. You need to understand what exactly motivates you to do sports, what are your goals. This is already an awareness of the causes and effects. If you understand this, it will be much easier for you to restore and accumulate motivation, and you do not have to search every time before going to the gym to find reasons for doing your best.

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