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The Best Daily Free Workout Apps: Full Body – for Women and Men

Posted by admin in Workouts Category. Reviewed and Updated: 17 May, 2018

Do you want to choose the best workout apps? Then you should read our article. We have analyzed a lot of apps and can provide you with the most important information on that matter. Let’s go!

Best Workout Apps (Full Body and Different Body Parts)

  • Fitted Lifts. Fitted Lifts app is intended for experienced athletes who use pen and paper to record training programs. Now you can create a program from the exercises offered in the application database or, if necessary, add your own sample routine. Exercises are distributed according to the group of muscles that they are aimed at, for example, the chest or triceps. Fitted Lifts includes individual resting timers for each exercise. When you create a routine, the app displays your progress in the table or graph and tells you how much time has passed since the last workout for a particular muscle group.
  • Yoga Studio. Yoga Studio features a library of more than 70 yoga workouts and meditation classes, lasting from 10 to 60 minutes. These routines are aimed at developing strength and flexibility, improving relaxation and balance. The app allows you to filter routines by their duration, focus, and level of your preparation. More advanced users of Yoga Studio can create their own classes using more than 300 asanas represented in the library. Users can upload videos and watch them later, without connecting to the Internet. Yoga coaches can synchronize Yoga Studio with the TV using Chromecast, Apple TV, or AirPlay.
  • Map My Fitness. In this app, more than 600 types of fitness workouts are available. It can be synchronized with more than 400 devices, which allows one to see the full picture of their sports results. Users can search for nearby routes or share their favorite routes with others. Map My Fitness records data on the pace, distance and calories burned during training, based on GPS. You can use this information to set new personal goals. Through the app community, users can take part in different competitions, which increase motivation. The latest version of the app is compatible with Android Wear and Apple Watch. The premium (paid or non-free) version of the application offers personalized training routines and the ability to monitor heart rate. In fact, the app mimics functions of gym coaches.
  • Apple Health. Apple company features real specialists. It’s no surprise that the company strives to make pre-installed applications on the iPhone so good that users do not want to look for an alternative. Apple Health app is a vivid confirmation of this. The app can do almost everything. Without adjusting special settings, the application counts the number of steps done per day (there is even a funny recount in the number of floors overcame). It also immediately collects weekly & monthly statistics. The app can interact with third-party gadgets, including Apple Watch, Jawbone, and Misfit.
  • Runtastic. This application was developed a couple of years ago as a competitor to Endomondo. Today it significantly surpasses its rival. In particular, there are much more functions here, so we can assume that Endomondo is for beginner athletes, while Runtastic is for professional gym rats. The number of possible measurements here is much greater, the app is able to divide jogs by fragments with different rates and accelerations. There is also a function for memorizing detailed jogging routes. Among other things, Runtastic can also take into account weather data and give voice tips during the route. It also allows you to manage your music with the help of the built-in player on your mobile device.
  • PumpUp. If you prefer active strength training and team sports, then the PumpUp application has to take a prominent place on your phone’s desktop. There you can find all you need: scenarios of training, a routine diary, and integration with social networks. But the most important thing is the visibility. Most applications of this type integrate video clips that demonstrate to the user how to do the exercises properly. Instead of that, PumpUp offers animations that are more intuitive and provide faster download speeds. Well, the main thing in PumpUp is the social component. This is a real community, a sort of sports social network, where millions of users share goals and results of training. Moreover, you can do perfect selfies with the help of this app.

Free Workout Apps on Google Play & AppStore

Fortunately, there are many free workout apps on the market.

  • Seven – 7-Min Workouts. Just a few minutes a day may be enough to keep your body in shape. For training, you can use just a chair, wall, and ordinary carpet. The application will train you with the help of a visual timer, high-quality images, and voice instructions. By the way, the basis of the routine presented in the app was taken from one New-York Times article.
  • Endomondo. Endomondo is a personal trainer that records your progress and monitors physical activity. It does not matter what kind of sports you do (running, yoga, kayaking or cycling) – the app will consider all your “legitimate interests”. Endomondo will record how fast you are moving and how many calories you burn. The app is compatible with fitness watches and fitness bracelets. At the end of the month, you will receive a detailed statistical report on your fitness activity.
  • RunKeeper. This application features a 26 million community of runners. A personal trainer helps you track all your movements: walking, cycling, jogging, and so on. Everything is recorded in detail and displayed in statistics (including pace, distance, time and calories burned). There is an integration with Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your results with your friends / subscribers in social networks.
  • Workout Trainer. No time to go to the gym every day? Then Workout Trainer app will help you. The program allows you to select the required level of complexity, purpose, and duration of workouts. All exercises are shown in pictures. There you can find more than 1000 descriptions and video instructions. For convenience, workout instructions are explained by the voice message. This application is one of the best full body workout apps!
  • JEFIT. The application has been created for the proper preparation of exercises and their correct execution. JEFIT optimizes training, tells about the technique of doing exercises and pushes to the desired result. The program has a clear and simple interface. There are more than 1300 exercises of varying complexity. There you can also find training diary and stats.
  • 100 Pushups. Simplicity is the soul of genius. If you want a defined chest and arms, do 10-min home workouts three times a week. After 6 weeks of using this app, you may probably enjoy the new body. Customizing the app for yourself will take a couple of seconds. There you will see workouts, reminders, and statistics. Choose the required level of difficulty and follow the instructions.
  • Track Yoga. If you are a yoga newcomer, then Track Yoga will become a real guide to the world of relaxation and asanas. The application provides yoga step-by-step guides. Track Yoga contains classes for beginners, yoga-workouts, exercises against stress and depression, tips for development of flexibility. There you can also find yoga for certain muscle groups, for example, for the back. And if you do not have so much time for training, you can choose an accelerated workout.

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List of Best Workout Apps for Women

You know, there are many applications designed specifically for women. The same goes for men. Applications for training are no exception. This is due to the fact that men and women can have different goals in training. For example, women do not need a lot of muscle mass, whereas the vast majority of guys want to become big. Well, let’s start with best workout apps for women:

  • Daily Ab Workout.
  • Daily Butt Workout.
  • Daily Yoga.
  • Nike + Training Club.
  • The Johnson & Johnson 7-Minute Workout.
  • Fitstar Personal Trainer.
  • Pregnancy Exercise (for pregnant women).

Additionally, you can find workout apps for kids (such as Walkr and Calm).

List of Best Workout Apps for Men

If you are a man, you definitely want to have bid muscles and better muscle definition (our apologizes for tautology). So, here is a list of the best workout apps for men that will help you in achieving your goal:

  • Fitbody;
  • 8fit;
  • Strava Running and Cycling GPS;
  • HowUdish;
  • Mindfulness;
  • StrongLifts 5×5 Workout Gym Log & Personal Trainer;
  • Sheiko Powerlifting Workout.

The Bottom Line on Daily Workout Apps

It is commonly believed that mobile devices make us more passive, providing a demotivating effect. But that’s not true. If you use smartphones with intelligence, you can effectively lose weight, become stronger, more enduring and sportier. The main thing is to choose the right daily workout apps. Each of the above described applications can become your personal coach, believe us. In addition, you can find apps for proper nutrition that, for example, will help you to boost testosterone naturally.