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The Best Bodyweight Home Workout for Men and Women to Get a Bigger Chest

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The most effective training of the chest requires the availability of sports equipment: benches, barbells, dumbbells and various sports machines. All these items are definitely available in every gym. Those who for some reason do not have the opportunity to attend a gym will be interested in learning how to develop the chest muscles at home.

Below we will tell you how to perform a bodyweight chest workout at home and outdoors to be like Steve Cook or Jeff Seid.

Most Important Knowledge About Chest Muscles Anatomy

Chest (pectoral) muscles consist of the following symmetrical groups, each of which includes:

  • Large pectoralis muscle. Has a fan-shaped shape and is located on the front surface of the chest.
  • Small pectoralis muscle. Has a triangular shape and is located in the upper chest area under the large pectoral muscle.
  • Serratus anterior. It is located in the anterior part of the chest.

The large and small muscles provide the move of arms toward and across your chest, as well as the partial rotation of the arms inwards. The breasts are divided into upper, middle and lower divisions. Also, the inner part is also divided separately, there are special exercises for it. The middle part actively works with any exercises, and the lower and, especially, the upper parts require an accentuated load. Chest workout is very energy-intensive, so it can be used to burn excess fatty tissues.

Top Exercises for Chest Workout at Home

Let’s start with what you can really do without leaving home – these are push-ups (press-ups). You probably know that it is the push-up that pump the pectoral muscles in general. But how to direct the load to their inner part? The answer is simple: do narrowed push-ups, and the narrower they are, the better for you. The most effective option is when the hands are in such a way that one palm rests on the other. By the way, some people do push-ups so that both hands are placed at some point, such as a metal mug or something like that. There are many YouTube videos featuring advanced versions of push-ups.

We should say that the load caused by push-ups, especially if you are beginner, is unreal, and the effect is striking! In addition, try to stretch in the top point as much as possible, straining all pectoral muscles. By the way, triceps is also greatly loaded when you do push-ups. To sum up, push-ups are must have exercises in your chest workout at home routine.

And now let’s get out on the street, to the nearest sports ground – we need parallel bars and a pull-up bar. On the parallel bars try to do such an exercise, which, in fact, in its dynamics would be identical to cable fly. Something comes to mind? You can do push-ups but not ordinary, you should put your arms and legs on a parallel bar. The starting position is the same as for push-ups on the floor. You have to do push-ups in the similar way like you do it on the floor. Why should you use parallel bars? Because there the stretching of the pectoral muscles will be maximum, provided, of course, that the lower point will be much deeper than the “floor” analogue. Another exercise, which is suitable and effective for you is dip with back grip. In fact, you need to go to the parallel bars with your back, get your hands on it, and proceed to performing. However, you will feel the difference by stretching the pectoral muscles, and it is their inner part.

In addition, you can do close grip pull-ups. Close grip will provide maximal load on your chest muscles, namely their inner part. If you practice wide grip, the load primarily goes to your back muscles.

Probably you will become an adherent of the Street Workout movement. Street workout is cleaner sport than bodybuilding. Although some street workouters use anabolics, the overall situation isn’t so sad as that in professional bodybuilding, where near 99% of athletes take illegal steroids, such as Drostanolone, Trenbolone, and Sustanon 250.

Best Chest Workout at Home with Specialized Mobile Applications

If you do not want to make a workout plan on your own, use special fitness applications. They not only competently pick up the optimal plan of exercises for you, but also add a competitive aspect – you can compete with your friends.

We can recommend Runtastic Results applications, which can be downloaded on Google PlayStore. It develops individual 12-week training programs without weights, which are performed in 15-30 minutes, in any place and at any moment. It also develops a progression chart for you. Each exercise is provided with a detailed video instruction – you can find there approximately 200 videos in HD-quality and with motivating music. Plus, tips on nutrition and lifestyle are given. Progress can be observed by doing and comparing your photos “before / after”. (You might be interested in our steroids before and after article).

The full version of the app is not free (about 2300 rubles per year), but, you must agree, it’s a miser if compared with the subscription to the gym and the services of a personal trainer. If you are hesitant to buy the full version, you can evaluate the features of the program by trying a few free exercises. Chances you will have the best chest workout using specialized training applications for mobile devices are great.

Home Chest Workouts for Men – Exercises and Routine

A busy schedule of work, business trips, uncomfortable location of the gym, reluctance to train with other people and a number of other factors may be the reason not to visit the gym, but they should not become the reason to abandon the beautiful and strong figure. Men can successfully train the chest at home. Chest workouts for men are usually heavier than those for females.

Here is an example of a male workout routine for bigger chest:

  • Wide Press-Up, try to complete three to four sets, 15 repetitions each;
  • Alternating Shuffle Press-Up, try to complete three sets, 10-15 repetitions each;
  • Diamond Press-Up, try to complete three sets, 10-15 repetitions each.

You can also try advanced push-up options, such as one-arm press-up and Gorilla press-up.

Tip: To make your workout extra effective, you can drink a pre-workout drink before starting to perform exercises. Also, you can use special supplements to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

Home Chest Workouts for Women – Exercises and Routine

The woman’s breasts consist of mammary glands and adipose tissue. Muscles support breasts, but do not affect their size or shape. Therefore, with the help of physical exercises, you can not enlarge the breast or make it more elastic. Training can only increase muscle tone and make the muscle frame stronger. Regular training and exercises for pectoral muscles help to correct posture and fight with stoop; it is good posture that can make the breasts visually more. There are a lot of variations of chest workouts for women. Here is a good example of home training chest routine to build chest:

  • Push-Ups, 3 sets, 10 reps;
  • Presses and Flyes (you need dumbbells to do this exercise), 3 sets, 10 reps;
  • Resistance Band Presses, 3 sets, 10 reps.

It is important: Be natural female athlete. It is not recommended for women to take anabolic steroids like Oxandrolone. This can lead to irreversible masculinization and other harmful side effects of steroids.

General Tips for Most Effective Bodyweight Chest Workout

  • Although it requires a little more time, do not skip the warm-up and cool-down.
  • Record the time of the exercises on the timer. During an intensive training session (especially if you train according to the Tabata protocol – to learn more read our article on 8-minute workout, (link to article 4) it is extremely important to monitor the time;
  • Ventilate the room before and after training. If the weather permits, practice with an open window, but do not allow drafts;
  • Drink water during exercise;
  • Do workouts in sportswear / shoes, not in your favorite dressing gown;
  • Work with maximum effectiveness. You have very little time (right?). So you need to load the muscles properly for a short period of time;
  • When you will easily do 12-15 repetitions of a certain exercise, complicate it.
  • You can use natural sports supplement to improve your results in home workouts. Among the most effective natural supplements are protein powders, BCAA, Korean ginseng, and creatine.

We hope we convinced you that home chest training is real and effective. You only need to allocate a maximum of half an hour a day and start your workouts.

How to Make Home Gym for Best Chest Workout?

If you cannot achieve optimal results with the help of bodyweight workouts, you have two options. The first one is to begin visiting a gym. The second one is making your own home gym. Here is a short instruction how to make it. First of all, allocate a room for training. It sounds simple, but in practice it’s not so easy. Choose a specific place in the apartment or clear some part of it for training. Take into account that there should be enough room for jumping and stretching. Check the chosen place as follows: if you lie on the floor with arms outstretched over your head and nothing prevents you, then it fits perfectly. But you will need more place if you is to use bench for presses. Also you need a power rack, because you will not be able to lift hardly or safely without it. In addition, you will need a barbell (if possible), dumbbells, and a mat. An adjustable bench will also a good option. Having your own gym at home, you will be able to perform a lot of difficult exercises, such as barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, squats, etc. Read about the best full chest workout.