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Testosterone Injections for Sale: “How to” inject guide and side effects!

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Testosterone injections are commonly used in medicine and in the bodybuilding industry. Below we’ll tell you about how to inject testosterone and testosterone injection side effects & complications.

Testosterone injections for sale – types

There are three main types of testosterone injections for sale:

  1. short-term action;
  2. medium-term action;
  3. long-term action.

The basis for the manufacture of testosterone steroids for sale that acts for a short period of time is testosterone propionate. It lasts for no more than 3 days. Its advantage is instantaneous action. Disadvantages include the frequency of application and pain after injections.

The composition of drugs of the medium duration of action includes testosterone cypionate, enanthate, or a mixture of testosterone esters, the so-called Sustanon.

But the most effective medium-term drugs are mixtures of esters. They are produced under Omnadren and Sustanon tradenames. Sustanon consists of 4 testosterone esters. This drug provides the synergetic effect. This means that the total effectiveness of each component alone is less than the effectiveness of the mixture as a whole. It is also worth noting that due to the different absorption rates of each of the esters, the drug starts to work quickly, and its duration lasts long enough (about 3-4 weeks). The disadvantage of the drug is a high price (but if you know where to buy the drug, you can receive good discounts). The analogues of Sustanon are Primobolan (the steroidal drug based on methenolone) and Deca Durabolin (nandrolone-based steroid).

Not so long ago a long-acting drug appeared on the market. Its trade name is Nebido. The main active agent of Nebido is testosterone undecanoate that provides some benefits.

The main advantage of this drug is the duration of its action (10-14 weeks). It should also be noted that Nebido is not released into the blood immediately, as is the case with other injections (for example, Stanozolol). The release of the hormone occurs gradually. A sharp change in testosterone levels often leads to significant mood swings and libido. Such negative consequences are typical for injections of drugs of short and medium duration. After Nebido injections, such adverse events are usually not observed. The disadvantage of the drug is quite a high cost for sale. The medicament isn’t designed for women. Nevertheless, some females use it.

Preparing for testosterone injections

Before giving an injection, you should prepare the following items:

  • Soap. It can be antibacterial or ordinary.
  • Towel. It should be clean (it is best to choose a disposable towel).
  • Plate. On the plate, you will need to put down all the tools. At home, it is difficult to disinfect the surface of the table, for example, therefore it is necessary to work using a log. It must be washed with soap and wiped with an antiseptic (alcoholic napkin or cotton wool with alcohol or chlorhexidine).
  • Gloves. Do not neglect gloves. At home, it is very difficult to provide sterility, so gloves are needed to protect both the patient and the injector from transmission of infections.
  • Syringes. The volume of the syringe must correspond to the volume of the medicine. If the medicine should be diluted, then consider that it is better to take a larger syringe.
  • Needles. They will be needed if the medicine needs to be diluted (usually testosterone is sold in liquid form, however, gonadotropin can be sold in the powder dosage form designed for dilution in a liquid). For example, if a dry preparation is sold in an ampoule with a rubber lid, it should be diluted with a liquid as follows:
  • Draw the solvent into the syringe.
  • Puncture the rubber cover with a needle, release the solvent into the ampoule.
  • Shake the ampoule without removing the needle to dissolve the medicine.
  • Draw the solution back into the syringe.

After that, the needle needs to be changed, because of that needle, with the help of which you pierced the rubber cover, is not suitable for the injection, as it loses its sharpness.
Antiseptic or alcohol wipes. You need 70% ethyl alcohol, an antiseptic based on it or chlorhexidine. It is best to choose disposable alcohol wipes, which are sold in any pharmacy.
A place for garbage. You should have a place for storing the waste (packages, covers, and napkins). It’s best to immediately put them into a separate box, basket, or any other place so that they do not get on the plate with clean tools.

How to inject testosterone – basic rules and steps

How to inject testosterone? When you enter the drug into the body you must follow the rules of basic hygiene:

  • hands should be washed with soap;
  • the syringe should be disposable;
  • the site of the injection should be sterile.

When the ampoule is opened, it is necessary to wipe the top of the ampoule with alcohol. Do not open the ampoule barehanded. To avoid wounds, wipes should be used. Give an injection in the buttocks (the so-called gluteus medius, the best place to inject). Before injection, make sure that there is no air in the syringe. Testosterone is injected as deep as possible. During inserting, try not to touch the nerve, otherwise, the injection will be too painful (it may interfere with the training). If you have an oil form of propionate, heat it a little in the hand to make it more liquid before you draw it into the syringe. When inserting, hold the syringe at an angle of 90 degrees. Insert a needle for ¾ of its length, the drug administration should be slow (about 10-15 seconds). After the injection, disinfect the injection site and massage it a little. These rules are applied to other types of steroids.

Testosterone injections – some tips

Here are some tips on how to inject the drug.

If the injection is painful, inject the medication slowly. It seems that the faster the injection, the better it is tolerated by the patient, but in fact, the slow insertion is more comfortable. The average speed is 1 ml per 10 seconds.

Do not be afraid to treat the ampoule, hands or skin with an antiseptic once again. It’s always best to err on the side of caution.

If you do not know how hard you need to stick the needle, practice at least on the chicken fillet to make sure that it’s nothing at all serious.

Testosterone injection side effects – what negative consequences can arise?

Unfortunately, like the most drugs, testosterone injections can have side effects:

  • possible development of malignant tumors, in particular, tumors of the prostate gland (it is very unpleasant and horrible disease for men);
  • acne, skin rash;
  • fluctuations in libido and mood (with the use of drugs short and medium term);
  • increase in the level of erythrocytes in the blood (erythrocytosis);
  • the decrease in reproductive capacity (decrease in the number and weakening of spermatozoa);
  • possible enlargement of the breast (gynecomastia).

These side effects are caused directly by the drug sometime after the injection. But it should be borne in mind that during the injection itself, some testosterone injection side effects (complications) may also arise. Below we will tell you about them.

Testosterone injection side effects – complications after intramuscular injections

Needle breakage. This phenomenon is infrequent, but it occurs. The reasons include severe contraction of muscles in case of fear of the procedure, unexpected start of injection, incorrect psychological preparation of the patient.

Damage to the periosteum. It can happen when the injection with too long a needle is given to a lean man.

Traumatization of nerve trunks. Such complications of intramuscular injections may occur when the needle is inserted not in the upper-outer quadrant of the buttock, but, for example, in the lower-external one. Nerve trunks can also be damaged when the drug is administered directly to the nerve tissue. This happens if the drug is injected near the place where the nerve is located.
Infiltrates. Causes of infiltrates can be the rapid administration of the drug, low temperature of the drug, insufficient needle length, injections into sites near a recent injection or into sites near the old infiltrate.

Abscesses. They are very common complications after intramuscular injections. The causes of abscesses can be non-compliance with aseptic and antiseptic rules, injections into infiltrates, injection of intramuscular injections with a short needle. If an abscess develops, you need to see a doctor immediately.