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Testosterone Injections for Sale: “How to” Inject Guide and Side Effects!

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Testosterone injections are commonly used in medical and bodybuilding industries. Below we’ll tell you how to inject testosterone and what undesirable effect & complications it can induce.

Types of Testosterone Injections for Sale

There are three main types of testosterone injections for sale (according to the action’s duration): short-, medium-, and long-term.

The basis of the testosterone steroids for sale that functions promptly is testosterone propionate. It lasts for approximately 72 hours. Its advantage is an instantaneous impact. Disadvantages include the frequency of shots and post-administration pain.

The drug’s composition featuring medium action duration includes T cypionate, enanthate, or a mixture of hormones’ esters (Sustanon).

The best medium-term meds are esters mixtures. They are marketed under Omnadren and Sustanon tradenames. Sustanon for men contains 4 testosterone esters and gives synergetic effect. This means that the mixture affects the organism more efficiently than each constituent separately. Also, due to each ester’s different absorption rate, the medication activates within a minimal time, and affects the body long enough (about 3-4 weeks). The drawback is its high price (good discounts are offered in certain chemist’s shops). Sustanon‘s analogues are Primobolan (methenolone-based steroidal drug) and Deca Durabolin (nandrolone-based steroid).

Recently a long-acting drug with a brand name Nebido has appeared on the market. The preparation’s main active agent is testosterone undecanoate that features significant benefits.

Its prolonged duration of impact (10-14 weeks) is what appeals customers (professional bodybuilders, amateur athletes, etc.) mostly. Nebido isn’t released into the bloodstream forthwith as other infusions like Stanozolol. It occurs gradually. A sharp T-level change causes considerable mood swings and libido deterioration. Such unwished consequences are typical for meds of brief and medium-term activity. After injecting Nebido, such adverse events are usually not observed. However, it is not considered affordable. The product isn’t designed for women. Nevertheless, some females use it.

Where to buy T shots? Many legal pharmacies and underground ones offer these products. The average cost of 1-month supply is 30 to 120 US dollars.

Preparing for Testosterone Injections

Before giving an injection, prepare the following items:

    • wash your hands with soap;
    • use disposable syringes;

disinfect the injection site.

  • Soap (both antibacterial and ordinary).
  • A towel (completely clean or disposable one).
  • A plate, which will serve the surface to put down all the tools. At home, it is difficult to disinfect the table, for example, or other area, therefore it is necessary to work using a plate. It must be washed with soap and wiped with antiseptic chemicals (an alcoholic napkin or a piece of cotton wool saturated with spirit or chlorhexidine).
  • Gloves. Thus is must-use item. It’s not easy to provide sterility domiciliary, so this accessory is required to protect both the patient and the injector from transmission of infections.
  • A syringe. Its volume must correspond to the medicine’s one. If the drug must be diluted, take a larger syringe.
  • Needles. You can’t do without them if the medicine is dilutable (usually testosterone is sold in liquid form, however, gonadotropin is also distributed in the powder  form designed for fluid dilution). For example, if a dry powder is offered in ampoules with rubber lids, dilute it with a liquid in the following way:
  • fill the syringe with the solvent;
  • make a hole in the rubber with a needle, release the solvent into the ampoule;
  • shake it to dissolve the medicine;
  • draw the solution back into the syringe.
  • change the needle, because its sharpness decreases after the usage. Its repeated use is prohibited.
  • Antiseptic or alcohol wipes. Buy a 70% concentration of alcohol mixed in water or chlorhexidine. You can use disposable alcohol swabs, like Dynarex Sterile or Jelid.

Allocate a place for garbage (packages, covers, and napkins). It’s best to immediately put them into a separate cardboard box, basket, etc., so that they do not get on the platter/tray with sterile items.

How to Inject Testosterone — Basic Rules and Steps

How to inject testosterone? Follow the rules of basic hygiene:

When the ampule is opened, it is necessary to wipe its top with alcohol.

Wipe the ampule’s top with alcoholic substance and open it. Don’t do this barehanded. Use wipes to prevent wounds. Give the shot in the butt (the so-called gluteus medius, the best place to inject). The syringe should contain only the drug, no air. Inject T hormone deeply. Be careful to avoid nerve damage, which can cause excruciating pain and disrupt your workout plan.  Huang Y, Yan Q, and Lei W revealed that 86 percent of the research subjects had gluteal sciatic nerve injuries after IM shots.

If you have an oil propionate, heat it a little in the hand to make it more liquid before you draw it into the syringe. When inserting, hold the syringe at a 90-degree angle. Insert a needle for ¾ of its length, the med’s administration should be slow (about 10-15 seconds). After the injection, disinfect the site and massage it a little. These rules are suitable for other types of steroids.

Testosterone Injections: Some Tips

Here are some tips on how to give the shot properly.

If a shot is torturous, do the shot leisurely. The thesis: “fast injection is tolerated better” is not actually accurate, since sluggish input is more comfortable for the patient. The appropriate average speed is 1 milliliter per 10 secs.

You can treat the ampule, hands or site with an antiseptic once again. It’s always best to err on the side of caution.

If are a beginner, practice at least on the chicken fillet to make sure it’s nothing at all serious.

It is interesting: Spratt DI, Stewart II, Savage C et al. (Maine Medical Center, LabCorp, 2017) suggested that subcutaneous T shots are efficient and well-accepted alternative to IM injections in FTM transgender patients.

Testosterone Injection Side Effects — What Negative Consequences can Arise?

T shots may cause various adverse events:

  • acne, skin rash;
  • fluctuations in sexual appetite and mood (mostly triggered by “short” and “medium” products);
  • enhanced erythrocytes level (erythrocytosis or secondary polycythemia);
  • bad reproductive capacity and even infertility (a sharp spermatozoa quantity decline and their weakening);
  • irascibility;
  • water retention;
  • tumors, in particular, prostate ones;
  • baldness;
  • insomnia;
  • paranoia;
  • gyno.

These negative consequences happen directly after the injection. But during the injecting itself, some problems may also arise. Below we’ll tell you about them.

Testosterone Injection Side Effects — Complications After Intramuscular Injections

Needle breakage. This phenomenon is infrequent, but it occurs. It may be caused by the procedure-associated fear leading pronounced musculature contraction, “jackrabbit start”, and a patient’s psychological instability.

    • Damage to the periosteum. It can happen when a lengthy needle is used for a lean man.
    • Nerve. Such complexities of intramuscular shots may occur when the needle is inserted not in the upper-outer quadrant of the buttock, but, for example, in the lower-external one. Nerve trunks can also be damaged when the liquid is administered directly to the nerve tissue. This happens if the dosage is injected near the place of a nerve cell cluster.
    • Infiltrates. The rapid infusion, cold preparation, stumpy needle, improper shot’s localization, e.g., near old infiltrates can cause it.
    • Abscesses. They are very common complications after IM injections, which can be caused by non-compliance with aseptic and antiseptic rules, shots into infiltrates, short needles. If an abscess develops, you must see a doctor immediately.

    Don’t hesitate to contact your provider or pharmacist if you are new to T-shots.