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Testosterone Enanthate Cycle – Liquid and Powder Drug Forms for Sale.

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Testosterone has been used in medicine for several decades as a dazzling anabolic medicament. Its cons include its small spectrum of side effects (in case of proper use), but it can be used to reinstate and consolidate the body’s hidden powers.

Testosterone enanthate (TE), synthesized in 1952 is esterified testosterone form. It is prescribed for combating a natural testosterone deficiency in the organism (hypogonadism). This testosterone type is the most widespread medicine used in therapy aimed at treating androgen deficiency syndrome. Various brands of testosterone enanthate are in high demand in the sports industry (from bodybuilding and weightlifting to triathlon and track and field). TE is administered as an intramuscular injection. Pharmacies offer finished injections of the preparation and the agent, containing in water powder for dilution in water (raw testosterone enanthate or testosterone enanthate powder). Deca Durabolin is one of the drug’s analogs, which are characterized by a durable time of activity too.

Buy Testosterone Enanthate: Product Description

Wondering where to buy the drug? You can do it in specialized online stores or in gyms. Be careful about counterfeits. on the market (there is an underground black market in most cases). This also means you must use caution and be aware of the legal repercussions which will vary depending on your location, the vendor, and the product.

Its trade names are Delatestryl, Depandro, Teston, Testen, Testo-Enan, Ronaldo, Retostyl, EnaPrime, Testostroval, Testrin, Testro LA, Andropository, Andro LA, Enanbolic, Enantat 250, Enanl, Durathate, Testostroval, Andropository, Testanon, Sustrone, Nuvir, Cernos, and others.

The substance is available exclusively in the injection form (it means, enanthate testosterone pills are not available). It shows the following steroid’s profile indices:

  • 100% total anabolic and androgenic effects;
  • high capacity of estrogens conversion;
  • huge level of the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis (HPG axis) suppression;
  • minimized toxic impact on the liver;
  • active operation for two weeks;
  • can be detected by anti-doping tests within 3 months after the last administration.

If you decide to buy testosterone enanthate, you need to know that this medication is a synthetic analog of natural testosterone. Adrenal glands, testicles (in men) and ovaries (in females) provide its “manufacturing”. There is a small quantity of the hormone in the female body.

In male persons, it regulates primary sexual characteristics ensuring the male type formation. It enhances the maturation of spermatozoa, body hair growth, and the development of musculature. That is why TE is popular among crème de la crème athletes.

Due to the chemical architecture of testosterone TE promotes muscle gains. These properties make it demanded in medicine and sports.

In the female organism, the endogenous hormone modulates vital processes. Without it, neither protein synthesis in the uterus nor the formation of follicles in the ovaries is possible. The lack of T can deteriorate the menstrual cycle and disrupt ovulation. So, TE may be useful for ladies in some cases.

Testosterone Enanthate Cycle — Description of Drug’s Administration

The cycle of TE is taken for 1-week periods at a dosage of 250, 350, or 500 mg per week. According to nonofficial guidelines, injections should be done once a week. The drug is not recommended for beginners.

Nevertheless, to attain desirable goals, athletes often take stacked TE cycle. It will contribute to better anabolic effect and provides with significant post-cycle results since the drug’s chemical compositions complement each other.

Professionals believe that the “three whales” tenet is a code for success. It implies combined steroids consumption (for example, the groundbreaking mixture of testosterone boldenone, insulin, and HGH). But, it is also possible to try a solo cycle.

Many athletes use the following schemes:

  • 1st wk: 250 mg of TE + 30 mg of methane.
  • 2nd wk: 250 mg of Deca + 200 mg of TE + 30 mg of methandrostenolone.
  • 3rd wk: solo TE 200 milligrams + Deca + methane.

Testosterone Enanthate Cycle Results

TE acts in several ways, which are specific to anabolic steroids. It provides the following results:

  • Leads to an increase in muscle mass. The accumulation of liquids induces meteoric muscle’s volume increase. It is caused by sodium retention and the hormone’s estrogenic activity. A post-cycle rollback phenomenon may occur. The muscle mass loss may be visible. But TE is virtually effectless if a person doesn’t exercise.
  • Strength gets higher. Juicers can do more sets and reps. However, if a person does not visit a gym, this effect is trifling, as stated by N. Young, H. Baker, G. Liu, and E. Seeman from Australian Austin Hospital (Victoria) in their paper in J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab (1993).
  • Genital organs are being developed (mainly in children and adolescents). The hormonal substance is involved in sexual secondary traits’ formation (specific male facial features, gruff voice, male pattern of hair distribution).
  • Promotes proper spermatogenesis, which is reflected in sexual desire.
  • Obviates popping and grating in the shoulder, various problems with intervertebral discs (fibrocartilages), joint pain.
  • Propels regenerative processes.
  • Increases the tone and motivation for workouts.
  • Prevents overtraining.
  • Boosts red blood cells (erythrocytes) concentration.

Testosterone Enanthate Powder and Liquid Form — Side Effects

There are the following adverse events: gyno, edema, and excess weight. These negative consequences occur in case of non-compliance with the recommended duration of administration and dosage abuse.

Mentioned adverse events can be accompanied with increased arterial tension, hair loss, aggression, mood swings, and acne. In addition, the product can provide the suppressive effect on HDL (“good” chol) levels, as reported by M. Meriggiola, S. Marcovina, C. Paulsen, and W. Bremner from the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Seattle) in their 1995 article published in the International Journal of Andrology.

Testosterone Enanthate for Sale — Costumers’ Reviews

The vast majority of athletes are compulsive about the preparation, emphasizing its muscular mass gaining property. However, over half of the users are not satisfied with a significant drawback, which is a strong rollback phenomenon. Full maintaining of the musculature volume after the therapy is impossible. A third, and sometimes more, of the gained with desperate and painstaking work mass, simply disappear. Note that the rollback phenomenon is characteristic of all types of anabolic steroids.