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Testosterone Cypionate Injection for Sale: Cycle, Dosage & Adverse Effects.

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Testosterone plays a very important role in both male and female body development. This androgen affects men specifically, determining the proper reproductive system condition. It facilitates fat deposits’ melting, promotes right bone and muscle tissue development and takes part in plenty of other processes both in puberty period and during the rest of the life. For example, decreased hormone level influences a man’s character, behavior, and state of mind, causing drowsiness, apathy, anxiety, rapid mood swings, and cantankerousness.

Aging process inevitably leads to hormone secretion decline, which indices numerous medical conditions emergence. Fortunately, medicine industry works on remedies, aimed at preventing such undesirable consequences. In 1950 scientists invented the first synthetic testosterone, belonging to the anabolic steroids group. Its key property was the ability to raise hormone rate artificially. However, there was an obstacle: the synthetic substance acted too quickly, so that a patient had to make injections several times a day, and the testosterone level reached required index for a short time. Discovering of ethers, in particular, cypionate, which happened a bit after enanthate creation, the artificial testosterone’s release period) significantly boosted, which allowed the patients to make an injection more rarely (a couple of times during a week). It lifted hormone replacement therapy to a new plane.

Now let’s outline the basic article’s topic. Below all pros and cons of using this drug by gymrats and pro athletes are described.

Testosterone Cypionate for Sale: Main Features

Testosterone cypionate belongs to long testosterone esters. Its prolonged pharmacokinetic half-life (about two weeks) makes it a splendiferous choice for people, who don’t prefer frequent infusions of different types of steroids. Often this testosterone ester is a part of muscle mass gain cycles. Indeed, it significantly increases strength and endurance, especially when combined with other preparations (Deca Durabolin, for instance) due to its high anabolic and androgenic effect. It serves great remedy for attaining necessary goals in bodybuilding. Before taking deep insight into the med’s description, let’s clarify one stereotypical misconception. Cypionate is practically identical to enanthate and is not considered more efficacious or weaker ether. The difference implies the action’s duration and cost.

Where to buy the drug? You can do this in online stores. In sanctioned pharmacies, this drug is not sold for sports purposes. Its price for sale online is around 50 dollars per 10 ml vial. But you can find a coupon to receive a discount.

The list of the product’s brand names includes:

  • Depo-Testosterone (DepoTest);
  • Andro Cyp;
  • Andronaq LA;
  • Testa C;
  • Testex Leo Prolongatum;
  • Andronate (discontinued);
  • D-test (discontinued);
  • Duratest;
  • Testadiate depo;
  • Testosterone cyclopentanepropionate;
  • Testodrin;
  • Testred;
  • Meditest;
  • Pertestis;
  • Man-Agin;
  • Malogen;
  • Shotest;
  • DeepAndro;
  • Jectatest;
  • Depovirin;
  • Depostomead;
  • Testoject C200.

Testosterone Cypionate Dosage and Steroid Profile

The steroid profile of testosterone cypionate for sale is as follows

  • The relative mass of the molecule is 412.6112.
  • The molecular weight of synthetic testosterone is 288.429.
  • The molecular weight of ether is 132.1184.
  • The chemical formula of cypionate is C27 H40 O3.
  • Testosterone formula (basic) is 7β-hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one (C19H28O2).
  • During the cycle, endogenous T levels decrease, because when testosterone is not naturally taken, the organism supposes: “Why do I have to produce hormone when it is in abundance?”. Absence of correct post-cycle therapy, associated with taking testosterone pills or injections, can trigger hormone emission decrease.
  • Testosterone has a unique ability to enhance the basic substance synthesis to accelerate muscle tissue (protein) growing and slow its break-down.
  • This is an androgenic medication providing 100% of testosterone androgenic effect.
  • High level of conversion into estrogens or aromatization, there is a need for the use of antagonist hormones and modulators. Stay cautious when using such meds, consult health care specialist compulsorily, since numerous studies shows that plenty of aromatase inhibitors (for example, Letrozole for men) can induce various adverse events, (cardiovascular system disorders, high arterial tension and so on).
  • Significant suppression of hypothalamic activity which leads to a decrease in testosterone production in the testicles.
  • Hepatotoxicity is absent, in contrast to taking most anabolic steroids pills, such as Andriol and Methandienone.
  • It is an injectable product.
  • The duration of the ether action is 15 days (unlike some injectable steroids, such as Drostanolone, and anabolic steroids pills that function for a much shorter time).
  • The time interval for which it is possible to detect the use of testosterone cypionate injection is approximately 3 months.
  • Men are recommended the following dosage chart: 200-1000mg per week (the most acceptable one varies from 200mg to 500mg)
  • Women are better refrain from this medication, since strong aromatization can trigger secondary male sexual features appearing. While men can recover from gynecomastia or acne easily, women will suffer from negative effects forever.

Side Effects of Testosterone Cypionate Injection

Unfortunately, abuse of preparation, its prolonged consumption and other incorrect use are associated with various standard side effects, which are the same as ones, induced by the other testosterone derivatives, in particular:

  • Alopecia with simultaneous enhancement of hair distribution on the other parts of the body. This effect is caused by the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. To neutralize this manifestation, you can reduce the dose or add finasteride in the therapy. However, this unwished condition is not directly caused by the testosterone. Genetical predetermined hypersensitivity to dihydrotestosterone is the key reason.
  • Men may also face prostate enlargement. The mechanism of combating this disorder is identical to described above.
  • Acne caused by the skin oiliness increase. To deal with this problem, follow a diet with a moderate amount of fats (avoid unhealthy ones) and monitor the skin hygiene (for example, use special lotions). According to reviews, sometimes (for example, in case of pronounced predisposition to acne), athletes completely stop injecting testosterone.

Typical side effects caused by testosterone conversion into estrogenic steroids include water retention, swelling, and gynecomastia. These can be easily handled by including anastrozole in the cycle. In addition, the use of more modest doses of testosterone can help to avoid this adverse effect.

Testosterone Cypionate Cycle and Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Testosterone cypionate can serve “solo” remedy in the cycle or be combined with other steroidal drugs. 250-500mg (max 1000mg) is an optimal weekly dose. Bigger dosages are not a good idea because they are fraught with side effects appearance. More powerful effect will not be reached this way. The testosterone cypionate therapy’s continuance should be approximately 8 weeks. The drug can be mixed with nandrolones and trenbolones (additional administration of cabergoline is needed for diminishing the high prolactin levels caused by them), and with numerous oral products (methandienone, stanozolol, turinabol, etc).

When adding other steroids, slightly lower dosages compared to those typical for a solo cycle. This approach will help to avoid the adverse events caused by the synergy of two or more drugs. Anastrozole or Exemestane should be included in the cycle on the fourth week. Also chorionic gonadotropin’s intake in 500 IU weekly act in the most beneficial way, maintaining pituitary’s function, hypothalamus’ and testicles’ work. This, in turn, helps a juicer to avoid grievous and durable post-course period. Sportsmen should use post-course recreation with clomiphene, tamoxifen or toremifene (Fareston) after the discontinuation of the cycle.

Keep in mind, post-cycle period means both testosterone’s baseline values restoration and renewal of the condition of the whole body. That is why, you would better add enough vitamins and micronutrients (especially vitamin E and zinc), testosterone boosters (Tribulus or D-Aspartic acid) and chondroprotectors (glucosamine, collagen, hyaluronan, and chondroitin) in your recovery menu. Sometimes peptides, like Acetyl hexapeptide-3, or GH, such as CJC-1295, are used, but this can lead to unwished risks for health. But this is mainly pro sportsmen’s prerogative. To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to switch from long training sessions to shorter and more intensive ones.