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Terry Crews steroids: the legend and unabated discussions about him.

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Terry Alan Crews is a jack of all trades, and he works tirelessly for it. He can be referred to as an esteemed football player within the NFL, but he hosts, he acts, he’s funny, and he’s an activist to boot. This American personality is a superstar of legendary status.

Though he’s notable for being well rounded and seemingly unstoppable in terms of talent, he’s also caught the eye of millions for his physique—which is impressive, how he has attained such form is disputable.

We’ll lay out the facts and let you be the judge.

Terry’s Diet, Wellness, and Fitness Routine

Terry claims that he’s an early bird, waking up every day before the sun rises. He’ got one goal in mind in those hours before dusk—working out. You could call it his morning workout, but with the moon still visible and the sun beneath the actual horizon, it’s more of a midnight ritual. Either way, it’s safe to say he’s driven.

When Terry discusses his daily training agenda, he mentions stuff like believing in starting with the hardest of activities, leading up to more pleasant ones—hence the caliginous trains.

This early morning routine occurs during the typical workweek—from Monday till Friday, but he doesn’t skip weekends. In an interview with Men’s Health, he disclosed that his workout routine has remained largely unchanged in nearly twenty years. That’ll be a smack in the face to personal trainers who swear by “switching it up.” His trainer in 1999 devised a routine, alongside Terry, to help him build and maintain a stunning physique. At 50, Terry has never looked or felt better.

To work his chest, he relies on an inclined rather than horizontal bench for presses with barbells and dumbbells, this helps keep his pecs perky and voluminous. While pushups are a part of his chest routine, he also uses them as a warmup and will do about thirty just to get the blood flowing before any intense exercise day.

For biceps that looks like a dinosaur laid an egg in them, he focuses on major curl exercises. His movements are always controlled and steady and he says he doesn’t like to overextend himself here—he only adds pounds when he’s ready.

He insists on sweating and exercising on an empty stomach, which is sound advice that most would agree with, but some may find the idea a surprise. His diet includes intermittent fasting mode, so the body works on the deficit known as autophagy. Foods should only be consumed in a small window—that timeframe can be just one hour, where all the day’s calories are sloshed down in one monster meal, or it can be a larger gap of six to eight hours, where eating is done in a few meals. He mainly adheres to a low carb diet.

Even Yoda would be proud of such an astute Padawan.

The Payoff

The dedication Terry lends to his physical state always faired well in other aspects of his life. Even as a student, Terry was committed to greatness. He played American football in college at Western Michigan University, which saw him through to the NFL where he played two positions for three prestigious teams, the Washington Redskins, the Los Angeles Rams, and the San Diego Chargers, for whom he played linebacker and defensive end from 1991 through 1997.

When his football career was no longer sustainable for his multifaceted treasure box of talent, he made a permanent move to LA with his wife in pursuit of acting opportunities.

Change isn’t always easy, and the first year of his new life brought about bouts of depression and loss of motivation—he was spending too much time on the couch in front of the television instead of starring in one of the sitcoms he was reveling in.

This realization brought him back to the gym, where he held on to the notion that 21 days are enough to create a habit. This decision to dedicate 21 days to regain his health changed his life, and it was around that time when he developed the workout plan he still follows in 2019.

He has since maintained his youthful form well into his middle age, and that very maintenance is enough to have people questioning his methods. Naysayers claim it’s impossible to attain his results without supporting supplementation (e.g., testosterone cream, Superdrol, etc.). Others believe he’s an honest man and everything depends on his own decision to stay fit.

About His Popularity and Career

Terry later became so popular in TV and cinema that people quickly forgot about his original career in sports. His popularity reached beyond audiences though, even celebrities were among his fans. Adam Sandler saw his performance in 2004’s White Chicks by Keenen Ivory Wayans and wrote him into his script for his 2005 film, The Longest Yard.

By now, Terry had become a household name for also starring in TV programs like Everybody Hates Chris and Brooklyn Nine Nine. Terry had charisma and a penchant for humor. Without ever having had taken acting classes, his natural abilities to entertain oozed through the screen.

Athletics remained a focal point in his life, which led him to even more roles and even more scrutiny regarding potential drug abuse. He’s told the world that the only times he’d even touched a steroid was for testing of cortisol stimulations, which is a health measurement, not gear loading.

Attitude Toward Drugs

Did we mention that Terry is also an activist? He was even named Person of the Year by Time Magazine in 2017. He’s unashamed about speaking out against drug addiction and domestic violence, both of which he’s battled in his life.

Regarding drug addictions, he has told his adorers that regular steroid injections would make it impossible for him to sustain a healthy state. Every single interview Terry has made has now included questions about his regimen and alleged supporting drugs. He’s explained that the only additional supplement he takes is vitamins, which he believes erase the strain on his muscles after his tough training sessions. Even still, critics refuse to belive him.

Guesses About Drugs

Those same critics believe his muscle growth depends on HGH. This hormone facilitates additional muscle growth.

However, when looking at Terry’s personal and career, and his hardworking attitude towards his goals, it’s easy to understand that Terry is a passionate man full of vigor and a zest for life, and perhaps muscle memory and natural abilities are taking stage here. His perfect shape is the result of many years of hard work.

It’s not possible to determine the entire truth about Terry and his steroid use, because there are many pieces of the evidence puzzle and different versions of every story. Either way, props to him for being a cool cat, the pinnacle of aspiration.