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Tablets & Injections of Winstrol for Sale – Dosage, Cycle & Effects!

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Winstrol is a well-known medicament belonging to both oral anabolic steroids and injection steroid meds. The main component of this drug is Stanozolol. You can buy Winstrol as a prescription med in drugstores or as an OTC steroid at the black market.

The drug is also marketed under other brand names, such as Anaysynth, Stanol, Stanztab, Stromba, Strombaject, and Tevabolin.

Winstrol — Powerful Anabolic Pills & Injections

What is better: oral tabs or injections? There are different opinions on this matter. Some people note that injections influence the organism better. Doctores say that the tablet form of the drug is not ingested completely, therefore, the blood receives less active agents. When intermuscular administration takes place, complications, which are caused by other drug injections, can occur (in particular, abscesses and seals). Since infusions are often associated with painful sensations, it is advised to make injections in various body parts. The tablets are characterized by bioavailability and stability properties (due to their not destroying in the liver as well as the alkyl group in the alpha-17 position). However, the preparation has the significant disadvantage: it brings the liver a huge amount of dangerous toxins. But the injection form leads to the same unwished consequences. The toxicity rate of both steroid types is minimal.

Winstrol Dosage for Oral Tabs & Injections

The pharmaceutical (either tablets or injections) should be taken in 30-50 mg dose daily. Winstrol cycle should last approximately for 4-6 weeks. Longer consumption is not forbidden. However, the durable usage is not advised since this stuff is a 17-alpha-alkylated medication. There are episodes when 8-week and longer cycles were safe for the liver. But putting at risk your valuable health is not a great idea. A 4-6-week cycle provides good outcomes, especially when it is combined with composite ethers with prolonged action. Reaching the blood, the medicine’s active agent begins acting almost immediately. But it is a short-term impact. Frequent regular injections and tablets swallowing contribute to the fast attaining of desirable gains.

Winstrol Cycle: Before and After Using the Medication

If you look at before and after photos, you’ll see that the drug provides good results. These are:

  • high level of muscular definition;
  • improvement of endurance, and significant progress in strength characteristics;
  • intensive fat burning processes that are especially relevant for the cutting period;
  • increased appetite during the cycle;
  • elimination of excess fluid.

Possible Side Effects of Winstrol Drug

The steroid is dangerous for its countless severe adverse events, including acne, increasing of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and reduction of “good” one (HDL), high arterial tension. Winstrol doesn’t transform into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and doesn’t prevent the body’s own testosterone emission. Nevertheless (as we mentioned earlier), 17-alpha alkylated group leads to sending toxins to the liver, if the dosage is large or the sportsmen abuse it. Although this unwelcome action is less considerable, comparing to other steroids, prolonged cycles or Winstrol dosage exceeding usually lead to impaired liver function.

However, the drug doesn’t cause such negative unpleasant effects as liquid retention or gynecomastia. This advantage is very appealing for athletes who are willing to enlarge musculature not worrying about gynecomastia occurrence.

Winstrol for Sale — Reviews of Sportsmen

The anabolic usually has positive athletes’ feedbacks. They note that injections combined with balanced proper wholesome food and intensive heavy workouts during a cycle make it possible to gain up to ten kilos of clear, dense & defined muscles.

Buy Winstrol-Based Steroids for Usage in Medicine

Steroids based on stanozolol is in high demand in the medicine field. In some countries, Winstrol for sale is available and prescribed to patients suffering from hereditary angioedema. Also, it is a drug for the therapy and recovery of patients debilitated after injuries, surgeries or burns. It significantly increases organism resistance, appetite, strength, endurance and fortifies immune system. Here is a list of some indications for the drug’s use:

  1. Deterioration of protein synthesis, cachexia.
  2. Traumas, burns, pre- and post-surgery phases, rehabilitation after infection conditions and exposure.
  3. Toxic goiter, exhaustion, muscular fatigue, osteoporosis, unbalanced nitrogen level in corticosteroid therapy, hypo- and aplastic anemia.

R. Vaishnav, J. Beresford, J. Gallagher, and R. Russell (University of Sheffield Medical School, 1988) reported that stanozolol induces cell proliferation in the treatment of osteopenic disorders. These disorders may be caused by osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and hyperparathyroidism.

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