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Steroids in the Military – Drugs that US Soldiers Use to Pack on the Pounds

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There is an assumption that the soldiers of the fascist army used anabolic steroids, which resulted in their increased aggressiveness. However, this was not documented. Now steroids are used by many soldiers of many armies of the world. Below we will talk about the use of anabolic steroids in the US Army.

Steroids in the US Army

Illegal steroids are used not only in professional sports, as it became known from the words of retired soldiers and officers of the US Navy special forces. Some US media outlets report that according to a specially developed Pentagon program, the US Armed Forces resort to the use of doping drugs to turn servicemen into super soldiers. The command of the US special forces unit prescribes its servicemen food supplements and preparations that increase the combat capability and stimulate the endurance up to a superhuman limit. Such special forces units even have dieticians and physiotherapists assigned to them. The US Army is doing everything it can to improve the soldier’s ability to endure pain, quickly recover from injuries and remain physically fit under difficult conditions for a long time.

There are various generally accepted ways to increase the efficiency of the military, but unfortunately in most cases, soldiers have exhausted the capabilities of these systems. Military equipment world-wide is constantly being modernized, and the soldiers have to enhance their capabilities in parallel. Some people say that one of the goals of the program aimed at creating so-called super soldiers will be to expand the ability of troops to work in places with extreme conditions (such as at high altitudes or under water).

The use of doping among the troops of the special forces caused a huge public response, especially after the recent revelations of Captain Milton “Jamie” Sands, commander of the naval forces on the east coast of the United States. Sands called the number of drugs used by the special units of the navy “staggering.” This was followed by the confessions of other servicemen. Three now serving and three retired special forces soldiers with disguised faces and voices reported in the interview that the illegal use of pharmacological and even narcotic drugs by the United States Navy SEALs is constantly increasing. “During the service soldiers get hooked on cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin”, one of them said. A former Naval Forces sergeant explained what positive effects were observed during one of the soldiers’ tests. Soldiers were able not to sleep for several nights while covering a long distance in heavy combat outfit. Special forces soldiers must, of course, undergo regular tests.

Anonymous sources reported that they had not been tested for these drugs for years. Firstly, they almost always work remotely from their base, and secondly, the command may be against testing because the effectiveness of such troops significantly increases due to the use of steroids.

Steroids in the military may be different. Nobody really knows what kinds of drugs are actually used, because this data are unlikely to be disclosed to anyone. Perhaps this is testosterone or its mixed esters, for example Sustanon. By the way, in 2016-2017 scientists at Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Facility as well as the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine conducted an experiment known as Optimizing Performance in Soldier’s Study. During the experiment, soldiers took testosterone for increasing their performance. The results of the experiment have not yet been made public.

What about HGH? HGH may be used when a soldier is suffering from health conditions. Just like in sports, this drug in the military may be legal. However, some military people can use it illegally.

2008 military steroid scandal

In 2008, there was information that the former US Navy soldier would spend more than seven years in prison for storing weapons, explosives and steroids at home. Elbert Tillman, Jr. (SEAL) was arrested in December 2007, as a stockpile of weapons and explosives P-4 was found in his house. According to the court records, the former US Navy soldier took them with him in 2001, when he was leaving the fleet after ten years of service. Tillman asked to reduce his jail term, referring to the military past, but prosecutors noted his mood swings and drug craving and were reminded of what happened in 2001 in Bosnia, when, while performing a secret mission, a drunk Tillman had had an accident and injured himself and two civilians.

Steroids, HGH, drugs… What’s next?

It turns out that the US military uses not only steroids and human growth hormone but possibly narcotic drugs. American journalists decided to find out how much the Ministry of Defense spends on preparations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. According to the information received, in 2014, the Health Division of the US Department of Defense spent 84.2 million dollars on drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, this statistic takes into account not only active military servicemen, but also retired military personnel, as well as members of their families.

The Military Times claims that since 2011, the military has already spent 294 million dollars on Viagra. It is noted that this amount is comparable to the price of several military aircraft.