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Steroids in MMA – Why Might Fighters Need Drugs and What Do They Use?

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Perhaps you know that Vitor Belfort was caught using illegal steroids. There are also some suspicions about Jose Aldo. Do all MMA fighters use steroids? What drugs are preferential for them? Read on to know more.

What is MMA?

Surely, most people have heard of this abbreviation, though they may not be entirely sure what it entails. Some consider MMA to be the fight without rules, where aggressive maniac killers are ready to smash their rivals, which is a significant misconception. In fact, MMA, or mixed martial arts, is a full-contact battle that combines various versions, schools, and skills. In this combat sport, competitors attempt to get dominance by using such tactics as striking, control, finishing holds, and grappling. This martial art differs significantly from other types of martial arts since athletes have in their arsenal a huge number of methods. They do not allow their combination in other kinds of fighting tournaments. MMA simultaneously encompasses both shock (for example, a knee strike in the grip, or clinch), and wrestling (throws in the rack, submission lock, asphyxiating grips) techniques.

MMA’s popularity has grown dramatically. It has evolved from mismatches with freak-show elements to completely legitimate fights, which captures the eyes of millions of fans. It embodies elements of numerous disciplines (boxing, Ju-Jitsu, karate, kick-boxing, judo, Tae Kwon do, sumo, muay thai, etc). The premier organization of this sport is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship operated by William Morris Endeavor). Among the most common fouls are joint manipulation, head butting, unsportsmanlike conduct. Flagrant foul, noticed by a referee, is a reason for point deduction and disqualification.

Pankration (“παγκράτιον”) is an ancient Greek kind of martial arts with scarcely any rules, resembling modern MMA. Rick Blum, president of Battlecade organization, suggested using the term “MMA” relatively recently: in 1995. A perceptive television critic Howard Rosenberg made the first documented use of this term in 1993.

Fights are held in a special arena called an Octagon, an eight-sided polygon. This canvas area serves for safety purposes.
MMA is a very spectacular show. Its association with ruleless entertainment is fallacious since its fighters are forbidden from using head shots, pokes in the eyes, blows to the groin, biting, strikes with the point of the elbow, “soccer-kick” to the head of a defeated opponent and so on. The fight is scored by competent judges. There are various ways of a bout’s ending, in particular, knockout, forfeit, technical draw, no contest.

What about steroids in MMA?

Using Steroids in MMA — Prevalence Data

According to former UFC champion Renzo Gracie: “Almost every MMA fighter resorts to steroids for achieving the required form and to win, their consumption is simply necessary.” Other people have the opposite opinion. The site T-Nation has an interview with a coach “X”, specializing in MMA. Answering whether all MMA fighters are connected with steroids he replies that he never emphasizes “all MMA representatives.” He states that 90% of those performing at the highest level use them. He also believes that most athletes take these medications only frequently in reasonable dosages.

Conor Anthony McGregor has expressed his opinion about this: “… they’re fucking all on steroids, I am happy to be tested, I never kick up a fuss, I never do an Aldo [Jose] and throw the piss over my shoulder…”

LIFTN website has made a list of the most jacked UFC athletes who have taken the juice. Among them are Cyborg, Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, Gleison Tibau, Yoel Romero, and Rousimar Palheres.

In 2004, J.A. Amtmann (Montana Tech, Butte, Montana) questioned 28 athletes at a regional reality fighting event. Five of the martial artists used or had used anabolic-androgenic steroids. John Hoberman, PhD, (citing Zach Arnold) reported about “mark doctors” – fan boy healthcare experts who write up prescriptions for medicines to athletes for “a celebrity rub”.

What Does a Typical MMA Fighter Expect from Steroids?

An increase in athletic performance characteristics, such as explosive training, general strength, and endurance. They desire to avoid water retention and lose surplus weight.

Cutting (fat layer reduction) for the sake of getting to an appropriate weight category.

Increased aggression. A specific and crucial fight indicator. Without it, only complete counter-punchers can act “catching” their rivals at the counter courses. A superabundance of aggression helps fighters.

What Steroids Are Used in MMA?

In the interview mentioned above, T-Nation asked the trainer “X” what steroids are widespread among the top fighters and what the best cycles are. “X” answers, that a universal plan doesn’t exist (similar to a training regimen and nutrition). Usually, simple courses are the best solution. He is guided by the fundamental principle which states that in the first week of the steroid cycle, the dosage should be 600 mg. The larger amount doesn’t induce a considerable boost of power but triggers putting on undesirable kilos. And MMA fighters need just the relative strength. Every 7 days they take 300-500 mg. Testosterones, Equipoise (Boldenone), Anavar (with oxandrolone as an active agent) and Halotestin (with fluoxymesterone C20H29FO3 as an active agent) are the most common preparations. Trenbolone and Winstrol (with stanozolol as an active agent) are also suitable, but the body’s reaction can be negative (high arterial pressure and joint pain are possible adverse events). Deca (nandrolone) favorably affects joints and is a favorite among users. Typical cycle duration is 6-8 weeks before the planned fight.