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Steroids in MMA – Why Might Fighters Need Drugs and What Do They Use?

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Perhaps you know that Vitor Belfort was caught in the use of illegal steroids. There are also some suspicions about Jose Aldo. Do all MMA fighters use steroids? What drugs do they prefer? Read on to know more.

What is MMA?

Surely, you’ve heard about MMA more than once. In fact, most people have heard of this abbreviation, though they may not be entirely sure what all it entails. Some consider MMA to be the fight without rules, where aggressive maniac killers are ready to smash their rivals, which, of course, does not correspond to reality. In fact, MMA, or in other words mixed martial arts, is a full-contact battle that combines various versions, schools and martial arts techniques. This martial art is significantly different from other types of martial arts, since athletes have in their arsenal a huge number of techniques, the use of which, especially in their combination, is not allowed in other martial arts. MMA is a simultaneous combination of both shock technique (for example, a knee strike in the grip, or clinch, is used), and wrestling techniques (for example, throws in the rack, pain techniques, and asphyxiating grips are used).

Pankration is an ancient Greek kind of martial arts, which also combines elements of shock and wrestling techniques. This ancient fight is the basis of modern MMA. Rick Blum, president of Battlecade organization, suggested using the term “MMA” relatively recently: in 1995. Today, this term is very popular in the world of sports.

Representatives of box, Jiu-Jitsu, karate and even sumo participated in the first MMA tournaments.

Modern MMA is boxing, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, karate and Muay Thai – all these things are combined in one sport. Fights are held in a special octagonal cell called the octagon.

MMA is a very spectacular kind of martial arts. Nevertheless, its association with fights without rules is erroneous. There is a number of rules in MMA: it is forbidden to use head shots, pokes in the eyes, blows in the groin, biting, strikes with a sharp point of the elbow, “soccer-kick” – a football kick to the head of a defeated opponent and so on. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a sport organization, which holds MMA competitions.

What about steroids in MMA?

Using steroids in MMA – prevalence data

According to former UFC champion Renzo Gracie: “Almost every MMA fighter uses steroids, because to be at the required level and to win, their consumption is simply necessary.” Other people have a slightly different opinion. The site T-Nation has an interview with a coach “X”, specializing in MMA. Answering the question whether all MMA fighters use steroids he replies that he never emphasizes “all MMA fighters.” The coach states that 90% of those performing at the highest level use them. He also believes that most athletes take performance-enhancing medications in reasonable dosages, and do not use them all the time. According to him, it is obvious that fighters with a style more focused on physique, use anabolic steroids more often than “technical” fighters.

What does a typical MMA fighter expect from steroids?

  • The first is an increase in special physical indicators, such as explosive training, general, strength and static endurance. It is desirable to achieve these effects without water retention and an increase in body weight.
  • The second is cutting, that is, reducing the fat layer in the body, in order to get into the chosen weight category.
  • The third is an increased aggression. A very specific fight indicator, which is very important in martial arts. In fact, without aggression, only complete counter-punchers can act “catching” their opponents at the counter courses, and excess aggression will only do harm to such fighters. All other types of fighters need aggression badly.

What steroids are used in MMA?

In the interview mentioned above, T-Nation asked the coach “X” what steroids the top MMA fighters use and what the best cycles for a fighter is. Coach “X” answers the following. Just like in workouts and nutrition, there is no universal plan for everyone. Usually, cycles should be simple. He is guided by the fundamental principle that in the first week of the steroid cycle the dosage should be 600 mg. If you use more than 600 mg, then the increase in strength is already insignificant, as you will gain an increase in your weight. And MMA fighters need just the relative strength. According to his experience, a lot of fighters need even less dosage. Usually every next week you will take 300-500 mg. Popular steroid preparations for fighters include Testosterones, Equipoise (Boldenone), Anavar (with oxandrolone as an active agent) and Halotestin (with Fluoxymesterone as an active agent). Trenbolone and Winstrol (with stanozolol as an active agent) are also suitable for a fighter, but depending on the reaction of the body, namely the possible high arterial pressure due to the Trenbolone and pain in the joints due to stanozolol. Deca (nandrolone) is also used occasionally because of its favorable effect on the joints. A simple plan is to separate the total weekly dosage between Equipoise & test. Boldenone appears to increase the number of red blood cells in the blood and, consequently, endurance. Typical cycle duration is 6-8 weeks before the planned fight.