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Steroids and Sex Addiction: Can Anabolics Significantly Increase Sex Desire?

Posted by admin in Steroid Information Category. Reviewed and Updated: 7 March, 2019

It is known that erectile dysfunction and decreased libido is a scourge of our time. Many men and women suffer from decreased libido. However, some people have quite the opposite problem, they constantly want sex and become literally addicted to it. Anabolic steroids are drugs that increase the level of the hormone testosterone in the body, which leads to a temporary increase in libido and even to sexual dependence in some cases.

Steroids and Sex Addiction in Males

Steroids repeatedly accelerate all metabolic processes in the body, allowing athletes to surpass limits of natural physical abilities. The dependence of sports results on steroid hormones is obvious and has long been studied, but the topic concerning sex during steroids cycle is still relevant today.

During the cycle, athletes note an increase in sexual desire and increased erection, due to an increase in the concentration of testosterone in the blood. The increase in libido can be a problem, since the use of androgens in large doses can also increase the likelihood of violent actions (such as ripe and other criminal offences). One male wrote:

When on cycle, my libido is so jacked that I contemplate cheating 24 hours a day. I have done it before, but want to stop. My wife can’t keep up when on cycle.”

As you can see, anabolics may even cause problems in family relationships.

Many athletes have the following question: “How often and when is it better to have sex during steroid cycle so as not to reduce the expected beneficial effect?”

Best Time to Have Sex While Using Steroids

Some experts say that the frequency of sexual contacts is a matter of individual need and tolerance. During sex, men lose about 57 calories per minute (an average of 300 calories per sexual intercourse), which is comparable to the energy costs of the body during traditional cardio workouts. Therefore, the judgment about the excessive waste of the body’s energy reserves during sex, which negatively influences sports performance and muscle mass gains, is not correct. However, it is not recommended to have sex before physical exercises, because sexual contact often exhausts the emotional potential of the athlete, which can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of workouts. According to some experts, it is better to have sex on the day of training just before bedtime. This will relax the body, relieve tension from the central nervous system and skeletal muscles, and improve the quality of sleep.

Steroids and Sex Addiction in Women

The use of anabolic steroids can lead to increased sexual attraction not only in men but also in women. This is due to the fact that testosterone also contributes to increased libido and aggressiveness in women. Therefore, some women actually become nymphomaniacs during the cycle. One user of anabolic steroid forums wrote:

WOW! She has turned into a raging sex monster!”

Possible Complications Caused by Steroid Use

The cycle of anabolic steroids can lead to a significant increase in libido. However, prolonged use of medication can lead to serious side effects of steroids. If an athlete uses steroids without PKT for a very long time, this can lead to infertility. This is due to the fact that the testicles stop producing their own (exogenous) hormones due to the presence of a large number of external (endogenous) hormonal substances in the blood. According to the data of seminal fluid research, a significant part of patients may have a complete absence of spermatozoa. In other people, reproductive system disorders can be expressed to a lesser extent.

Changes in sperm production caused by the use of androgens are usually reversible. However, it may take years to restore the normal amount of sperm after applying large doses of androgens. In most cases, the most effective and effective method is to stop the use of anabolic androgenic steroids.

There is no accurate information on how the use of illegal steroids before puberty affects testicular function in the adult state. In this sensitive phase, anabolic androgenic steroids can cause severe, possibly irreversible, changes in the function of the testes.

As for women, the side effects of steroids may be even more serious. As is known, the steroids can lead to irreversible masculinization. This means that a woman begins to acquire masculine traits, such as male-type hair, rough features, bigger musculature, clitoral hypertrophy, etc. So one should be very careful when using anabolic steroids. We believe, it is better to use natural ways of improving physique, such as BCAA and Tribulus Terrestris use.