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Stanozolol for Sale – Cycles and Dosage of Powerful Anabolic Steroid!

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Stanozolol is an oral or injectable steroid. Its active ingredient is a synthetic compound derived from dihydrotestosterone. The FDA approved it for use in patients with certain medical indications in the middle of the last century. The drug has a high anabolic index—anabolic activity reaches 320% of testosterone.

Stanozolol Tablet and Injection—Key Features and Effects

The medication in tablets is highly bioavailable and has firm resistance to destruction (it’s not susceptible to becoming destroyed in the liver when it inevitably passes through this vital organ). However, this makes the drug (in tablet form) poisonous to the liver. The injection form is also characterized by this disadvantage. The difference in toxicity and bioavailability of both forms is minimal.

There are many Indian brands of Stanozolol:

  • Menabol tabs (CFL Pharma)
  • Neurabol and Neurobol caps (Cadila-H)
  • Tanzol caps (Scortis)

This drug is popular amongst bodybuilders because it differs greatly from other steroids by the mechanism of acting. It’s poor anabolic for bulking, but it helps muscles attain stunning definition, increases vascularity, and burns excess weight off. Because of these features, the medication is often taken during the cutting period.

Here’s a list of its effects in bodybuilding:

  • Better muscle definition (one of the key effects)
  • Increase in power characteristics
  • Endurance becomes significantly higher
  • Burning of excess fatty deposits
  • Increased appetite

Stanozolol Dosage in Bodybuilding—Is 10mg Enough?


We recommend solo cycles only to those who want venous muscles and doubled power. If an athlete wants to gain muscle mass, they usually combine this drug with other anabolics.

Instructions for taking the drug depend on its form (tabs or injections). The daily dose of the injectable steroid is 50mg. Tablets are usually taken daily in 30mg doses. Approximately 10mg per day is favored by sprinters and boxers.

Don’t prolong the cycle beyond recommendations—avoid an increased risk of side effects. Many professional athletes take testosterone in combination with this medicament. When the cycle finishes, post cycle therapy is required.

Stanozolol’s side effects include:

  • Pain in the joints and ligaments are frequent complications. Risks can be minimized though, with the help of a combined cycle (testosterone, Deca plus Stanozolol).
  • Increased blood pressure leads to some bodybuilders requiring antihypertensives.
  • Raised levels of cholesterol in the blood—to minimize this effect, it’s recommended to incorporate cardio workouts and take essential omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Myocardial hypertrophy, also known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (when using huge dosages), is a very dangerous condition in which the myocardium becomes abnormally thick (hypertrophied).

The medicine is not aromatized, hence it does not cause such side effects as breast glands increasing (gynecomastia).

Stanozolol Dose in Medicine

This anabolic steroid is not an over-the-counter drug. Stanozolol for sale is available in pharmacies only for certain medical indications. It treats hereditary angioedema, a disease that causes edema of the extremities, throat, intestines and genital organs. The medication can improve these symptoms and reduce the frequency of their manifestations.

As stated by T. Helfman and V. Falanga (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 1995), it is also effective in the treatment of urticaria, Raynaud’s phenomenon, cryofibrinogenemia (a fibrinogen disorder), and lipodermatosclerosis (a form of panniculitis).

Its licit brands include:

  • Anaysynth by Siza (Pakistan)
  • Stanol by Hua Shin (Taiwan)
  • Winstrol by Desma (Spain)
  • Menabol by Adcock Ingram (India)

The initial dose for curing hereditary angioedema is only 2mg three times per day. A stanozolol dosage may increase only after consultation with the doctor.

The dosages of the steroid for medical indications are significantly lower than those in bodybuilding. Therefore, the use of this drug for sporting purposes is not always safe. Its uncontrolled use and a lack of adequate post cycle therapy can lead to serious adverse events and irreversible health complications.

Stanozolol for Sale—Can You Buy the Pill Online?

Are steroids legal? Steroids (anabolics) are legal only for medicinal use. This statement applies to most countries, although, for example, in Mexico, you can buy stanozolol pills online legitimately. Therefore, athletes usually buy the steroid on the black market (in gyms or from online stores). This entails certain health risks since illegal sellers often sell fakes.