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Slim Legs Beginner Workout: Resistance Band, TRX and Bodyweight Exercises

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Do you want to get slim legs? Then you should read this article. We will tell you about resistance band, TRX, and bodyweight exercises for shredded and beautiful legs. Using these exercises, you can get perfect slim legs without illegal steroids like Anavar and Oxandrolone.

Resistance Band Leg Workouts

Resistance band is a type of sports equipment that is used to work out different muscle groups. It makes training more effective and gives an extra burden on the body. During the leg exercises, the band is stretched, squeezed, twisted due to its elasticity and increased extensibility. The resistance band for the legs and buttocks has been used for a long time. Regularly performing the exercises provided below at least three times a week, you will undoubtedly achieve the desired result.

There are quite a lot of varieties of the band:

  • butterfly bands;
  • wrist bands;
  • elbow bands;
  • shoulder bands;
  • chest bands;
  • skiers’ bands;
  • multifunctional resistance band.

We will not go into details and discuss each of them. Instead, we will tell you about the simple resistance band and and the butterfly resistance band. You will also know the most effective exercises for giving the tone and strength to the lower body and providing weight loss.

It is important! You should warm up before doing any exercise. Only in this case the entire training will be beneficial for your physique and health. If you skip this step, problems with joints are possible.

Below you will see the best exercises with a resistance band designed for the buttocks, thighs, and other leg muscles. These resistance band leg workouts exercises are used by millions of people. They are suitable both for women and men. There are many female athletes using resistance bands.

List of Resistance Band Leg Workouts Without Weights

1. Side Leg Raises. Leg raises are some of the best movements for the buttocks. Muscles of the hips (anterior, posterior), buttocks, straight and lateral muscles of the belly are involved, there is a slight load on the muscles of the arms (biceps). As a result, excess fat goes away, the belly becomes slenderer, arms get muscle definition, and bad mood disappears. Here’s a “how to” guide for this exercise:

  • The starting position – fold the band in half, lie on your side, clasp the handle of the band, lower the leg bend in the knee, and put the upper leg through the loop of the simulator;
  • The upper leg stays straight, lying on the floor;
  • Then you need to raise your upper leg as you exhale. Move slowly, count to 6;
  • Inhale again to return to the starting position.

2. Resistance Band “Leg Press”. To correct the shape of the hips (inner, front surface), it is necessary to perform this exercise. How to do this exercise for skinny legs?

  • Starting position – lie on your back, bend the legs slightly and pull them to the chest. You need to place your feet in the band, and hold its handles firmly in your hands;
  • As you exhale, straighten your legs, fix for a couple of seconds, and then bend them again.

3. Standing Leg Raises. Exercise tightens the inner thighs, activates the gluteal muscles, and improves muscle definition. How to perform it?

  • Starting position – stand up with one leg on the band;
  • Hold the resistance of the other side of the band with your hands;
  • Then slowly move the active leg to the side;
  • Lower it too slowly.

Repeat for both legs 5-10 times. For beginners, 5 repetitions are enough. For advanced athletes, there is a need to perform the exercise 10 times, while professional sportsmen may do up to 15 reps.

4. Standing Back Leg Raises. This exercise works out the muscles of the posterior surface of the thighs, and improves the shape of the buttocks. How to perform this exercise?

  • Starting position – fix the right leg on one handle of the band;
  • The left foot needs to rest against the other;
  • Take your left leg back, bend at the knees;
  • After a couple of seconds, slowly return to the starting position.

5. Seated Butterfly Band Thigh Abductor. If the name of this perfect exercise has you worried, do not be alarmed. “Abduction” (in physiology terminology) refers to the movement of a limb away from the centerline of the torso. During the exercise, hips, buttocks, and arms are involved. How to do it:

  • Starting position – sit on a chair, the back is flat. The legs should be spread;
  • The band should be between the hips;
  • Smoothly and slowly push the levers, pulling the knees to each other. Return to the initial position. Do 15 reps for each leg.

7. Lying Thigh Abductor. The exercise involves the front surface of the thighs and buttocks. As a result, the lower part of the body will quickly become beautiful. How to do it:

  • Starting position – lie on your back, slightly bend your legs;
  • Hold the band with your knees;
  • Smoothly squeeze it as hard as possible, then slowly unclose the band. Perform 15 reps.

TRX Leg Workout Exercises

Do you already know what TRX is? (If you do not know what this is, we suggest you read our article about slim legs beginner workout, link to article 29). This is a modern universal equipment that may be transported even in the ladies’ handbag, with it you will bring yourself in shape 2 times faster than doing the standard programs of power or cardio training (if you will devote your free time to TRX exercises, of course).

With TRX you can train at home, in the gym, or outdoors. The tool consists of 2 straps with handles. Using TRX, you can perform pull-ups, jumps, squats, and even a plank. TRX leg workout exercises are very effective for all body. So let’s consider some exercises that you can perform using TRX equipment.

1. Single-Leg Squats with TRX Strength Bands. This exercise is fundamentally different from classic two-leg squats. This difference implies not just the number of anchor point. Here you should work mainly with the back surface of the thigh, namely buttocks and hamstrings. The back virtually does not receive a load (read more on good back workouts here). As a rule, single-leg squat with TRX bands may be performed by those who suffer from various disorders associated with spinal health. Absence of axial load allows many people perform this exercise without exposing their back health to some risks. In the starting position, stand on one leg, first grabbing handles of your TRX bands. The second leg slightly bend at the knee and lift up to the parallel with the floor. Additionally, your sight should be directed upwards, and the torso should be tilted back. Slowly start to fall down, bending the supporting leg in the knee. Simultaneously, straighten your arms. This will allow you to pull the hips and the body back. After a second pause, immediately return to the starting position. We recommend repeating alternately: left leg, right leg, left leg, and so on. An important point of the correct technique is the position of the shin at the critical point. It should be completely perpendicular to the floor. If the knee of the supporting leg extends beyond the toe of the foot, it means that the original position was not selected correctly, so that the load on the back of the thigh may be minimal. Proper technique guarantees proper load on the leg muscles. Probably you will not be able the exercises properly for the first time. But they say practice is the best master!

2. Stand in Place Lunges with TRX Strength Bands. Every gym rat knows an exercise called “lunges”. This slim legs workout exercise is difficult to perform the exercises outside the fitness center, because you need dumbbells and free space. The variation of this exercises with TRX bands is an excellent substitute, which, among other things, develops the functional strength of the stabilizer muscles. In the starting position, stand up straight, arching your spine. You should look straight ahead. Place your arms along the body. Fasten one foot in the TRX handle located at the back.  I tis important: the shin should be almost parallel to the floor, the angle in the knee should be 170 to 160°. With a controlled muscle effort, bend the supporting leg in the knee. At the same time, take the hind leg as far back as possible. At the critical point, the anterior thigh and the shin should form a right angle. When moving, torso should be slightly tilted, but the spine should be slightly curved. Arms may be raised in front of you. This will simplify the finding of equilibrium. An important condition for correct technique is working in the same plane. It is necessary to keep the leg strictly back, not to the side. Your body will try to make the side position, since this simplifies the movement. Closely monitor this and do not allow this. Do not go too low, because there is a risk to damage the muscles that lead the hips. You may find images in the Internet that show the maximum possible amplitude at which the thigh of the working leg becomes parallel to the floor. You do not need to drop below, no additional load will appear. The leg muscles training, which consists of only two of the abovementioned exercises, perfectly loads the muscles of the legs. Therefore, you can use it on a single day (“leg day”). If you are not a bodybuilder, it is not necessary to supplement it with various exercises with weights. Train your legs no more than twice a week. If you’re a runner, reduce this amount to one leg workout in 6-7 days.

Beginner Bodyweight Leg Workout for Slim Legs

In calisthenics (read more about calisthenics in this article), there are many effective exercises designed to train the leg muscles. However, the description of each of them may take long time (not all people like long reads), so we will tell you only about 6 exercises. Anyway, we selected the best exercises for the legs with one’s own weight.

Let’s be honest, getting bodybuilder legs by performing only exercises with one’s own weight is almost impossible. Nevertheless, keeping the body in shape is quite a feasible task, which may be fulfilled with the help of bodyweight leg training. All exercises provided below are arranged in the order of complexity from the simplest to the most complex. Let’s describe these bodyweight leg workout exercises for lean legs.

  • Air Squats. Undoubtedly, this is the simplest fundamental movement is for leg slimming. Doing sit-ups involves the work of most leg muscles and buttocks. This exercise is great as a warm up or even cooldown. You have to know that it is necessary to squat down below the conditional parallel line, otherwise you do not receive the proper load.
  • Bodyweight Walking Lunges. Lunges are more difficult to perform, because they require a certain sense of balance in a person. They perfectly work out the muscles of the legs at different angles. Walking lunges may be an excellent addition to training after air squats in your beginner leg workout.
  • Wide-Stance Sit-Ups. These are the same air squats but with a wide setting of the legs. All fine and dandy but such a leg position requires good mobility in the hip joint, therefore, this exercise should be done with caution.
  • Archer Sit-Ups. This kind of bodyweight leg exercises is a shift from one foot to the other in a squat. You probably did during your physical education classes in your school years (it was a good time, wasn’t it?). To avoid injury when performing it, it is worthwhile to warm-up your legs properly. Archer sit-ups with no weights improve the mobility of the hip joint and prepare your body for performing the final and the most complex calistenic exercise for the leg muscles. This is a pistol squat. How to perform it?
  • One Legged Squat (pistol squat). The full name of this exercise is “crouch standing with one leg and arms extended forward horizontally”. When performing pistol squats, your one leg will take on itself all your weight, so it can rightfully be called the most powerful exercise on legs in calisthenics. One legged squats require a sense of balance and flexibility. If you are not able to perform this movement for the first time, try to make it easier, for example, you can hold on to the support or sit on a chair.

Also you can do leg lifts lying on the floor. This exercise is designed for shredded ABS, but also has some effect on the leg muscles.

All these movements you can easily perform at home and maintain your physique. This is the main advantage of calisthenic exercises (that is, leg workouts without weights). You need only your own weight and dedication to make your leg muscles bigger and more toned!