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Should Steroids Be Legal All Over the World? Our Thoughts and Suggestions.

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Sometimes anabolic steroids are portrayed as wicked and threatening. Other people, on the contrary, adore these drugs. But the law is not on the side of steroids. Legislation of most countries prohibits the distribution and use of these medicines. Should steroids be legal? It is a controversial issue. We’ll share our notions and suggestions.

Status of Steroids in the United States and Other Countries

There is appropriate legislation concerning the circulation of anabolic steroids in America. According to “Anabolic Steroids Control Act” (1990), which was signed by President George H. W. Bush anabolic steroids belong to the list of substances, which are under the government control (Schedule III of the DEA’s list). The levels of Schedule vary according to the degree of the drug’s potential calamitous influence. Taking steroids is associated with risks, so their owning or distribution are illegal. Moreover, in 2004 several amendment texts were added, turning anabolic steroids, prohormones and other drugs with steroid nature to one of the most controlled substances. Criminal charge was intensified. US Sentencing Commission decided to raise penalties for taking or offering anabolic steroids on the market dramatically. You can be sentenced to be confined for 30 years or penal fines in amount of $5,000,000 for any illegal act with anabolic steroids. These are not hyperbolical statements.

It is a bit strange that the substance, which is naturally produced by our body, is forbidden like amphetamines, opiates, methamphetamines and morphine. These drugs cause addiction, euphoric effects, unlike steroids, which are not dangerous for such consequences.

Steroids are banned not only in the US. In many countries, they are listed as banned (or potent) substances. For example, until 2003, these preparations were in the status of permitted substances in Russia. In 2003, most of them were banned there. The purpose of the ban is to observe protected public relations that ensure the legal turnover of poisonous and potent substances, as a consequence, constitutional human rights, in particular, the right to health. Each sports organization regularly conducts anti-doping tests.

According to Broscience, anabolics are legal in Mexico, Bahamas, Colombia, Egypt, Hong Kong, and Dominican Republic.

How is it When Steroids are Allowed

Mexico is the country where steroids are not forbidden (also you can freely buy these medications in Egypt and some other countries in the world). Many people report, that there are no problems with taking, buying, distributing steroids in Mexico. The government doesn’t apply any limits. As a result, any citizen and tourist can freely order steroid of any power in the local pharmacy. Moreover, these drugs are not very pricy, in comparison with prices on steroids in countries, where these substances are distributed illegally. In fact, there are no news about cases of death because of taking steroids in Mexico. Moreover, cases of sport cheating and other scandals are rare, people do not claim against the policy the government launch. To sum up, in Mexico people are not anxious about steroids, they not consider it to be the problem.

In favor of using steroids it should be noted that unlike alcohol or cigarettes they do not affect liver, lungs and other vital organs and systems. Mexican citizens have no complaints after using steroids.

Let’s compare it with the situation in America, where government restricted free access to using steroids. Steroids are considered Schedule III drugs. At the same time “national public health crisis” is declared, because the level of diseases is dramatic, American people suffer from cancer and other terminal sickness, the obesity is being progressed, almost a half of all citizens need the consultation of psychologists. This country cannot boost developed sport and high achievements in it. Some people think, that it all means that restrictions and prohibitions are not the solution. On the contrary, they cause more problems.

The contrast really dazzles. What is more strange is that American media gives steroids contradictable status. They advertise steroids as very efficient drugs, aimed at building muscles, burning fat and helping folks to perform better in sport. Besides, steroids are prescribed to kill pain or increase the life quality for people who suffer from terminal sicknesses. They are also considered efficient in fighting with aging.

But then the media say injectable and oral steroids are the main villainy of modern society, designed for adventurers and blaggers extraordinaire. It is easier to take two pills of anabolic steroids than train hard several times per day to build an incredible body, executing squatting, chest presses, tricep kickbacks, hummer curls, woodcutter, obliquus abdominis crunches, and other devilishly exhausting exercises.

Anyway, there are two antithesis views toward steroids in Mexico & the US. While Mexican citizens do not worry about taking steroids, American ones have all negative consequences of using them.

The Bottom Line on Steroids’ Legality

The legalization of anabolics has many adherents and critics. Perhaps anabolic steroids are overdemonized. But we believe that their legitimation in a certain country requires readiness of society for this. We mean that folks should be aware of the potential harm of anabolics. We also think in case of the legalization, it will be necessary to allow pharmacists to sell these drugs to people only after reaching the age of 21, so that everyone can make an informed choice.