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Short-term effects of steroids: what is it possible to expect from cycle!

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Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of the naturally occurring male hormone testosterone. This sex hormone is responsible for all the distinct “male” characteristics, be that larger muscles, greater strength, or a bigger body frame. The more technical term for anabolics is anabolic-androgenic steroids. Here, anabolic denotes the drug’s muscle building abilities and androgenic refers to the med’s generation of male traits and likelinesses. The Greek prefix “andro” means “men” and also serves as a nickname for this performance-enhancing medication.

Among the many reasons people dope or juice themselves with ‘roids is to boost their sporting or athletic capabilities. Different steroids are used during differing cycles. For example, a bodybuilder who wants to shred extra fat will opt for one drug while a gym junkie who wants to create bigger muscles and bulk up will choose another. Most commonly, “gear” is used to bet bigger muscles faster. Popular choices include Proviron, Methyltestosterone and HGH supplements. As imagined, steroids create dramatic changes to an individual’s body composition and athletic prowess.

Tempting pros, right? Indeed, and that’s why many people are drawn to these drugs while ignoring the short term effects of steroids. Furthermore, most juicers use and administer these drugs without professional help and support further increasing the chances of something hideous happening. While many people think steroids are a male domain only, the truth is that many female sports women and bodybuilders are users, too. People firmly in the public eye up the ante with steroids. Consider Arnold Schwarzenegger’s possible steroid use or Sly Stallone’s confirmed use.

One wide-scale study surveyed anabolic steroid users on both genders and found that around half the participants used incorrect doses. They were not using enough to gain muscle but at the same time, the prolonged exposure to the meds was causing internal and external issues.

In this post, we’re going to examine the short term effects of steroids. Some of them are pretty specific to men and others to women.

The Short Term Effects of Steroids

Note that not all users experience these side effects and this is not an exhaustive list of everything that can go wrong. Rather, we’ve stuck to the conditions and complications that people are most concerned about and among the commonest side effects.


If you pride yourself on your perfectly clear, sport free skin, prepare for dermal trouble. One of the unpleasant aspects of anabolic steroid use is acne. The sebaceous glands become overactive and begin to spew out extra sebum. Pores enlarge and become wider while the gunk inside serves as dinner for the kind of bacteria who colonize your face anyway, this time though, they’re having a feast.

Hair Growth

Sadly, this isn’t a bonus if you’re bald and hoping to replace your meager sprinkling of head hair. Instead, a fine crop of bum fluff may spring up all over the body. Unpleasant perhaps but not the end of the world, right? We have razors and epilators, after all.

If you start resembling Cousin It’s younger sister or brother, it’s time to carefully consider your doses and make necessary adjustments.

Testicular Atrophy

Ladies, this one doesn’t concern you but it may be a deal breaker for the boys: Your testes may shrivel or become atrophied. This is not just a cosmetic or aesthetic concern either, if a gentleman’s testicle are starting to resemble unsoaked prunes there could be real issues going on inside of them. The testicles are responsible for the production and storing of sperm. They also produce testosterone, the hormone which steroids mimic.

See the circularity here? If you misuse juice, you can damage the part of your body which generates the hormone you’re desiring. Furthermore, since your little swimmers are involved, infertility or a serious knock to your ability to father a child is at stake.

This happens because you introduce an alternative source of testosterone into the body, which then sends a signal to your brain declaring its presence. The brain then has a wee chat to your balls and lets them know it’s time to step off the gas and cut back on the activity levels. hence the ball shrinking horrors of steroids.

Too much testosterone can be a terrible thing in the male body. In fact, if the levels get too high something called aromatization may occur. If so, excess testosterone is converted by your body into estrogen — the female sex hormone.

In one study conducted by the Department of Trauma and Orthopaedics, Cardiff Royal Infirmary, a full 40 percent of men from the test group reported atrophy. There is a direct correlation betwixt dose and use over time. If you stop the cycle, most men’s testes will kick back into gear and return to their normal size after two months or so.


We mentioned above the body’s ability to turn T into E. Thanks to this unique hormonal balancing act, the male body may display signs of feminization if too much testosterone is turned into the female sex hormone.

Among the ways this manifests is gynecomastia. As you may have guessed from the “mastia” in the term, this is the growth of breasts in men. Once the unwanted breast tissue is in firmly ensconced in place, the only real removal option is surgical.

De Luis DA. et al. report in their 2001 literature review that most studies show men who cease taking steroids and utilizing a course of Tamoxifen have high remission chances.

The Real Pressure

Training grows and strengthens your heart, a muscle like any other. It also ups the blood pressure level your heart is dealing with to make sure all that oxygen rich blood is pumped around your body to the tissues and muscles that need it.

If a steroid user is taking too many drugs, blood pressure changes are likely, putting extra pressure on the pre-stressed cardiovascular system. For this reason, people with cardiac issues or unstable blood pressure should tread gingerly around anabolic steroids.

Do Short Mean Better?

It really depends, as we’ve seen above, the short-term effects of steroids are every bit as noxious as the long-term effects when the drugs are administered ineffectually. Longer periods of use might even be better if the androgenic effects are being correctly managed.

In any case, steroids are not to be messed around with willy nilly. People considering a little pep for the first time should seek the advice of medical professionals or dedicated sports coaches before jumping on the bandwagon.