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Serena Williams and Steroids: Accusations and the Evidence of Use

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Many athletes take steroids deliberately. Doping scandals are not uncommon for professional sports. Some people believe that Serena Williams was taking steroids. In this article, we will try to figure out whether this is true or not.

Serena Williams’s Biography

This woman is considered the legend of world tennis. Serena Jameka Williams started to prepare for climbing the sports Olympus in her childhood. More precisely, her parents Richard Williams and Oracene Price (professional coaches) tackled the preparation of their two daughters: Serena and Venus. Serena’s motherland is USA, Michigan state, when she first saw the light in September 1981. Until she reached the age of 1, her family lived in Saginaw city. Later, they changed their residence several times, moved to California (The Golden State) and then to Florida (“state of flowers”). Being a 9-year-old girl, Serena faced their parents’ divorce. It was a real tragedy for her. Serena and Venus had five older sisters, three of them were not full blood, but step-sister. Father didn’t stop to take care of his children and took an active part in their upbringing.

Two girls were engaged in sport from their early age (3-4 years old). Their father, who worked as a tennis instructor, initiated their acquaintance with the tennis court and decided to train little kids. Even when the athletes had their own official mentors, he continued to be their preceptor and supervised their preparation.

When Serena’s family relocated to Compton, California, two sisters – future tennis stars – enrolled in McKee Tennis Academy. Academy’s teachers immediately emphasized the young player’s talent. She has already developed her own distinguishable style: fast, pushy, and unpredictable. The girl literally swept away her players-rivals from the court.

Serena enthusiastically participated in numerous junior competitions. She grow and developed to gain all triumphant victories. The athlete confidently moved to adult tennis and impressed the whole world.

The 14-year-old girl was already a professional player and left educational institution (academy). Only her father was involved in the training process. Her further performances can be compared with a miracle. In 1997, Serena Williams was only the 304th in the world rackets ranking. But it wasn’t misfortune since she prevailed over Monica Seles (a significant Serbian player of that time). After that she combated Marie Pierce. This conquest chain contributed to Serena’s listing in the top 100 world’s best tennis players. Since then, she has constantly taken part in the WTA tournaments.

In 1998 Williams appeared in the Grand Slam (important annual event in the tennis industry). She gained several victories (she managed to handle her contenders very fast), which allowed her to rank the 20th position in the rating, created by the tennis association. In a while the dark-skinned star won the Grand Slam tournament (in Wimbeldon), which was an awesome achievement. It was a mixed pair competition (the girl’s partner was a Belarusian – Maksim “Max” Mirnyi). They literally snatched a long-awaited victory at the US Open.

In singles the African American girl got a significant triumph in 1999, superseding Lindsay Davenport and Martina Hingis, who were considered masters. Due to this brilliant gaining, the sportswoman exulted, keeping the Cup of the United States Open Championship in her hands.

Since this moment Serena has demonstrated leadership in the high-level contests without considerable efforts. Just fancy! She was the first at Grand Slam competitions 32 times.

In April 2017, Serena became pregnant. She risked to participate in the Australian Open-2017 and won it having a child under her heart. After that she suspended her career for a while.

Serena Returns to Sport

In September 2017 Serena gave birth to a daughter. In a couple of months (in December) she announced her coming back to professional tennis. BBC reported that in late December, she had already performed in Abu Dhabi (at the exhibition sport event). The play of the 36-year-old former first world racket with Elena (Jelena) Ostapenko from Latvia was planned for December 30, 2017. Serena lost to Jelena in that battle.

Williams has many significant achievements. She is the youngest winner of 23 Grand Slam tournaments. She was extremely delighted to come back to her occupation. Her last match held in January was at the Australian Open, where she also took her rivals at the vantage. Her coach, Patrick Muratoghlu, claimed that her further participation at the Australian Open that year was not confirmed. The tournament director assured that she would allegedly play in Melbourne. As of December 2017, she was the 22nd in the world ranking, and she didn’t need a wildcard for participation.

Serena Williams: Proofs of Steroid Use

In 2016, a group of hackers from a gang, specializing in cyber crimes, called “Fancy Bears” (also known as Sofacy Group and Sednit), revealed the use of prohibited meds by Serena Williams and her sister for which Therapeutic Use Exemptions  had been received.

Serena obtained an approval for the following meds:

  • oxycodone (OxyContin);
  • hydromorphone (Dilaudid);
  • prednisone;
  • prednisolone;
  • methylprednisolone.

The first two meds belong to the opioid painkiller group. They are banned under the anti-doping rules as they are labeled as narcotic drugs. The second two are corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory remedies), the use of which is typically prohibited at competitions. Venus was permitted to administer similar drugs, in addition, she was treated with asthma steroid inhalers.

Hackers have not detected evidence of the use of anabolic steroids by sisters. But Serena has a very muscular body that is not typical of a woman. Additionally, if you look at Serena’s face, it seems masculinized. Masculinization is one of the side effects of anabolic steroids. These medicines are analogs of the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the appearance and development of male traits. Therefore, if a woman constantly takes steroids, she begins to resemble a man. Serena will unlikely turn into a man. Using drugs by a sportswoman is carried out under the strict supervision of doctors who take all possible measures to prevent and minimize adverse events.

The facts mentioned above are not just our guesses. In early 2017, Romanian Fed Cup captain Illie “Nasty” Nastase accused Serena of using steroid preparations during an interview. “Don’t you see how she looks like?”, Ilie Nastase said.

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