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Sean Penn Steroids – Claims, His Current Form, and Verdict on the Drugs Use

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Have you ever thought that Sean Penn might be involved in steroid use? For many people it was a real shock when they discovered that this American actor is 57 and his body shape is perfect. It made some people think that Sean Justin Penn uses steroids. Let’s tell you about Sean Penn’s possible steroids use and prove that he is more than likely clean.

Sean Penn’s background

Sean Justin Penn was born on August 17, 1960 in Santa Monica, California. He belongs to an acting dynasty: Sean’s father is Leo Penn, a director. Among his more famous worksare TV series “Matlock”, “Magnum, P.I.”, and “Star Trek.” Sean’s mother Eileen Ryan was also an actress. She acted in the series “Ally McBeal” and the film “Magnolia.”

The beginning of his acting career dates back to 1974. He started in “Little House” (a not very famous TV series) as a supporting character. To get a toehold in the film industry and continue playing in the series he was obliged to stay physically fit. For this purpose, he visited the gym on the regular basis. Eventually, he achieved an attractive physique.

By 1985, Sean was already considered one of the most promising young actors. He married Madonna in 1985. Together they starred in a very unsuccessful film in his filmography – the criminal drama “Shanghai Surprise”.

In 1993, he appeared in the crime drama “Carlito’s Way” –one of the best films with Sean that was released. In 1995, Penn was first nominated for an Oscar for the main role in the Tim Robbins film “Dead Man Walking”. However, he did not win, and the cherished prize went to Nicolas Cage. After that Sean was nominated twice more: in 2000 for the film “Sweet and Lowdown” and in 2002 for the movie “I Am Sam”. In 2004, the actor finally received his first Oscar – for the main role in the “Mystic River”, where his acting was highly acclaimed.

In 2009, the actor received his second Oscar, for his role in “Milk”, the biographical drama of Gus Van Sant. In addition, Sean won a number of other prestigious film awards. By 2018, the actor had starred in more than 50 films.

Why did claims concerning Sean Penn’s steroid use appear?

There are many presumptions on forums about steroids that Sean Penn uses steroids to stay physically fit. People explain it by the following facts. Firstly, Sean is addicted to alcohol, and he has been noticed in night clubs drunk many times. It means that such a life style likely prevents him from training hard in the gym. On forums, he is always described as party-animal, whose main target is to hang out with friends in a club.

Secondly, Sean is almost sixty years old. Consequently, he can’t work with heavy weights in a gym, as that could be dangerous for his bones. Besides, it is very difficult to make the muscle grow if you are not young.

Sean’s current form

The actor is very well-trained for his age. His physical conditions can be compared to the shape of 20 year old man.

  • His weight is 171 pounds.
  • His height is 5’8”.
  • His body fat is incredible 9%–10%.

Indeed, it is not that easy to find more accurate information on his body conditions on the Internet.

The information is extended by his fans, which means that it is not necessarily verified. Some people believe that Sean has achieved his great body shape naturally, training hard in a gym and following an appropriate diet.

Others are sure that it is not possible to do this naturally. Only steroids and other supplements (which may help increase testosterone naturally) can help in achieving such results in building his physique at such an advanced age.

Skeptics claim that Sean use steroids or other supplements in order to perform much better during workout reps. With the help of steroids, he manages to train harder and build muscle mass quicker. Supplements, in contrast to steroids, do not cause severe side effects. At the same time, they are very effective in melting fat and building muscles. Some sources claim that Sean take testosterone supplements, which can be naturally derived.

Evidence of steroid using

The visible signs of steroid use are the following: bloated stomach, which is caused by excessive water accumulation, acne, very asymmetric shape of the face. Looking at Sean’s pictures and you will notice no bloated stomach, no acne on his body and no asymmetrical face shape. It means that there are no visible signs which prove that Sean uses steroids. Sometimes steroids use doesn’t come out. But we cannot label the actor if we do not know for sure.

How did he achieve such a physique?

It is worth noting that Sean’s way was not a fairytale. The key aspect of his success in building his splendid body lies in strict discipline, determination, hard training, balanced nutrition, a diet free of sugar, and so on.

The actor found a qualified coach, due to whom success was not long in coming.

One more thing that kept him going was the proposal to act in “The Gunman”, which required him to be in great form. Such a mode of life has obviously become a habit and Penn can boast a splendid physique nowadays.

Verdict: he is natural

As you have seen, there are no convincing arguments which prove that Sean Penn takes steroids such as Sustanon and Anadrol. The fact is that he managed to achieve success in shaping an attractive body through intense workouts and appropriate diet. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to refute that Penn may use testosterone supplements for maintaining his excellent body condition. Anyway, we can say for sure that claims concerning Sean’s steroid use are baseless and unverified.